Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1122

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1122 – “Ask Gary to settle it,” Mason said nonchalantly.

“Will Gary agree on it?” A helpless expression flashed across Maurice’s face. “I’m sure the Holt family would rather sacrifice Chelsea than offend the Mead family and the Snow family.

“I have dirt on the Holt family. When I threaten them, I’ll also give them some benefits.”

Mason paused for an instant and glanced at Charlie gravely. “It’s not as simple as you guys think. We can shift the blame to Chelsea, but the Mead family and the Snow family aren’t fools. They’ll definitely suspect us.”

“So… what should we do?” Charlie’s face turned ghastly.

“Offer them benefits.” Mason secretly rubbed his fingers together. “Let’s start from the Mead family. Money talks.”

“Okay, I got it. Uncle Mason, you’re awesome.” Charlie admired Mason a lot However, Mason remained indifferent. “Use your brains before you act next time. It doesn’t matter if you d*e. Just don’t drag the Campos family into the mess.”

Abashed, Charlie could not help but lower his head and admit his reckless impetuousness this time. “ I’m sorry.”

“Shaun is even more skillful than a top special agent. If you’re planning to k**l him with your poor tactics, you can dream on.” Mason glowered at Charlie. “Now, get lost.”

After Charlie left despondently, Maurice said with concern, “Will Shaun jump at this opportunity to develop a good relationship with the Mead family? We can’t possibly allow him to make a comeback.”

“Get someone to keep an eye on him all the time.”

After spending a night in the hospital, Shaun directly headed to Hill Corporation for work.

Once Lea knew that he came, she walked to him and told him off, “Go back and rest. You’ve just been discharged from the hospital, yet the first thing you do is to come to the office. Don’t you dare drop d**d in the office. I still want you to be around in my last moments.”

Shaun raised his eyebrows. He could sense her care for him from her somber tone. “Don’t worry. I’ll be with you in your last moments.”

Lea lifted her brows. She felt that something seemed quite different about him.

Although Shaun had been coming to the office every day before this, he hardly did anything. He just lived in a daze, as if he had lost all motivation to live.

Could he have bestirred himself because he was on the verge of d***h last night?

“What actually happened last night?”

When Lea recalled almost losing this son last night, her gaze turned gentle. “Why did the elevator suddenly go wrong? Was it because someone planned to k**l Hannah? Or could the person be targeting you?”

“I’m not sure. Just leave it to the police to find out, ” Shaun responded indifferently.

“Is the Campos family trying to k**l you? I heard both the Campos family and the Holt family were targeting you at the banquet…”

“There’s no evidence, ” Shaun interrupted her.

Lea’s expression looked awful. It even had a hint of hatred and despair.

Since Shaun did not deny it, it meant that it could be the Campos family’s doing.

She could not get her head around it. The Campos family was already the most influential family in Australia, Hill Corporation had already been defeated and left in a tight corner, and she had also been abandoned. She had even lost one of her sons.

In this case, why would the Campos family want to go as far as k*****g her family?

What had she done wrong to make the Campos family turn against people around her time and time again?

“Don’t overthink things.” Shaun looked at her expression. “This matter has nothing to do with you. The Campos family is petty. What’s more, I jeered at Charlie last time, so he has been holding a grudge against me ever since.”

Lea was astounded. “They’re trying to k**l you just because of that jeer?”