His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 33

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 33 – His tongue ran between my lips to my c**t before he l****d and n****d at it. My hips bucked against his face earning me a growl as he s****d it in his mouth. His hand moved to m leg over his shoulder, and he gripped my t***h, pulling my leg wider and opening me up to him, and giving him more access as he l****d and s****d on my flesh.

M***s spilled from my lips, and I gripped his hair and tugged on it, his tongue relentless before he plunged it inside me, tasting my arousal as it gushed from me. His hot mouth moved and tasted every inch of me before he went back to my c**t, his tongue teasing and circling as he s****d on my swollen bud, making me cry out.

My hips moved against his mouth and my skin heated at the sensation he was inducing. My entire body tensed as I climbed to the precipice and spilled over violently. His hands gripping me were the only thing that held me upright as I came on his tongue. My walls fluttering and my p***y pulsated as my o****m rippled through me. I gripped his hair, moving my hips against his mouth as I rode it out. His tongue lapped up my j****s before my grip on him turned slack, and I tried to catch my breath.

He ran his tongue between my folds again before s*****g and n*****g at my t***h as he let my shaking leg down carefully, but he didn’t let me go, for which I was thankful because I was severely at risk of having my legs go out from under me. He rose, pressed me against the tiled wall, and kissed me. Forcing me to taste myself on his tongue as it invaded my mouth. I moaned at the taste of myself mingled with him, and my hands trailed up his side to his chest. When I felt the vibration of his calling rumble through his chest, I pulled away from him before kissing his chest. His hand slipped into my hair, and he tugged my head back before his lips covered mine again.

The King pressed his e******n against me, and I pulled him closer; my hand moved to his hip. I wanted to touch him, wanted to taste him but was unsure if he would let me.

“What are you thinking?” he said against my lips before n*****g at my chin as his lips trailed down my neck.

“I want to touch you,” I told him. My hand reached between our bodies, and I trailed my fingertips over his aroused flesh. It twitched when I touched it, and I looked down. He stepped back, allowing me to watch as I touched him, exploring his body. He groaned when I wrapped my fingers around his large c**k. I looked up at him, and he watched me bracing his hands on the wall behind me.

I ran my hand up the length of him and he purred the sound making his chest vibrate. His eyes closed, and his lips parted. I had no idea what I was doing however, I liked watching his face as I touched him; I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, but he didn’t stop me or pull away. Standing on my toes, I pressed my lips to his and his eyes flew open.

Only I was staring at the eyes of the beast he could be. I pulled away and he watched my face with a predatory gleam in his eyes, and I swallowed, wondering if I should stop. His canines slipped out when his hand moved and he gripped the back of my neck before smashing his lips against mine.

His k**s was soul-devouring and bruising. “Don’t be scared. I won’t hurt you,” He murmured against my lips. I let out a breath, and the hammering of my heart against my ribcage slowed slightly when he thrust into my hand as he pressed closer to me. His tongue l****d across my lips, and my lips parted. I felt his canines graze them as he nibbled on them before his teeth moved to my chin. Grazing as he left open mouth kisses down toward my neck. He stopped, buried his face in my neck, and a throaty growl left him as he nicked my skin. The points of his teeth were like needle points as they broke the skin but not deeply. Not deep enough to mark me, just enough to cause slight discomfort.

“Kyson.” I hissed, and he paused and pulled back. He looked at my shoulder when his teeth bit into me, and I expected him to f***k out at what he did but he didn’t. He leaned forward and ran his tongue over it. The spot tingled and throbbed, aching like it wanted his teeth embedded in my flesh.

“Sorry, did I hurt you,” he asked, and I looked at him. My blood was smeared across his lips, and I shook my head and touched the spot he nicked me, only to find it healed. I pulled my hand back to look at it but found no blood staining them, yet his lips were tainted with my blood.

“It healed,” I told him.

“Lycan saliva, Ivy. I think you sometimes forget what I am,” He chuckled.

“But I don’t understand?” I was puzzled. I had heard of people healing each other when they were mates but could Lycans do it all the time. Now that was a handy gift to have; I wondered if he could heal himself?

“I have been wanting to heal you for ages but didn’t want you to f***k out,” I thought about my blisters and how they healed overnight, which I thought was odd.

“You could heal me?” The King nodded and his hand moved from my shoulder and trailed down my back. “It would still scar, but I can close them if you let me. Or I could give you my blood, but it won’t be as effective,”

“Does it hurt you when you do it?” He shook his head.

“So, will you let me?” he asked, pecking the corner of my mouth. The thought of him licking my back weirded me out a little.

“And you just have to l**k me?” He chuckled and nodded. “Yes, but it would be easier in my other form, would take longer in this one,” he said and my brows furrowed. Fear, I knew, was etched into my face.

“I won’t hurt you. My Lycan side recognizes his own, I recognize you, Ivy, I can assure you I won’t harm you; you just need to trust me,” I swallowed when a knock sounded on the door. The King looked toward the door before turning and pulling me behind him.

“Just me, your highness,” Gannon called out, and the King let out a breath.

“Just leave it. We will be out in a minute,” The King answered and I listened to Gannon leave and heard the door shut. The King shut off the water and reached out the door before he passed me a towel. I wrapped it around myself, and the king stepped out of the shower before turning to face me.

“Is that a yes?” the king asked and I looked up at him.

“You won’t hurt me when you are like that?”

The King smiled. “Never,” he purred, and I sighed. Well, if he k****d me, it would be quick, so I nodded.


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