His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 93

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 93 – IVY POV

I left Kyson in the bathroom; I felt terrible for scratching him and hoped it healed quickly. Walking back into the room, I closed the bathroom door behind me. Making my way back to the bed, I snatched the phone from where I left it earlier and tried to call Abbie again, but something was wrong with his phone because it wouldn’t even ring, just beeped in my ear before hanging up.

My anxiety about not knowing what was going on with her made me itch. A nervous reaction I have always had that drives me insane. Trying again, it was the same thing. My eyes moved to the bathroom, wanting to ask him to fix his phone so, but also not wanting to argue with him again, so instead I walked to the door before growling as I opened it and realized I could walk past the d**n threshold. I growled angrily at his command and my inability to fight it. Dustin, noticing me, walked over to me.

“Something is wrong with it. Can you fix it? I want to ring Abbie,” I tell him, and he takes the phone from my hand. He fiddles with it and then tries to ring her, but the same thing.

“Her phone is off. It isn’t the King’s phone, but Abbie’s,” Dustin says, and my brows furrow worriedly.

“Try her again,” I tell him, but it was the same result.

“I’m sorry, my Queen, but her phone is definitely off,” Dustin tells me. Why was it off? Nodding, I took the phone from him before closing the door; nausea rolled over me, and I didn’t know if I wanted to throw up or throw something. My instincts were all over the place, fear, anger at Kyson, anxiousness, all of it bubbling up and beginning to spill over, and before I even registered what I had done, I through the phone, my hands clenching into fists and fur started growing up my arms. I tried to stop it, tried to regain control.

Kyson opened the bathroom door at the same time l tossed the phone at it, his reflexes so much quicker and more controlled than mine, as he snatched it from the air before it smashed into the bathroom door. He looked at the phone, and I noticed his face healed now but surprisingly left faint scarring down his face. Kyson growls before pocketing it while I am trying not to shift.

My wrists and ankles cracked as the urge became overwhelming, and I had no idea how to stop it. “You need to calm down,” Kyson says. That was easy for him to say, another thing entirely to actually do, especially when it came to Abbie. I was out of my mind with worry.

Clutching the dresser, my claws slipped out of my fingertips, scratching into the mahogany-stained wood. “Azalea, do you want help, or are you shifting?” Kyson asks while I try to breathe through my fingers, stretching and growing longer. It was so odd hearing him use another name for me, but I preferred the name. Ivy was weak. I no longer wanted to be Ivy, but I also didn’t want to look weak by asking him for help because I really didn’t want to shift. It took ages for me to shift back last time.

The heat of his body pressed against my back. My claws sliced through the wood, and I felt my canines elongate painfully. The stretching and moving of bones grossed me out but were nowhere near as painful as my first shift, but still unpleasant.

“Do you want help?” Kyson asks as his hands fall on my hips, and he tugs me flush against him. I growl and nod. “Please,” I grit out through clenched teeth, knowing I would be stuck in my Lycan form without his help until my body shifted back on its own. So long allow it and melt against him when he purrs, the calling washing over me, making goosebumps rise on my flesh, and everything nerve endings buzzed, wanting to rub myself all over him. The urge to shift left as he held me against him.

“We will get Abbie back. We just have to be patient,” Kyson purrs next to my ear.

“You should have told me,” I snapped before purring anger and lust mingling and blurring the lines between both emotions, fighting a war within me.

“So you could be like this and worry about something you can’t control?” Kyson asks.

“You’re the King. You can order him to return her.”

“And start a war for the abuse of power. Just because I can, doesn’t mean it is allowed. I may be King Azalea, but we live by the law, and the werewolf council members would look for any reason to take down a Lycan Royal. I can’t break the laws which I created. She needs to leave on her own.”

“But is she safe?”

“You spoke with her the other day,” Kyson answers with a sigh.

“Then why is Gannon upset?” Kyson growls, his arm tightening around my torso before tugging me toward the bed.

“Alpha Kade has a wife and kids that Abbie doesn’t know about, also a few girlfriends on the side,” Kyson tells me.

“And you let her go with him!” I snarled, turning in his arm and shoving him off.

“Gannon tried to tell her she wouldn’t listen,”

“Then you should have told me. I would have convinced her. She would listen to me,” I yell at him, my anger spewing over and fur grows over my arms, my neck cracks. Kyson’s calling grows stronger, and l close my eyes, trying to catch my breath and calm down.

“You can speak with her on the phone. If she says yes, I will send Gannon to go get her, but until then, love, my hands are tied.”

“You’re a f*****g king. Order the council to be okay with it!”

“I can’t do that. I will have every pack breathing down my neck if I do. Just because I am King doesn’t mean I can make my own rules as I go Azalea. Do you think I don’t want to do that? Gannon is one of my best friends. I don’t want to see him hurting just as much as you don’t want to see Abbie hurting, but my f*****g hands are tied.”

“Hurting? What do you mean, Abbie is hurting?” Kyson sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“The chest pain, her pain is caused by his infidelity, not something being wrong with her. The mate bond can feel it. But you two girls were never taught any of this sort of stuff, so she thinks there is something wrong with her, but it’s because Kade is s******g other women who aren’t his mate,” I growl, my anger emblazoned and so hot I wanted to hurt something.

“Shh, calm down. You can convince her to come home. She only needs to reject him, and it is all over. She can come home then. I promise we will get her back,” Kyson says, his hands sliding up my arms and rubbing them as he steps closer.

“Her phone is off,” I tell him, and he sighs. I will ring Kade and ask him to get her to ring you,” Kyson says. He steps away, pulling the phone I threw from his pants pocket. I follow him over to the bed as he climbs in it.


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