His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 237

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 237 – Liam POV

They say luck comes in threes, and I was beginning to believe that old superstition as I sifted through the rubble. Brick after brick, rock after rock and dust, well you get the picture, anyway, I was knee deep in s**t! Not literal s**t but you know, the kind of metaphorical … Aaah, nope! I am pretty sure that may have been actual s**t and not a rock that time. I toss it over my shoulder hearing a grunt and near squeal with joy when I find my trusty apron. I clutch it making sure it is in one piece. It has a small b**n hole but never mind that, it adds character!

“Oh please, no. Of all the things to survive. That thing should have been the first to b**n,” Dustin g****s behind me. I narrow my eyes at him, what a vile thing to wish for! Does he not know how hard I worked to get it smelling like barbequed d***h and marinated Doyle steaks?

“That is not coming with us!” Dustin declares.

“I think I might wear it when we get married, one day,” I tell him and he scrunches up his face.

“You will do no such thing!” he snarls, yet I was caught on the fact he didn’t deny he was going to marry me.

“It’s a piece of art! See this stain right here?” I ask pointing to it.

“That is an impression of a face! Peeled it clean off. I think my butterfly impression is rather good, you can even see his bulbous nose,” I tell Dustin and he shakes his head.

“There is something wrong with you, you know that, right?” he says sifting through the rubble.

“You just don’t know how to appreciate art,” I tell him, shaking my head as I toss my apron over my shoulder and move a piece of wall from one of the chimney’s. I nearly wet my pants with excitement, okay maybe I did, a little. What can I say, I am old and I’m allowed to pee a little. The old pipes aren’t what they once were. Sometimes they leak.

I knew luck came in threes! I never doubted it for a second, as I stared down at Crux. His mangled body all crooked, his arm twisted the wrong way, he coughs and I quickly lift my head looking around. Dustin had his back to me, salvaging what he could. Everyone else was too distracted as they too searched for what they could salvage. Crux coughs and I quickly slap a hand over his mouth not wanting to alert the others that somehow, by the grace of the Goddess, this f****r was gifted an extra life. And gifted to meeeeeee!

I start digging him out when I open the mindlink looking for Gannon, who was over the far side with Abbie and Tyson. He hadn’t left her side since she returned to us, though that sire bond I would have to do something about. Like I knew the risk and all when I was secretly feeding her my blood.

She made Gannon promise not to try to change her again after his failed attempt. However I, made no such promises to her. And I knew Gannon was worried about her attempting s*****e again. So I made sure that if she tried again this time she would have my blood in my system, so she would change. I may not have made a promise to her, but I did make a promise to my brother. I think he scared her when his blood healed her, b****d the wolfsbane right out of her system and he panicked, so he tried to d***n her to force the change. She made him promise never to attempt to change her again after that.

It was just sheer luck that it worked. Because since she already had her wolf it made it tricky changing her into a Lycan. Sometimes they would heal too quickly. And it was always the brink of d***h along with Lycan blood and venom in their system that forced the change.

Completely d**d, they is d**d. But that dangerous edge between is what forces the gene to change. Which is why, when changing someone we usually need permission from the King.

Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned and intervention is needed, or resuscitation can take a few goes for the gene to kick in. Regardless, by my first s****e of good luck it d**n well worked! Though the sire bond was kind of a b***h. Mainly because I didn’t want the girl looking at me all goo goo eyed. No, those eyes were reserved for my brother and my brother only. And my eyes are reserved for my Dustypoo.

And now the Goddess granted me the best prize and a third s****e of luck!

“Psst” I hiss at Gannon and I see his head turn looking for me.

“Why are you whispering? It’s a mind-link, no one can hear you but me,” he says and I wave my arms in the air so he can find me, he nods and lifts his arms as if to say ‘what?’ I wave for him to come to me but he shakes his head.

“Get here now! I need you to help me haul the body off!” I hiss at him through the mind-link.


“I want to make a kebab out of him. You know, up the bum,”

“What are you talking about?” Gannon snaps at me and I roll my eyes at his tone.

“Come here and I will share him,” I tell him.


“You know, a head on a stick, a chicken stick or kebab. Quick before anyone notices, and they ruin my fun!” I tell him. Crux g****s and I press my foot on his windpipe to shut him up while waving my arms for Gannon to come help me.

“I swear if you are making me walk over there to show me something stupid or to toss another rock at me, I will f**k you up!” he growls.

I wait for him to come to me while chatting animatedly to Dustin who still hasn’t turned back to see my treasure. And oh what precious treasure it is! I was picturing ways to torture him that had my c**k straining in my pants with my excitement. I wonder if Dustin would be down to f**k over his d**d carcass? I shake that thought away, he definitely wouldn’t be!

Maybe he will let me f**k him while I wear his skin as a suit? I ponder that before deciding against it and decide skewering him shall be enough.

“What is it? For real? That smelly old thing survived but my fireproof safe got destroyed? What the actual f**k!” Gannon curses.

“That is not all that survived,” I whisper and nod my head for him to look over the rubble at my feet. He peers over before looking around, a smirk on his face.

“What do you want to do with him?” he asks. See, this is why this man is my best friend and brother! He understands and gets me because he is just as f****d in the head as me. He gets it. He gets me and my need for sadistic, wicked torture. There is no better feeling than watching a grown man s**t his pants because he knows he is looking d***h in the face. Or how their fear smells like burnt hair. The way light fades from their eyes as they take their last breath. Makes me all tingly and hard just thinking about it!

“Help me get him to the bunker,” I tell him.

“Hey Dustin, can you go sit with Abbie and Tyson for me?” Gannon calls out. Dustin lifts his head from sifting through all the c**p holding a broken cup he found and he thinks I am sentimental about my apron. What the heck did he want a cup he can’t drink out of for? Half the side was missing!

Dustin nods before climbing over the c**p to walk to the other side where Abbie and Tyson were with the King and Queen, and taking his broken cup with him, at least my apron was functional, if he taking that thing with us my apron is defintely coming.

Gannon and I start digging the b*****d out and he g****s when Gannon accidentally steps on his busted leg.

“He’s going to scream when we pull him off that roo bar,” Gannon says as we examine the bar penetrating through his gut.

I glance around trying to find something to muffle him before taking my shoe off and removing my sweaty sock. “What pretty lips? Now open up wide!” I snarl and he coughs.

“K**l me!” he rasps out.

“Not until we get you to the bunker,” I tell him, jamming the filthy sock in his mouth and slipping my boot back on. With another glance around we quickly drag him out.

“You grab the…” I looked down trying to find a way to grab him so that we could get a good grip on him for a quick getaway, but one leg was bent awkwardly. “You get the a*s and I will get the head.” I tell him.

“You get the a*s! You’re the a*s man, not me!” Gannon says.

“Fine! I will get the a*s, just hurry up before someone sees us.” I tell him, and we struggle for a few seconds. Crux mumbles incoherently in pain before we take off for the old trail behind the garden under the clotheslines. As we reach the forest edge we see Peter and we both stop d**d in our tracks, caught red-handed with our new plaything. Both of us eye him while I consider whether or not I will have to julienne his a*s.

“I saw nothing,” he says, strolling away and scooping up an apple off the ground. Good boy.

“Quick!” I hiss and we rush for the safety of the trees.

Thank you almighty Moon Goddess for this blessing! I think to myself as I laugh. This shall be fun! Coming up with a Crux kebab. “Hopefully, he tastes better than the Doyle steaks. He was a bit chewy.” I tell Gannon, and he chuckles.


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