His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 75

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 75 – As I struggled to catch my breath, my breathing was harsh and raspy when I saw the guards running in our direction down the steep hill leading from the castle.

“I’m going to turn you around. Don’t push down on me,” Kyson growled, and I could feel the movement of his legs behind me as he tread water. He turned me around, and my legs locked around him, but he grabbed them, pulling me up higher so he could still move his legs freely.

He sighed, pressing his head against my collarbone, and my teeth chattered.

“Why would you get in the d**n water if you couldn’t swim?” he breathed out angrily. His tight grip and the way he trembled made me realize how angry he truly was. While I was too busy learning how to breathe again to care too much about his rage.

“The swan was tangled,” I said before coughing; my throat and nose were burning with each breath.

“You nearly k****d yourself for a d**n swan?” he snapped at me.

“I fell in,” I growled angrily at him. Who in their right mind would deliberately jump in the water when they can’t swim? My fingers dug into his shoulder when he floated onto his back; the guards on the hill had stopped, though kept a watchful eye on us until the King waved them away. King Kyson growls at them and I held onto him as the King moved further out. The water was soothing on my skin, my lungs not so much.

“How can you not know how to swim?” he said with a shake of his head, like he was appalled at this information. I don’t bother answering, and he growls.

“I will have to teach you one day or get Damian or Gannon too,” he stated, but I was fine never going near the water again, preferring land to d******g again.

The King swam further out, and I let my legs untangle from him now, just wanting to hop out when he suddenly pulled my hands from his shoulders when we were just over halfway to the other side. I freaked out, kicking and trying to reach him as the King moved away and I started panicking again. He smiled before he stood up.

I huffed, thinking I was d******g when I realized the water here was only knee deep, and my face heated at my idiocy. Kyson laughed at my embarrassed face, and I splashed him sending him a glare.

“This side is shallow,” he chuckled before bending down and grabbing me. He shook his head and clicked his tongue before pinning me with his glare.

“You let me sleep in and left the room without me,” he growled before sitting in the water and pulling me onto his lap.

“You wouldn’t let me go if I had,” I told him, and he nodded but said nothing. He gripped my chin gently with his fingertips, tilting my face toward his. The calling washed over me, and I sighed instead of fighting against it, and he leaned his face closer, his lips molding around mine. Turning my face away, he growled before gripping my chin tighter and forcing my mouth open so he could k**s me. His tongue swept over my lips before he nibbled on my bottom one. He then became angered when l didn’t answer his k**s.

“Stop fighting it,” he snarled, breaking the soft skin on my lip when he bit harder. I wondered how he could stand to touch me after the horrible things my mother did; I wanted the bond before he broke it, and now I no longer felt worthy of it. The King sighed before pecking my lips and pulling away.

“We should head inside; I have meetings this afternoon,” he whispered, and I nodded, I was just happy to get out of the water. The King led me back toward the castle, and I shivered at the coldness of the breeze caressing my goose-bumped skin.

We went upstairs to our room, and I went to run a bath, wanting to warm up. Goosebumps covered my skin, and the cold had started to sink into my bones, making them ache when the King came up behind me.

“No, you shower with me,” he said, gripping my hip. I went to protest when he grabbed my hip tighter, tugging me back against him, his other hand going to my throat as he dipped his face into the crook of my neck; he purred softly. My eyes fluttered shut before I shook my head, fighting against the urge to give in to him.

“You shower with me,” he purred before his lips covered mine, his tongue tangling with mine, and his hand moved from neck to my b****t as he squeezed it, only to pull away when I don’t respond the way he wanted.

“Stop fighting the bond, Ivy. Let it reforge. Why do you keep fighting it?” he murmured against my lips. How could he ask that? He shouldn’t want the bond, not with me, anyway. He growled, n*****g at my lips. The calling washed over me like a tidal wave before I could resist it or stamp the urges down. I bit him, and he groaned, my teeth raking down his flesh, and I knew it was his doing, knew he was using it against me, and I hated him for it.

“Don’t fight me, and I won’t use it,” he mumbled, picking up on my anger as I sank my teeth into his chest. Kyson moved, spinning me around and shoving me into the sink basin, his hands gripping my hips as he turned me and placed me next to the sink.

The King pressed himself between my t****s, his e******n pressing against me, and he groaned while l tried to shove him away. The calling grew more potent, and tears p*****d my eyes when he gripped a fistful of my hair and tugged my head back. His tongue invaded my mouth, and I moaned into his mouth, the bond rushing to the surface as he forced it out.

A whimper escaped me as I tugged him closer, my claws slipping free and scratching down his chest. Needing him closer as arousal flooded into me, making my p***y clenched as arousal flooded me. My entire body buzzed from the bond in anticipation. His hand moved between my legs. He rubbed my throbbing p***y, cupping it with his hand and making me m**n softly as my arousal spilled onto my t****s. All too soon, he pulled away, making me growl.

“You don’t leave without telling me,” he purred, and I nodded, anything to get his touch back. I reached for him, and he leaned down and pecked my lips, the bond forcing my hands to his chest, needing his touch. Wanting it, and craving him. He then pulled away and turned the shower on. I stared at his back as he removed his clothes, glaring at him because he riled me up and used the calling on me to force out the bond, then stopped as soon as I answered it.

“You will learn, Ivy,” he murmured. It was then I realized he was using the bond to punish me and for what, leaving without telling him?

“In the shower,” Kyson said while stepping under the water; I growled at him before stalking out of the bathroom and going to my closet. I heard him growl but ignored him, embarrassed that he tormented me that way, and I let him.

“Ivy, don’t make me come get you,” Kyson called out, and I snarled before burrowing under my nest, seething at what he did. He would pay for that; he had caught me off guard. I won’t let it happen again.

“Ivy!” he growled, and I reached up, locking the closet door.


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