Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1039

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1039 – Shaun’s handsome face paled. Someone had deleted programs from his brain?

He laughed dryly. “This is impossible, Professor Lincoln. I’m not a robot…”

Professor Lincoln put on a straight face. “No, as far as I know, Y country has an ancient hypnotic skill that does this. This hypnotic skill can tamper with a person’s feelings and memories. It can even go unnoticed by the person concerned.”

Shaun’s brain rumbled.


Someone had altered his memories and feelings. “ You mean the person I loved might’ve been my wife, but someone altered it afterward and made me love another woman?”

“This is just my guess. I can’t confirm it, ” Professor Lincoln said, “but the symptoms you mentioned are similar to being under the influence of Country Y’s ancient hypnotic skill. Not only that, the person who carried out the hypnosis on you should be a person you trust very much. If not, that person wouldn’t have succeeded. At the same time, this person must be considerably skilled in the field of psychology.”

A person he trusted very much…

Shaun thought of Sarah. She used to be the person he trusted the most, so much that he would believe in anything she said.

Furthermore, Sarah was one of the best in the world when it came to her skills in psychological treatment.

However, at the thought that it was her who altered his memories, he could not help but shiver.

He did not dare to believe it as well.

Would the pure woman who supported and encouraged him in the mental hospital when he was young become so evil and vicious?

“Professor Lincoln, do you know how to use this hypnotic skill?” Shaun asked bewilderedly.

“I don’t.” Professor Lincoln shook his head. “This ancient hypnotic skill is too evil. The international organization banned it a long time ago. Think about it, if everyone knew how to do it, wouldn’t this world fall into chaos? Besides, the success rate of that hypnosis is very, very low. Only one out of ten people would succeed at most. The remaining nine would become retards due to the failure.”

“Become a… r****d?” Shaun was shocked again. “ Does it mean that if I was hypnotized by someone and it failed at that time, I would’ve become a r****d?”

“Yes. That’s why this ancient hypnotic skill has been long lost. Around 5o or 6o years ago, there was someone who tried to hypnotize a billionaire. I n the end, that billionaire became a r****d, and his family caught that psychologist and shot him d**d.”

Professor Lincoln thought about it and said, “ Besides, even if you realize that you’ve been hypnotized, don’t try to cure yourself or look for your original memories. The structure of the brain is very complicated. The probability of you getting cured is only 0.01 percent. If it fails, not only will you not end up a normal person, but you’ll even become a r****d.”

Shaun was stunned for a long time.

He initially wanted to get his memories back.