His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 55

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 55 – The King didn’t even come down when I should have shifted last night, not that I did. But he had promised, and for some reason, I thought he would keep his, though many he had broken already in just one night. Something else for him to hate me for. He had a dud for a mate. It’s bad enough I was a traitor, but the Moon Goddess had to do one better and make me a failure.

“I have some good news, though,” Damian said, holding his hand out to me. I looked at it before placing m good hand in his. He placed it on his arm and tucked his arm to the side. I raised an eyebrow at him. He started up the path he had just walked down, leading back to the castle. For a second, hope flared to life, only to d*e down when he spoke again.

“The King said you can stay in his old quarters; you will be more comfortable up there,” he says, and l stop. Beta Damian also stopped and looked down at me.

“He said I could come back?” I asked hopefully. Beta Damian glanced at Gannon for a second before turning his gaze back to me.

“He didn’t, did he?” I asked.

“I convinced him, but he is aware you will stay in his old room,” Damian told me.

“His old room?” I whispered, holding back tears.

“Yes, the room he currently uses used to be his sisters,” Damian explains.

“Before my mother k****d her,” I sighed, still unable to believe she k****d someone. It all felt surreal. Nevertheless, Damian escorted me back to the castle, and as we approached the castle doors that led into the foyer, the door opened, and Kyson stepped out. He stopped in his tracks before eyeing my hand on Damian’s arm. His eyes flickered, and he growled. I yanked my hand away before his eyes went to mine for a second before going to Damian.

“Find me when you’re done,” the King said, not bothering to acknowledge my existence before he turned and stalked off toward where the cars were waiting out front of the castle. I stared after him while pain rippled through my chest at his dismissal of me. Gannon growled before following after him, and Damian looked down at me.

“Come on, I will show you where he put you,” Damian said, tugging me inside.

“You mean where you decided to put me? He doesn’t look too happy I will be here,” I tell him.

The room was bigger than the King’s as I stepped inside, though you could tell it had remained untouched by the dust that had settled on everything. One of the servants was in here trying to clean it up. Uncovering all the furniture that was covered by sheets. It felt weird watching her try to clean the place, and I moved to help her when Damian stopped me, pointing to the bathroom.

“Bathroom is through there. I will help her. Go take a shower and get cleaned up. I placed some of Kyson’s clothes in the closet for you. It might help with the discomfort. Gannon said you struggled last night, my Queen.” The female servant watched me curiously at his words. I frowned that she was expected to clean this room, all because I would be staying in it. It was too big of a task for one person.

“I will help. Go get cleaned up,” Damian said, nudging me toward the bathroom. With a sigh, I gave up.

I smelled terrible after spending all night in the stables. The girl had already restocked the bathroom, everything shiny and clean. A fresh towel hung on the side of the huge spa bath that sat in the center. Across the far wall stood an open shower, no screen, just two showerheads protruding from the wall and a drain that ran along the entire back of the bathroom.

All the counter space was made of black marble and the floors slate. All the finishings were gold and had double basins. It made me wonder if Kyson stayed in the other room just to feel close to his sister because this room was much more luxurious and as big as his entire quarters. I showered quickly, washing all remnants of the stables off. Feeling clean, I stepped out in my towel, wondering where the closet was Damian spoke of.

I went to ask when I noticed the room was empty, yet all the furniture was uncovered, and the c******s were drawn. No dust insight made me realize just how much quicker Lycans were than common werewolves. Wandering through the room, I opened a door, finding an untouched office and everything covered over still. I quickly closed the door before opening another and finding a library. However, the shelves were b**e, and the room was dark. Not that I could read anyway, so there is no point in a stocked library. Yet it made me think of Kyson and his love for reading.

Moving across the room, I rolled my eyes, having missed the door next to the bathroom, which would be the most obvious place for a closet. I walked over to it and gripped the handle, pulling it open.

His scent was everywhere. Few of his clothes were hung, but I recognized a few pieces I knew were from his room. Stepping in, his scent overwhelmed me, and my heart ached as I clutched it. It brought me to my knees. Not caring for my injured hand, I started ripping the clothes off the hangers. Needing his scent, needing him as I curled up in a ball among his clothes. Some primal, instinctual part taking over all rational thought and sending me wild with uncontrollable grief.

My entire being was anxious as I clawed at the ground. I felt unhinged, uncontrollable, and I cursed him as much as I longed for him. Surely no one could survive this sort of heartache.

My instincts were all over the place. Time stood still, and I had no idea how long I had remained in here for when the door opened.

My growl was violent, and my claws sank into the soft gray, plush carpet, slicing through it like a hot knife through butter. The woman jumped back, startled, pulling away from me just in time to see her face. Recognition returned to me, and I scrambled after her to apologize, but she was already gone.

The door shut behind her with a soft click. My skin felt like it was crawling as I clawed at it, suddenly feeling cold, and I wanted to go back to my den. The smell of food hit my nostrils, and I peered over at the table between the armchairs and fireplace to notice the bowl of hot soup. I wrinkled my nose because it was tainting the scent of my mate. Turning, I walked back to the closet and shut the door before burrowing back inside my nest.


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