His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 69

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 69 – The next few days went the same, the King forcing me to go with him wherever he went, forcing me to follow around like a lost puppy. I stared longingly out toward the forest through his office window at Clarice and Peter. Peter had a bucket and a scrubbing brush in his hand. Clarice was talking to him, and she looked like she was about to hang out the washing. I pressed my forehead against the cool glass. Fresh air would be good, anything to get away from the King or guards, even if only for a few moments.

“I will take you outside later,” the King said, and I peered over at him. He stared down at his laptop screen, not paying any attention to me whatsoever. For the most part, we ignored each other. However, I could see he was becoming bothered by it. It was almost as if he was picking fights with me when we did talk, just to give him a reason to grab me or touch me.

He never hurt me, but I don’t believe that was his intention, anyway. The bond drew him closer to me and Damian had admitted that is why the King drinks the way he does; to fight off the urges for him to give in to the bond, something I have refused to do myself. I had also been refusing to sleep in the bed with him even though I could hear him pacing because of it. It gave me a sick satisfaction that it disturbed him. Like I was winning at something. Though it pained me refusing him, I was becoming desensitized to the pain.

He couldn’t complain about it because he said I couldn’t leave the room, and technically I hadn’t or tried to, so he had no reason to force me into bed with him or use the calling on me though, I could see the temptation too clearly on his face.

“Can I ring Abbie?” I asked, and he peered over the laptop screen at where I was sitting.

“You tried her earlier, and she never picked up. You may try tonight, and if she doesn’t answer, I will ring her mate, so you can speak with her, that is if you behave and eat tonight,” he adds. I turn my gaze away and glare out the window. I have had no appetite since being back. Just the smell of food makes me want to throw up.

“Can you go help, Clarice?” I asked.

“No, I am busy,” he growled and chewed my lip. It was boring sitting here and that’s all I ever seemed to do, sit around and wait for him to drag me somewhere else.

“Damian can take me,” I told him, and he sighed, sitting back in his chair and staring over at me.

“Damian and Gannon are working; I can’t pull them away from their duties just because you’re bored, Ivy,” he said. A growl slipped from me, and he folded his arms across his chest and arched an eyebrow at me before pressing his full lips in a line. My eyes stared at them and I had to pull my gaze away from them, making me l**k mine. Something I noticed he did when he was debating with himself and not liking his own trail of thoughts.

Standing up, he watched me as I made my way over to him before stopping next to his desk; he swiveled in his chair to face me straight on like he thought I was about to make a run for the door when I noticed his computer screen. Noticing my gaze, he glanced back at the beautiful woman on the screen and hurt rushed through me. There were lots of them, all tiny pictures of women displayed in different states of undress and posing for the camera.

“It’s not what you think,” he murmured, and I looked at him. He reached for me, but I jerked my hand away. Had been sitting here this entire time looking at other women while I sat across from him.

“Ivy, come here,” he snarled, leaning forward and wrapping his fingers around my wrist. He pulled me on his lap before locking his arm around my waist when I tried to get up, and he n****d my shoulder with his teeth.

“I’ll show you, stop,” he growled.

“I don’t want to see your side pieces,” I snapped at him, and his arm around my waist tightened, and his growl turned menacing as he pressed his teeth against the back of my neck.

“I don’t have side pieces, only you. Now stop it,” he snapped before moving the mouse around and clicking on one. I growled. I couldn’t help it until it clicked open, and then the screen opened up to her mutilated body. My stomach lurched, and I looked away, my heart thumping in my ears loudly and my eyes wide in h****r.

“Are you still jealous of a d**d woman?” Kyson asked as I turned away, unable to handle looking at the screen.

“Get rid of it,” I whispered as tears b****d and stung my eyes at the thought of what she endured to look like that.

“I clicked out of another file. I didn’t think about the picture on it, or I would have shut the screen completely down.”

“Why are they all half-n***d? Did they not have better pictures?” I said, wiping a stray tear. I couldn’t get the image out of my head. The way she was torn apart and the look of anguish in her d**d eyes.

“Unfortunately, no, their owners didn’t take normal pictures they wouldn’t sell; The King said.

“Wouldn’t sell?” I asked.

“Yes, these women are rogue s*x s****s, Ivy. We have been trying to find out where they are kept, and we also believe the children’s bodies that have been washing up belong to some of these women, we know the hunters are behind it, yet we don’t know why so many are suddenly popping up,”


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