Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1124

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1124 – Shaun interrupted Hannah mid- sentence. “Miss Mead, I only saved you because I don’t want your dad to put me into trouble, so I don’t need you to express your gratitude or return the favor.”

Hannah stared at him in astonishment. The man’s gaze was as calm as a lake, making it hard for people to see through him.

Nevertheless, she could sense that he meant what he said.

This man’s frankness made her fall even deeper for him.

“But… I want to express my gratitude and return the favor to you. What should I do?” Hannah walked flirtatiously to his office desk and pressed her hands on it before she bent over a little.

Despite sitting on the chair, Shaun could easily get a glimpse of her chest the instant he lifted his eyes.

However, his eyes did not glint at all. Instead, he felt a faint feeling of disgust in his throat. “Miss Mead, I think you should check my profile. As

everyone knows, I’m impotent, so I shall not keep you waiting.”

“I don’t buy it. How is it possible for a sturdily- built man like you to be impotent?”

Hannah stretched out her hand and touched his crotch.

Shaun’s expression changed, and he grabbed her wrist. If she were not Senator Mead’s daughter, he would have kicked such a shameless woman out.

“I just want to take a look. Why are you so nervous?” Hannah pouted without feeling embarrassed at all. “Unless you’re lying to me.”

“Get someone to check my profile, and you’ll know. I got beaten up in the detention center earlier, and I was even sent to the hospital.” Shaun rose to his feet and pushed her away coldly. “I visit the hospital every week, so my medical record is there.”

Hannah was dumbfounded at how serious he looked. She could not believe that such an excellent man was actually… impotent?

“It’s fine. I’ll get someone to cure it for you.” Hannah shot him a flirtatious look. “Besides… I can be happy even without that. I trust you.”

Shaun’s handsome face turned black with anger.

Perhaps he had never met such a shameless young lady before.

Hannah gave a faint smile before she turned around and left gracefully.

Shaun rubbed his forehead as he swung around and said to Hadley, “ If this woman comes next time, just tell her that I’m not around.”

“Okay.” Hadley was completely speechless.

“By the way, pass me your phone.” Shaun extended his hand to Hadley.

“Young Master Hill, didn’t I buy you a new phone already…”

Under Shaun’s stony gaze, Hadley sighed and took out his phone reluctantly.

Shaun dialed Catherine’s number and soon got through.

“Hi, Hadley…” Catherine’s gentle voice rang.

The second Shaun heard it, he glowered at Hadley. He was surprised at how gently she spoke to Hadley.

Looking innocent, Hadley was at a loss for words. What on earth had he done wrong?

“It’s me.” Shaun cleared his throat. A second later, his handsome face became extremely gentle, which startled Hadley. Shaun must have trained his skills in switching facial expressions.

Upon hearing Shaun’s voice, Catherine immediately turned cold. “Why are you the one speaking?”

Despite being despised, Shaun forced a smile. “ Thank you for paying my medical fees on my behalf last night…”

“If you want to return the money to me, I’ll send Hadley the QR code, and you can just scan it directly.” Catherine cut in on him without a second thought.