Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1091

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1091 – Wesley was shocked.

No one knew about the k****r besides Mason, so how could this person…

“I also know that… your feelings for Catherine Jones have never been pure from the start.”

The person suddenly laughed in a low voice. “ May be other people would have unwavering and unfailing love, but Wesley Lyons’s love is scheming at best.”

Wesley’s body trembled.

Who the h**l was this person?

Why did this person know his secret when no one should know?

“Don’t touch Catherine Jones. Don’t touch her, or the next time I see you, you’ll be a corpse. You can try…”

The masked man in the passenger seat opened the car door.

Then, a black car without a license plate drove over.

The man on the other side of Wesley also withdrew. The two men quickly got into the car and left.

Wesley punched the leather backrest hard, his warm and handsome face full of rage and panic.

When did such a person exist in the capital? He even knew about the m****r at Neah Bay.

“P-President Lyons.” The driver turned back, trembling.

“Find out who that person is, ” Wesley gave the order in a sinister tone.

“Okay. Are we going home now?” the driver asked. “No, send me to the clubhouse.”

Wesley was upset. He originally wanted to go back, but he had lost his mood.

That person’s words had made him wary. After all, the other party knew too much.

He did not dare to gamble. There could not be any mistakes in his plan.

However… he was unreconciled, very unreconciled.

He wanted to possess Catherine for a very, very long time.

After arriving at the clubhouse, Wesley took a glass of wine and chugged it.

The room door suddenly opened, but he ignored it until a finger landed on his back.

“Go away…” He looked up and saw Sarah’s charming little face. She had dressed up tonight and was wearing a long white dress. She looked like someone who grew up in a d***y environment but remained pure.

Some women indeed possessed such a pure temperament. Otherwise, she would not have been able to make fools of the three young masters for so many years.

“Sarah Neeson, what do you want?” Wesley narrowed his eyes in warning.

“President Lyons, are you lonely since Catherine isn’t here to accompany you?”

Sarah smiled and sat next to him, refilling his glass. “But even if she’s here, aren’t you tired of pretending in front of her?”

Wesley sneered, “Sarah, you’re really the most shameless woman I’ve ever met. Rodney Snow has no value to you anymore since he’s expelled from the Snow family, right?”

“Not necessarily. As long as it’s not the end yet, there’s the possibility of changing one’s fortune. ”

Sarah did not mind his insults and smiled. “I came here to keep the 1oo billion dollars.”

“You came to the wrong person.” Wesley pinched her chin coldly. “ I helped you in the past because you were useful to me, but what do you have now?”