His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 234

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 234 – Kyson POV

Once his heart stopped beating and he lay d**d on the rack, I cleaned my hands and most of my face to not scare any of the staff or the children too severely while trying to figure out our next move. I would also have to send some scouts out to make sure no hunters or council are, in fact, here as Tanner claimed. Gannon and Liam were prepping to dismember the rest of Tanner, so he could be thrown in the furnace for disposal.

I headed to the stairs when everything shook violently above me. The ground rumbling knocked me off balance. Smoke and dust filled the air making it difficult to breathe and see, and my lungs were restricted as I tried to right myself.

My ears finally stopped ringing as I got to my feet in fear for Azalea. I could barely make out Gannon and Liam through the haze, and the noise coming from upstairs was horrendous. Looking through the smoke and crushed rock, I see Liam and Gannon. They were banged up a bit but thankfully alive. I pivoted and sprinted for the stairs when searing pain ripped through my side. The hunters! They were in the tunnels leading past the dungeon. Rage overtook me as I shifted. My vision became consumed with red as the insignia became visible a few yards away.

They have taken enough from me, Azalea, and everyone in this Kingdom! Made orphans and refugees from their sick agenda. I could see Gannon and Liam shift in my peripheral vision. They would not take any more lives while I still stood. We were in rhythm, eviscerating the lot of them. Not one heartbeat remained in my keen hearing other than my own and theirs as I listened for footsteps while screaming orders through the mind-link for the staff and Azalea to get to the tunnels or bunkers.

I told Gannon and Liam to go protect Azalea and the others, not that they had a choice with the pact oath. It would be natural instinct to them, leaving me to check the tunnels. I stalked through the back tunnels making sure there weren’t any hunters left hiding.

I got no reply from Azalea, yet I could feel she was alive, although panicked. Trey, I knew, was trying to get her and giving me a run-down of what was going on above while I scoured the tunnels, ripping the wires from bombs planted beneath the castle everywhere.

The ceiling above exploding sent rocks and debris crashing down on me as I hit a fork in the tunnels. I turned to my left, wanting to take the tunnel that came out by the river, when the tunnel started exploding, I was forced to run in the opposite direction toward the tunnels leading to the stables and forest.

I was nearly at the opening directly beneath the b****d- down stables and could hear fighting above as I drew nearer, echoing through the tunnel. Over the noise, I barely catch the whizzing noise that perked my ears all too late. Burning pain crumpled me to the floor.

A dart embedded in my torso. As another hit the center of my chest as my knees hit the ground. I yanked it out, the stench of wolfbane entering my nose. I lifted my head and snarled, looking for the person responsible through the thick smoke.

There wasn’t enough wolfsbane to k**l me, but enough to slow me down, and too many would knock me out. Getting to my feet, my hand on the stone wall helps push me up, and I stagger as the wolfsbane poisons me.

I was trying to b**n it out of my system as a voice I despised echoed in front of me. Ester!

“You just had to take that w***e as your mate! I would have forgotten Crux’s plan altogether, but no, you had to choose that w***e. I should have been your Queen, not her.” she snarls, holding the dart gun up aimed at my chest.

“I was willing to forget Crux’s deal, but then, like a f*****g ghost of the past, that b***h returns! I should have k****d her when I had the chance, should have k****d her that night in the forest when we found them!” Ester snarls before pulling the trigger. I throw myself against the other side.

The dart narrowly misses me as it hits the ground behind me, just as another explosion goes off above. The entire tunnel shakes and I see her eyes widen when she realizes it is about to crumble down around us. With a growl, I take off the way I came, knowing there is another tunnel that leads to the forest on the opposite side.

Ester roars behind me, and I hear her following me as she continues her rant. Luckily, the dust and smoke offered some cover. I knew I wouldn’t get close enough to her while she held that gun. The wolfsbane was searing in my veins, and I was growing weaker by the second. I cringe, and duck as another explosion goes off in another tunnel.

“I got her! I found the Queen!” Trey yells through the mind-link as I push past the collapsed tunnel and turn for another. It should spit me out into the forest beside the bunkers. The tinging sound of Ester unleashing a dart with her gun whizzes past my head.

I just needed to get out to the open, knowing I could take her out. In these narrow tunnels, she had the advantage of being not only smaller but also the gun, ensuring that I would be forced to keep my distance. One more dart and she would take me out, and she knew that. That is why she kept her taunting as I forced my feet to keep moving.

“Marrissa told me Azalea was d**d. Stupidly, I believed her. Had I known she was alive, I would have finished her off too. Her father ruined me, used me!” she screams as I try to keep moving. I just needed to b**n it out of my system. If I stopped, I knew I wouldn’t get back up. What was in those darts? I cursed, my legs faltering as my pace slowed.

“I thought he loved me!” She laughs like a maniac. I could hear her drawing closer.

“Turns out he was fooling around with me to p**s off my brother. What better way to get back at his wife’s mate than to f**k his sister? Then he tried to destroy me and take my baby from me. I kept him thinking maybe Garret would change his mind once he was born. How was I supposed to know he wouldn’t inherit the Landeena gifts? And he shunned me again, but I made him pay for that mistake. Crux was right. Garret Landeena was nothing but a manipulative p***k!” I hear her.

Seeing the light up ahead, I feel another dart skim past me, the feathers grazing my arm as it narrowly misses me. The sounds of panicked servants reach my ears, and relief floods me, knowing they got out and were near the bunkers to take cover, so I knew Azalea must be close by. I just had to get to her. Seeing the narrow opening up ahead, I push harder, forcing myself to run, and I drop my shoulder.

This one came out on the mountainside, with a wire gate blocking the entry. I see kids rush past the exit headed for the bunker with the castle servants, and my shoulder c*****s against the mesh, making them jump just as Peter runs by me.

I c***h through the mesh just as she growls and tosses the now empty dart gun at me. It hits me on the downfall as I burst through the meshed gate and spill out onto the mountainside. My body rolls as my momentum is off, and I slam against a tree.

Ester growls, stepping out of the open tunnel, and stalking toward me. Yet the wolfsbane in my system b****d my veins like acid and scorched my insides as it made its way through muscle and tissue.

I groan, pushing up off the ground with one hand, knowing I had to get to Azalea and end this b***h. My vision blurs as she stalks toward me, and I force myself up, swaying as I clutch the tree I rolled into. Staggering, I swing wildly at her, and she laughs, jumping back as my vision doubles. Yet I could feel it was slowly and painfully burning out of my system.

Whatever she gave me was stronger than just wolfsbane. However, the more I pushed through the pain, the toxins b****d out slowly. My muscles no longer spasmed the way they had been, though my vision was dangerously blurry.

“I thought I enjoyed k*****g Claire, but I think I will enjoy k*****g the Lycan King more,” Ester laughs when I see a shadow move behind her. My eyes flick back to her.

Yet as she flexes her fingers, her claws slip free, and she raises her arm to end me. My reflexes are slower yet still, my hand whips out at the last second, catching her wrist, when I hear a scream.

Ester tenses and staggers, forcing me to let her go as she stumbles toward me onto one knee. Only when I do, do I notice Peter behind her, a branch in his hand. He lifts it, swinging it again at her head before turning into a frenzied rage and raining blow after blow down on her as I get to my feet again.

“I loved you! I loved you, but you couldn’t love me!” he roared, repeatedly swinging the branch at her head.

Tears streaked down his face as he bashed her head in, crushing her skull into the earth. Brain matter spilled out her ears and through the back of her skull as it cracked open like an egg. Yet he still swung, the branch breaking in his hands when I grabbed him, hauling him back with my arm across his chest.

He screams, brandishing the broken branch, and I look down at Ester. Her head was crushed under his blows and no longer distinguishable to the eye. “Where is Azalea?” I gasp, and Peter looks up at me over his shoulder.

“With the others, I will take you,” He tells me as he points toward the castle, and he runs ahead while I stagger, trying to keep up with him. I could hear fighting and the chaos of war.

Peter runs up the incline as more children rush down the hill with staff. I see Clarice standing at the top when she suddenly screams, making my heart splutter in my chest, and adrenaline fuels me to move faster.

I slip on the wet grass, coming up behind her to see Azalea stop, and Trey screams out for her at the exact second. I tracked her movements to see her go after Logan, who was walking into the line of fire and in the wrong direction. My eyes widen in h****r, and my heart pumps erratically.

A gasp escapes me when I see Azalea run directly into the path of the hunters to retrieve him. It felt like everything slowed down, time almost stopping for a few fateful moments. Or maybe I thought it did as I watched my mate risk her life to save the boy.

Trey shoves Tyson into Clarice’s arms and runs after her just as I regain my footing on the slippery slope when Abbie screams out to her. Azalea lifts her head and looks at Abbie just as Abbie’s body collides with Azalea’s, her arms locking around her in a hug, and she pivots. At that second, I noticed the hunter with his gun aimed directly at her.

The bang of the gun going off echoed, and my heart stopped in my chest when I watched Abbie jolt in Azalea’s arms.

“More than my life,” Abbie rasps out, the whisper catching on the wind and reaching me just as Azalea’s visceral, agonized scream does. “Abbie! No!”

The sound was so broken, soul-crushing and gut-wrenching as her agony sliced through my chest like her scream cut through the wind, silencing everyone briefly as they looked in her direction. Azalea’s pain for her loss broke my heart as I felt hers incinerate in her chest.

I stumble down the hill toward her as she wails and cries out for Abbie, clutching her tightly. Azalea hung on to her, trying to hold her limp body as Abbie collapsed forward against her, Logan trapped between them.

Gannon’s howl had me lifting my head to see him tearing across the paddock and barreling toward Azalea. Tyson screams for his mother, kicking and screaming in Clarice’s arms, making her drop him. Clarice chases him just as Trey tackles the hunter, who lifts his gun and points it at Azalea.

“Abbie! Abbie!” Azalea wailed and screamed, trying to wake her as she shook her, clutching her tightly.

Hunters laid strewn across the ground, most of them d**d as my guards and the Landeena guards took out the last of them on the hill, yet I could see more were coming up from the river and from around the sides of the castle. We were severely outnumbered and all I could think was I needed to get to Azalea, yet she was moving, and wasn’t letting her go, she just stopped as if a part of her died along with Abbie.

Logan escapes from in between Azalea and Abbie, running to Clarice as Azalea rocked back and forth on the ground with Abbie clutched in her arms. “More than my life! More than my life!” she screamed, as if saying it loud enough would bring her back.

Gannon falls to his knees, clutching his d**d mate in his arms, forgetting the war going on around us when a blade slices down my back, forcing my attention back to fight. I am forced to fight my way to them as I spin to find a hunter had come at me from the side, his dagger embedded in my side, and I pull it free, my claws sinking into the side of his neck as I slash at him.

Trey moved alongside me as hunters came from everywhere. From up over the hills, out of the forest, and spewing out from the castle, they just kept coming. Even those who ran for safety in the bunkers were now spewing back onto the battleground as hunters chased them back toward us.

The Landeena guards, my guards, form a circle around our Queen. Clarice flees with the kids, and Peter barely makes it past our circle of defense that offered little safety as all guards covered the Queen.

Guns were drawn and aimed at my body, my back becoming a target as they unleashed on us. I clutch my stomach as a bullet embedded in my side, then my stomach. Pain ricochets through me, and I stagger as I keep fighting. Nothing else mattered. Only getting to Azalea did.

Another bullet pierces through my shoulder when I hear her scream as she feels my pain. The ground shook when I was brought to my knees. When Crux’s booming voice echoes through smoke and dust as they surrounded us. They would always know this day as the day the Valkyrie Kingdom fell. The day the hunters took the Lycania Kingdoms down.

We were circled entirely as Crux stepped out of the shadows and smoke and onto the battlefield. His smug smile of triumph seared into me. He was a traitor to his own kind. A betrayer to all.


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