Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1102

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1102 – It just so happened that Wesley was also wearing a black suit tonight.

He did look good, but compared to Shaun, he did not look as refined.

Catherine could not help but sigh in her heart. Suits still looked the best on Shaun.

While she was distracted, Shaun seemed to sense something and turned to face her.

She quickly looked away and glanced at Wesley with a little guilt.

She thought that Wesley would be unhappy, but unexpectedly, Wesley was not looking at her at all. His eyes were focused on the other side where a group of powerful people was gathered.

Catherine was slightly stunned. Then, Wesley turned and said to her, “Cathy, Freya is there. Let’s go and say hello.”

“Okay.” Catherine had the same idea.

Freya was undoubtedly the most eye-catching person tonight. She wore a beautiful gown, her body slender and graceful but also dignified and elegant. She looked just like a real princess.

The wives of those influential bigwigs surrounded her with smiling faces.

However, when Freya saw Catherine, she immediately welcomed her with joy. “Cathy, you’re here. Let me introduce you. This is my godmother, Heidi Lloyd. Heidi, this is my best friend, Catherine Jones. This is her husband.”

“Hello, Mrs. Snow,” Wesley quickly said respectfully, “I’m Wesley Lyons, the president of Golden Corporation.”

“Hello. ” Heidi smiled and nodded. Her eyes then fell on Catherine. “Freya talks about you often. You can come to the Snow residence any time you want to see her.”

“Yes, it’s an honor.” Catherine nodded.

Heidi looked very satisfied. She was used to seeing too many sweet-talking and flattering people, but she could spot the purity in Catherine’s eyes.

As for the husband beside her…

“You sisters talk slowly. I’ll go over there and meet

a few friends.” Heidi smiled and walked away. Her every movement carried a dignified air.

“Freya, your godmother is quite good to you.” Wesley stared at Heidi’s back meaningfully.

She was the future president’s wife. If he could build a good relationship with her, it would definitely be of help to him in the future.

“Yeah, Godmother is great. She doesn’t put on airs. The Snow family is very united,” Freya praised sincerely.

Wesley nodded. “You two must have a lot to talk about. I’ll walk around over there and won’t bother you.”

“Be careful,” Catherine told him.
When Wesley left, Freya grinned and threw a hand over Catherine’s shoulders. “Wesley is quite sensible. By the way, Shaun also came tonight. I didn’t want to invite him, but he has a good relationship with the Snow family, so I gave him an invitation.”

“Mmh.” Catherine noticed that not only was Shaun here but the Campos family as well.

“Hey, do you think that Shaun is quite miserable now? Look at him standing there alone. No one is bothered to talk to him.”

Freya clicked her tongue in lament. “Back in the days, Shaun was the focus wherever he went and countless people wanted to build connections with him. Now… he’s fallen so far down.”

Even without Freya’s words, Catherine had noticed long ago how Shaun was standing alone in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. He held a wine glass in his hand, ignored by everyone.

Although he was very eye-catching and many people were peeking at him, there were more glances that were gloating in nature.

At that moment, she noticed a young woman with a wine glass approaching him. She did not know what they were talking about, but when Shaun frowned and turned to leave, the woman suddenly grabbed his hand and poured the wine in his glass on her dress. Then, she yelled, “Ah, Shaun Hill, you’re too much! My dress is all ruined now.”