Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1101

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1101 – Hah! Did Freya think starting a business was that easy?

However, if she had the Snow family’s support, coupled with Freya’s skills, she might really become Osher’s rival in the future.

Rodney’s scalp tingled.

What kind of grudge did Freya have with him in their past lives?

Not only did she steal his family, but she was also starting a company to steal his business too.

“You want to start your own cosmetic company?” Catherine froze when she received Freya’s call. “Yeah.”

Freya grinned and said, “When I chatted with Godmother yesterday, she said that my products are very good and it’s a shame I’m working for someone else. I can start my own company. The Snow family will help me work out some of the relevant documents.”

By ‘Godmother’, she meant Nathan Snow’s wife.
Catherine could not help but admire the wife of the future president. She could really see the bigger picture.

“Actually, your godmother has a point. I support you.” Catherine smiled. “If you don’t have enough money, I can invest in your stocks.”

“Haha, thank you. You’re very welcome to. When the time comes, I can hire you to help me manage the company.”

Freya was in a great mood. “By the way, the Snow family will be holding a banquet to acknowledge me. I’ll send you an invitation. Be sure to come.” “With pleasure.”

After hanging up, Freya swiftly sent the invitation.

When Catherine went back to the villa and was having dinner with Wesley in the evening, he suddenly said, “I heard the Snow family will be holding a banquet for Freya tomorrow night.”

“Yeah, you heard too?” Catherine was surprised.

Wesley smiled gently. “Yeah, it’s quite sensational. The Snow family is showing Freya a lot of respect.

Many rich and powerful people in the capital received invitations. What about you?”

Catherine smiled. “I owe it to Freya. She gave me one.”

“I’ll accompany you tomorrow night.” Wesley picked some food for her and said casually, “You’re so beautiful that I’m afraid other men will stare at you.”

Catherine’s lips lifted. “You’re exaggerating. Everyone already knows I’m married.”

Wesley said seriously, “I’m mainly worried that you’ll meet Shaun again.”

Catherine was stunned “… I don’t think he’ll go.”

“That’s hard to say.” Wesley held her hand and said affectionately, “I don’t want any more accidents.”

In the end, Catherine did not speak anymore and tacitly agreed to him going with her.

The next evening, Wesley drove them to the Snow family’s banquet.

As soon as they entered the hall, Catherine saw many low-key but prominent influentials at the scene.

She could tell that these people were different from the rich and powerful families. They were some of the biggest names in the country who held actual power.

However, out of the many people, Shaun’s figure was the most eye-catching and dazzling.

His black double-breasted suit outlined his tall and magnificent body. A brown tie hung around his neck. His handsome and dazzling features looked like G*d had meticulously carved them.

Many men were wearing black suits tonight, but he was still the most outstanding one.