Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1092

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1092 – “I have… the future grandchild of the Snow family.”

Sarah lowered her head and suddenly touched her stomach. “Yes, Rodney was expelled from the Snow family, but his children will always be the flesh and blood of the Snow family. After a long time has passed and the Snow family isn’t angry anymore, the child will eventually return to the family.”

Wesley’s eyes moved slightly. “Sarah Neeson, you’re really vicious.”

“Don’t I make a good match for you, then? Not to mention… Don’t you want to taste a woman whom Shaun Hill once had before?” Sarah leaned over and bit his earlobe gently.

Wesley’s body immediately reacted. He pressed Sarah under his body and sneered, “You’re just a woman Shaun didn’t want. He has never touched you before.”

Sarah’s face stiffened, but she forced herself to laugh. “You can’t say that. I was his favorite when we were young. If Catherine hadn’t appeared, it wouldn’t be like this. Besides… I can tell you a secret.”

“What secret?” Wesley raised his eyebrows. “Do you know why Shaun didn’t want Catherine three years ago? It was because he was under my hypnosis. President Lyons, I’m actually quite useful, especially in controlling people’s minds.”

Sarah smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “From the first time we met, I could tell that you’re an extraordinary man who can remain persistent no matter the years. The position Mason Campos sits in now will belong to you in the future.”

Wesley’s dark eyes flashed.

It was no wonder that Shaun suddenly did not want Catherine three years ago.

In other words, Sarah Neeson was still of use.

Besides, he did not mind trying out a woman who had once belonged to Shaun Hill.

“Fine, I’ll help you. ” Wesley cupped her chin and kissed her as if he was venting.

Freya stayed in the hospital for three days before she was discharged.

However, instead of returning to Brighton Gardens, she was taken to the Snow family’s villa by the Snow family.

With the Snow family to look after her, Catherine moved to Wesley’s place.

Originally, she wanted to bring Lucas along with her as well. However, Lucas said he wanted to stay with Joel, so she let him.

“This is President Lyons’ bedroom.” Regina helped her move her luggage in.

“… Okay, thank you.” Catherine looked at the bedroom. It was very clean and bright with a great view, but she still felt great pressure when she thought that she was really going to start staying in the same bedroom as Wesley.

“You’re welcome. You can look for me if you need anything.” When Regina turned to leave, she looked at the big bed with mockery in her eyes.

Hah, it was a spot where she had gotten tired of sleeping in. It was just a pity that Catherine would not know the truth.

After Regina left, Catherine started cooking.
This was the beginning of their lives as husband and wife.

– At 6 3o p.m., Wesley came back. When he looked at the figure busying about in the kitchen, his eyes became filled with chagrin and resentment.

He finally got this woman in here, but he could not touch her.

He had someone investigate the masked man, but there was no news at all. That person was too bizarre.

However, he had two women, Regina and Sarah, to attend to his physical needs. Hence, he was in no hurry.

Especially that woman, Sarah Neeson. Tsk, she was full of tricks.

“Wesley, it’s time to eat. Why are you spacing out?” Catherine smiled and brought out the dishes.

“ I feel so happy. It’s like I’m dreaming.” Wesley held her hand. “I’ve been waiting for this day for too long.”

“Wesley, it’s been hard on you all these years. I’ve already decided to work on this marriage with you.”

Catherine said as if she had made up her mind. “… Yes.”

Wesley lowered his eyes.