Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1119

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1119 – What the f*ck. Freya had known Catherine for ten years, but this was her first time seeing Catherine act so well. Catherine could not even stop looking behind just a minute ago.


Shaun chuckled. After that, he pulled the door open and got into the car.

Freya started the car. With Catherine and Shaun quiet in the car, the eerie silence made Freya feel so uncomfortable that she could not help but start a topic. “Why were you walking alone on the road? Where’s your chauffeur?”

“I couldn’t find him.” Shaun explained softly, “ Before I crawled out of the shaft, my phone fell and broke, so I have no way of contacting anyone.”

“Use my phone to call your family, then. I’ll send you to a nearby hospital. You can ask your family to pick you up there.” As Freya was speaking, she observed Catherine, who was still engrossed in her game.

“It’s fine. Just drop me off there. I’m on bad terms with my family. The ones I get along well with are either too old or too young, or she has married someone else…”

Shaun spoke in a helpless and melancholic tone.

Catherine, who was in the middle of her game, was speechless.

Since when did she get along well with him?

Not knowing what to say, Freya decided to remain silent.

20 minutes later, she finally dropped Shaun off at the hospital.

After opening the door, Shaun got out and turned around. His handsome face revealed a pitiful look under the wan streetlights. “Can you lend me some money? My wallet fell in the shaft as well, so I can’t pay to see the doctor. It happens that Chester isn’t around. He has gone out of town to attend a conference.”

This time, Catherine could not resist asking, “ Shaun Hill, are you treating us like fools?”

“I’m not lying. The Snow family has invited the Jewell family tonight, but Chester isn’t in Canberra, ” Shaun explained with an innocent expression.

Freya could prove this too. “It’s true that Chester isn’t in Canberra.”

Shaun immediately continued, “Although I’m not as powerful as I was before, I will not owe you guys m y medical fees. If you don’t believe me, you can frisk me.”

Catherine was at a loss for words. Seeing his pathetic expression reminded her of how Suzie practiced sad fishing. When had Shaun learned to practice sad fishing as well?

The father and daughter were two of a kind.

“Freya, do you have money? Lend him some and send him away, ” Catherine said in disgust.

“Please. Who would carry cash with them in this day and age? Everything is by mobile payment.”

Freya sighed and said, “Why don’ t you stay here and settle the medical fees for him? After all, he was injured during my banquet. If anything happens to him, it’ll harm my reputation.”

Catherine did not know what to say to that oddly familiar sentence. In fact, she had said that to Freya not long ago. Yet now, Freya was saying the same

words back to her.

Shaun gazed at Catherine eagerly outside the window. His eyes were as black as obsidian.

Catherine sighed weakly as she opened the door and got out of the car. Then, she glowered at Shaun resentfully. “Let’s go.”

“Thanks. ” Shaun followed behind her obediently. He looked exactly like a little puppy.

Catherine could not help but dart him a glance. “ Shaun Hill, have you no shame? What happened to your intolerably arrogant president look?”

“When I’m with the person I love, I can be shameless. I can also be humble and submissive, ” Shaun responded confidently and shamelessly.

He had previously used his phone to search for various ways and tips to win his ex-wife back. From the final results, he learned that he had to pester her shamelessly.

Catherine was speechless. “I think you injured your brain in the elevator rather than your arms.”

“Yeah, I injured my brain. That’s why it’s currently filled with your voice and face. Tell me how my brain can be cured.”

Shaun raised his brows. His words were extremely cheesy.