His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 27

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 27 – Ivy POV

The King led me downstairs, and I really needed to pee. I had been busting all morning, and as we stepped down the last step, Clarice was waiting with an insulated bag in her hands.

“Morning, King Kyson,” She said awfully chirpy. She smiled at me, and Damian took the bags from her. “I can carry them,” I tell him, but he shakes his head. My brows furrow. I didn’t know what to do with myself as the King spoke to one of the guards that were waiting with Clarice. However, I noticed the guard from upstairs standing behind me when I heard chattering and looked up the hall.

Abbie walked out of the billard room down the corridor, and my eyes lit up. I went to rush to her when I realized the King had a hold of my hand. Abbie’s eyes also lit up before she contained her urge to do the same. However, the King felt the tug on his hand before I remained still. He glanced down at me before bringing my hand to his lips. My eyes widened, and I looked away when Clarice smiled at me. Shouldn’t she be scolding me? She scolded Ester for the way she carried on around the King and here I was, lowest of the servants here since I was also rogue and she smiles and says nothing.

The guards didn’t even bat an eyelash at his outrageous affections.

“What is it?” the King asks, and I shake my head before he grips my chin tilting my face up toward his. I was pretty sure all the blood ran from my face when he brushed his lips on mine briefly. Dread filled my stomach. There were around twenty guards stationed along the walls, yet none moved.

“What is it?” he repeated.

“It’s Abbie, my king,” Clarice answers and he lets my chin go before looking over my shoulder. He nods to her before letting my hand go.

“Go see her if you want before we leave,” he answers, and I bounce on my feet. I look at Clarice, who nods to me, saying it was also alright. I must have looked like a child in a candy store with my excitement as I rushed toward her. A sob burst from Abbie’s lips when I crashed against her, smothering her with my hug. She squeezed tight like she couldn’t bear to let me go, and I never wanted her to.

Her hands fussily wiped my tears and mine hers. “I was so worried when I didn’t see you for a few days, I thought they got rid of you,” She says before holding me at arm’s length. I grip her arms when she looks me up and down.

“Where is your uniform?”

“I have to go with the King somewhere. He told me to wear them,”

“You’re leaving the castle,” I nod to her feeling nervous seeing her nervousness. She also knew it wasn’t normal for a rogue to be taken places.

“But you’re coming back, right?” she says, and I watched the blood run from her face. She glanced down at my clothes again.

“Yes, I will bring her back, Abbie,” The King said, and she instantly straightened, letting me go. She bows to him before glancing between us. I felt his chest press against my back as his hand brushed my side.

“It’s time to leave,” He says, placing his hand on my hip. Abbie’s eyes dart to his hand before going to mine. The King pulls me away from her.

“I love you” Abbie blurts, and the King stops when I look back at her. I escape his grip and quickly hug her. I k**s her cheek, and she squeezes me extra tight.

“I love you too,” I whisper to her. I didn’t care if I got scolded for it or even whipped. I needed that last hug in case it turned out to be my last one from her.

“So much, more than my life,” Abbie whispers in my ear her voice breaking.

“More than my life,” I whisper back before letting her go. The King’s brows furrowed as I approached him before he gripped my hand, tugging me toward where Damian and Clarice waited. Only now there was also a suitcase beside him. I went to grab it when the guard that was usually stationed upstairs did. He nods to me, and I look at the King, but he just continues walking out the double arched doors, pulling me with him.

I really hoped the drive wasn’t long, or maybe a service station was on the way. I really needed to pee. He stopped beside the Limo, and the driver opened the door. I looked back at the castle while he spoke with the driver and two men, one from each of the black cars parked near.

Ester walks around the side of the castle with a basket of apples. That side of the castle was full of fruit trees; the trees ran along the fence line up the side of the castle. She stops also spotting me and glares at me. I didn’t understand her issue; I had done nothing to her, yet she was always nasty. She stalks inside quickly, and I look back at the King only to see the Beta watching me. He glances at Ester’s retreating form before looking back at me. I drop my gaze before pressing my legs together.

Why didn’t I ask to use the bathroom when speaking with Abbie? I knew I would have to ask. I just hoped I didn’t anger the King, or maybe he would leave without me. Then I could stay with Abbie though that thought upset me for some reason.

I went to address him before settling for tapping on his arm, knowing if I used his title, he would become angry, yet I also couldn’t bring myself to say it with so many people listening. The King stopped, and I moved from one foot to the other. I was about to burst or wet myself either one.

“One second, love,” He said, and I chewed my lip.

“What’s wrong?” his Beta asks, and my face heats as the King lets my hand go to look at some maps the two men were going over on the hood of the Limo.

“Ivy?” the Beta asks, stepping closer to me.

“I need to pee,” I whispered.

“Why didn’t you use the bathroom?” he asked before he sighed.

“Go on,” He says, and I dart off back into the castle. I ran to the servant’s bathroom. I must have looked like a madwoman running through the halls. Racing into the stall, I ripped my pants off. I cursed having them on. Not only were they giving me a wedgie, but I nearly peed myself while trying to get them off. When I finished, I flushed the toilet, feeling lighter now my bladder wasn’t screaming at me. Unlocking the door, I step out to wash my hands to find Ester leaning against the sink basin.


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