His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 77

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 77 – Ivy POV

I awoke to whispers reaching my ears, groggily rolling over; I looked toward the King who was standing by the door. Beta Damian’s scent wafted to me, so I knew it was him he was speaking with as I tried to listen. Stretching out, my back cracked as I yawned. That was the best sleep I had had in days, actually waking up and feeling rested. Sitting up, I noticed the King had the jewelry box in his hands, and I tilted my head better to listen to what they were speaking about.

“Find me anything on Azalea, everything you can find,” The King told him, and my brows pinched together, wondering what he wanted with a d**d child’s information. My stomach dropped, wondering what he was trying to dig up. More reasons to hate me?”

“Something isn’t right, and she…-” the King shakes his head. “Something doesn’t add up,” I hear him tell Beta Damian when the King looks over his shoulder at me. Beta Damian takes the box from him.

“I’ll see what I can find out,” Damian tells him, and the King nods before shutting the door. He turns to face me before wandering over to a coffee table and retrieving a tray of food and placing it on my lap. I stared down at the steak and salad before he grabbed his own tray and came to sit by me.

“What was that about?” I asked the King as he took his seat.

“I need him to look into something, eat your lunch,” he says before cutting into his steak, though his steak was bleeding. My mouth salivated hungrily, and my belly rumbled. Though I was a little shocked to learn, it was already the middle of the day. I cut into my steak and popped a piece into my mouth. The hunger instantly died down, no longer wanting to eat as I forced myself to chew and s*****w. The King watched me curiously as I tried not to be rude and spit the meat out onto the plate. Forcing it down was like trying to s*****w an apple whole as it lodged in my throat.

“Can I ring Abbie?” I asked him, and he nodded.

“After you eat,” he said, nodding toward my plate. I scrunched my nose up at it, ever since finding out he was my mate. My taste buds had changed. Stuff I usually like no longer held any appeal to me. Everything changing, yet I still hadn’t shifted. It really irked me that so much changed, and yet it didn’t appear to be for the better.

“I’m not hungry” I told him, placing the plate on the bedside table, and went to get up. The King growls. He cuts off a piece of his meat before offering the fork to me, holding it to my lips. The same thing happened; my mouth water instantly, making me wonder why his food smelt different. It was hardly cooked, if you could call it cooked at all, more like seared on either side and practically raw. Yet I opened my mouth and almost moaned at the taste, my appetite coming back despite tasting the blood filling my mouth as I chewed.

Reaching for my plate, the King placed it on his lap before giving me his. “Eat,” he said, tapping my plate with the fork. My brows furrowed as I looked at the plate. Kyson didn’t partially look like he liked my steak much but said nothing as he ate except to tell me to eat.

“All of it,” the King said when he finished his leaving only the salad. The steak was huge, and I was struggling to eat the entire thing after getting through half of it. Forcing another mouthful down, yet also savoring the taste. I watched the King pull his phone from his pocket and scroll through it.

“I can’t eat anymore,” I said while trying to cut through another. The King up from his screen before looking at the half-eaten steak and sighed.

“You hardly ate anything yesterday. Eat half of it, and you can call her,” He said; I glared at him. A growl emanated from me, and he arched an eyebrow at me.


“I will eat two more pieces. I can’t eat much more. You will make me sick,” I snap at him.


“One!” I retorted, and he sighed. “Fine, two more mouthfuls then,” he growls, turning his attention back to the phone. I quickly ate, wanting to speak to Abbie; it felt like a lifetime ago since I heard her voice. When I was done, I snatched the phone from his grip, and he growled at me but took my plate, setting it back on the tray and placing it out the door before he came back to sit by me, looking over my shoulder as I scrolled through the letter A’s. Yet some of the names have similar spelling which confused me.

“No, back up,” The King said, clicking on her name for me. “You can video call her?”

“What’s that?” I asked, listening to the phone ring. He took it from me, pressing a button, and the screen changed, and I could see myself on the screen. “Now, you will be able to see her if she can figure out how to turn her camera on. Gannon did show her, so hopefully, she remembered,” Kyson told me. I nodded. The phone rang out, and I glanced at Kyson, who sat up. He dialed her number again, sitting up before passing it back to me.

When she didn’t answer again. He took the phone from me before leaning against the headboard. He opened something else on his phone and typed away. I peered over to see what he was doing, watching as he typed quickly.

“I messaged her mate,” Kyson said, before patting the spot between his legs, wanting me to sit there.

“What did you say?” I asked him.

“Come, I will show you,” he said and I rolled my eyes but crawled into his lap. He pressed his lips to my shoulder and opened his message up.


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