Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1081

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1081 – Strangely, his mind was in a mess until Sarah’s cries of despair pulled him back. Only then did he get enraged. Freya was so calculating! What a shame, his impression of her had even improved that night.

“Rodney, why are you doing this to me? It’s one thing that Shaun doesn’t want me, but even you’ve betrayed me now. How do you expect me to continue living? Who was the one who said he’d love me forever and never leave me?”

Every word from Sarah was like a slap across Rodney’s face, stinging him.

“Sarah, I’m sorry… I only found out that she was pregnant a few days ago.”

Rodney lowered his head and explained, “I don’ t like her, but… my family doesn’t agree to have her abort this child.”

Sarah’s eyes widened. Tears came streaming down her face. “You’re saying that you want this child to be born. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to back out of this?”

Rodney was having a headache. “My parents will raise that child after they’re born. I told Freya that I wouldn’t marry her…”

“Rodney, you’re too innocent. She knows you don’t love her now and using the child to get married to you will make you feel repulsed. That’s why she retreated to make you let your guard down, so that she’ll be able to get close to you and make you like her. Then, she’ll ruin our relationship.”

Sarah persuaded him bitterly.

Rodney was utterly confused by her words. He thought that Freya was not that kind of person.

“You don’t believe me?”

Sarah smiled pitifully. “I knew that you don’t trust me all that much, so I recorded the phone call just now. Listen.”

She played the recording. When Rodney heard Freya saying, ‘I don’t want to let you have such a good man’ in such an arrogant tone, his expression turned awful.

“Rodney, I don’t want to force you, but if you still want to be with me, you have to make Freya abort the child. I don’t want the person I love to have an illegitimate child. I just want our child. I care about you, so I won’t be that tolerant or generous. ” Sarah moved back step by step and left with reddened eyes.

Rodney looked at her from behind. His heart was in great pain.

It was all Freya’s fault. The woman who did not know her place. He only treated her slightly better because of the child, but she was trying to push her luck.

That night, Rodney could not sleep at all. When morning came, he drove to find Freya.

Aunty Sophia opened the door. She smiled and said, “Ms. Lynch is still getting dressed upstairs.”

Rodney went upstairs in long strides. As there were usually no men in the house, Freya did not close the door when she was getting dressed.

Rodney barged into the room. His breathing hitched when he saw the unclothed woman in the room.

That narrow waist, her fair skin, and even her curves

It was as though there were flames in his eyes.

It was his first time seeing a woman’s body this clearly.

“Aunty Sophia, is there…” When Freya turned her head and saw Rodney’s dark eyes, she screamed out of shock. She shut the door of the dressing room with a yelp.

Rodney’s Adam’s apple bobbed. D**n it! His body was having a reaction.

How could he go downstairs in this state?

He quickly went to the bathroom in Freya’s room.

Freya finished getting dressed and came out with a flushed face. She noticed that no one was in the room, but there was a silhouette of a man in her bathroom.

What was Rodney doing in her bathroom?

Freya was a neat f***k. She immediately rushed over and knocked on the door. “Rodney, there are bathrooms downstairs too! Why are you using my bathroom? Can you not pee on the floor?”

“Shut up…” Rodney’s hoarse roar could be heard.

“Why is your voice so weird? Do you have constipation?”

Freya felt increasingly disgusted as she thought about it. “Who allowed you to defecate in my private bathroom? It stinks.”