Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1035

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1035 – “Are you sure?” Shaun said coldly, “I don’t have any grudges with Thomas.”

“Are you sure you don’t?” Chester reminded him.

“Are you talking about my breakup with Sarah?’ Shaun was astonished, but hostility then welled up in his eyes.

He did not think he owed Sarah anything. After all, the Neeson siblings played so many tricks behind the scenes after he made up with Catherine back then.

Chester sighed. “I’m not sure. I can only say that Thomas has never been a good person to begin with. Someone like him will only take your help for granted, but if you don’t, he’ll hate you in return.”

“He did it on purpose.” Shaun quickly understood. “It wasn’t convenient for him to do it as he was afraid of offending you guys, so he instigated Simon to come over.”

“I reckon that was the case. When he drugged Freya last time, Rodney wanted to teach him a lesson, but he escaped overseas. I guess he came back thinking that Rodney’s anger has subsided, and it has been more than a month since that incident happened.” Chester said, “You’re my brother. I’ll stand up for you on this matter.”


Shaun’s mind was still in a mess. “By the way, how did I come back last night?”

“How do I know? I only knew that you got beaten up this morning.”

Shaun lowered his head. He suddenly noticed that medicine was applied on the back of his hand and his body. Not only that but his clothes were changed as well.

His expression changed drastically. After he hung up, he tugged his pants and had a look inside.

D**n it. His underwear was changed too.

It meant that someone might have found him last night.

Who was it?

He recalled dreaming about Catherine last night, and she was here.

That… should be impossible.

He shuddered and quickly sat up. Then, he ran to the security room and had the administrator pull out the security footage. After watching it, his knees went weak.

It really was Catherine. She helped him change his clothes, so she surely must have noticed that part of him was wrapped in gauze.

What was more tragic than having the woman he loved finding out that he was impotent?

Shaun wanted to slap himself. Why did he go drinking last night?

Great. Now, he could not even keep the last bit of his private secret.
9:00 a.m.

Wesley drove Catherine to the main entrance of Hudson Corporation. However, Catherine looked like she was still in a daze, so he reminded her in a low voice, “We’ve arrived.”

“…Oh.” Catherine came back to her senses and unbuckled her seat belt. “Be careful on your own.”

“Mm.” Wesley nodded. He suddenly stared into her eyes and said, “Last night… It looks like Shaun was beaten up.”

“Whatever. I’m not the one who had someone beat him up anyway.” Catherine opened the door, feeling a little guilty. “I’m heading up.”

After seeing Catherine leave from behind, Wesley remembered the phone call he got that morning.

“Last night, Shaun was beaten up by Simon’s men. However, Catherine appeared and saved him afterward.”

Wesley’s eyes darkened. No wonder she only came back home after 1:00 a.m. last night.

She lied to him again. That… fcking btch.