Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1112

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1112 – Catherine was baffled. “What could’ve happened to me?”

“It’s good to hear your voice. I was terrified out of my wits.”

Freya sighed in relief. “You don’t know, but something happened to the hotel elevator shortly after you left.”

The news made Catherine’s heart rattle for a moment. “What happened?”

“The elevator plummeted. The server said she saw a man and a woman entering the elevator going down. The elevator plunged from the 20th floor to the ground, and it made a very loud noise.”

Freya’s voice was shaky. “The people inside must be the guests who attended my banquet. How lucky a m I for this to happen when I finally held a

banquet? The police and ambulance are now on their way here, but the people in the elevator surely won’t have survived. I called to confirm whether you’re fine. If it were you and Wesley in the elevator, I would break down.”

Catherine was stunned.

Somehow, she recalled what Shaun told her tonight. He attended the banquet because of her.

Could he have left too since she had left? Could he be… in the elevator?

When this thought flashed across her mind, her face paled.

“Cathy, I’ll stop here. There’s a rumpus going on at my end, but I’m relieved to know that you’re fine.”

After that, Freya hung up the call.

Catherine gripped her phone tightly. Wesley held her hand and asked with concern, “What’s the matter?”

“Freya told me that the hotel elevator we took plunged just down. She was worried that I was inside, ” Catherine explained absent-mindedly.

Upon hearing it, Wesley frowned. “There were people inside when it happened?”

“Yeah. They should be tonight’s guests.” Catherine said reluctantly, “I wonder who they are. The police aren’t there yet, so nobody dares to force the doors open.”

“How can this kind of incident happen… ” Wesley mumbled, “I hope not many people are inside.”

“Freya said there was a man and a woman, ” Catherine replied.

Wesley’s expression finally shifted.

However, it returned to normal seconds later.

“Wesley… Why don’t you head home first? I have a feeling that Freya is in low spirits because of this incident. I want to keep her company,” Catherine suddenly said.

“Alright. I’ll go with you so that you won’t be frightened, ” Wesley answered gently.

“It’s fine. You can drop me at the entrance. I’ll sleep over at Freya’s place tonight. You should go home early and rest.” Considering her restlessness at this moment, Catherine was not in the mood to interact with Wesley.

“…Okay.” Wesley glanced at her.

He planned to let her go since Shaun should be d**d by now.

That person would not appear in Catherine and his little world anymore.

Ten minutes later, Catherine received a WhatsApp message from Freya. [D**n. Cathy, I have bad news for you.]

At the sight of the message, Catherine’s heart began to tremble.

It seemed that Freya was going to confirm the assumption in her mind.

She subconsciously refused to learn it.

Nevertheless, Freya sent another message. [I’ve seen surveillance camera footage. Shaun entered the elevator that plummeted to the ground.]

Catherine stared at the message. Her brain shorted out, and her mind went blank.

Shaun was in the elevator? He was d**d?

How could it be?

The man who kissed her a few hours ago was suddenly d**d?

Up until now, Catherine could still remember his scent as well as his masculine voice that always made her blood boil.