Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1103

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1103 – The guests immediately looked over.

They recognized the woman as Chelsea Holt, the youngest daughter of the Holt family. They had already heard that the eldest daughter of the Holt family, Joanne Holt, had become Mason Campos’ woman.

The smart ones immediately figured out what was going on when they saw this scene. Someone attentively came forward and asked, “Young Lady Holt, what’s wrong?”

Chelsea pointed at Shaun with red eyes and complained, “ I saw him standing here alone so I came to greet him, but after a few words, he started to flirt with me. I wanted to leave, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me. He even spilled his wine on my dress. Oh, how can I face other people like this?”

She clutched her chest and sobbed.

“You’re shameless!” A young man immediately pointed at Shaun and yelled, “ Shaun Hill, who do you think Ms. Holt is? Do you think you can lay a hand on her? Why don’t you take a mirror to look at your current self?

“Why did the Snow family invite such a rogue like you? Apologize to Young Lady Holt immediately.”

Everyone started to talk, and Shaun’s face flushed with scorn.

He had just been standing here to rest, but Chelsea suddenly came over to pester him. He did not want to be disturbed and wanted to leave, but she suddenly poured his wine on her. It was clear that she wanted to frame him.

“Young Lady Holt, please look at your face before telling others I was flirting with you. My taste isn’t that low.”

Shaun said faintly, “If you want me to apologize, sure. Take out the surveillance footage. If I’m the one at fault, I’ll apologize.”

“What surveillance footage? It’s clearly your fault. ”

A young man from a wealthy family sneered, “I think you’re just trying to stick to the Holt family because the Hill family is done for.”

“Yeah, don’t think of leaving this place if you don’t apologize to Young Lady Holt on your knees.”

A group of people surrounded Shaun and pointed at him. Of course, there were people who did not say anything, but they were all looking at the scene like they were watching a show. Shaun suddenly seemed to be completely isolated.

“Chelsea, what’s going on?” Mason and Charlie walked over at the same time. Charlie’s expression was full of gloating.

“Mason, you’re just in time. He bullied me and splashed wine on me, ” Chelsea said with red eyes.

“Shaun Hill, you’re really capable. A big man has his own ways of taking liberties with a woman,” Charlie immediately said, “Kneel down and apologize to Chelsea immediately. We’ll forgive you then.”

Mason stood by the side, his elegant face dignified and dark.

It was clear that he wanted what Charlie wanted too. “You want me to kneel?”

Shaun’s delicate and thin lips curled coldly. His gaze swept over everyone one by one. “I’m afraid you’re not qualified.”

“He’s too rampant. Throw him out!” someone shouted.

Mason looked at the crowd gently. “Don’t say that. He was invited by the Snow family.”

“So what if he was invited by the Snow family? Throw him out. He has no right to stay here.”

Many rich kids came forward and started pushing Shaun.

Freya, who was not far away, clicked her tongue. “ When a wall is about to fall, everyone gives it a shove. It doesn’t matter if Shaun is being framed. Those people just want to see him get embarrassed.” “Freya, go help him out, ” Catherine finally sighed and said to her.