His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 230

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 230 – Trey looks to the tree line of the forest, and so does Tandi. “He can’t have gone far,” Tandi says, moving toward me while my head twisted from side to side, looking for him.

“I will go check the forest edge,” Trey says.

“What’s going on?” Liam and Dustin yell out simultaneously when they see us staring in every direction.

“Tyson, I can’t find him!” I yell out over the howling wind. Dustin and Liam look at each other before Liam jogs over to us.

“I’ll check the cemetery,” he says, running off and calling out his name.

“Clarice is checking inside in case he somehow got past one of us,” Dustin tells me. Tears p***k my eyes at the thought of losing him. Abbie would never forgive me if something happened to him. I just couldn’t understand. I turned away for only a second.

“I’ll check out the front,” Dustin says, running off before I hear the mind-link open.

“Azzy, what is going on? Why are you upset?” Kyson mind links.

“I have lost Tyson!” I admit while frantically searching the gardens. Tandi looks around at all the cubby holes surrounding the castle.

“All guards look out for Tyson, Gannon, and Abbie’s son,” Kyson yells across the link.

“What about Tyson?” Gannon boomed through the link. Dustin answers him while Kyson continues talking to me.

“I’m on my way back, Love. We found Larkin’s empty car,” he told me, and I was going to ask what he meant. When Tandi called out.

“He isn’t inside in the kitchens or laundry. I checked the cellar too,”

“I just don’t get why he would run off,” I tell her as she reaches me.

“We’ll find him. He can’t have got far,” Tandi tells me, looking around. The storm had really picked up. The clouds closed in and took the light with it as thunder boomed loudly and lightning streaked the sky with flashes of streaking light.

“He was right here, though. He was right here, tugging my shirt, looking at them…”

“The ducks!” I blurt, my eyes going to the stables. The ducks were no longer on the little hill above the stables, and my heart fluttered in my chest.

“The lake!” I shrieked in panic as I took off toward the stables. I rush to the narrow path and look down toward the lake and small pier. I couldn’t see him anywhere when Tandi nudged me.

“There!” she says, pointing toward the stables where the ducks were huddled outside the stable doors. My eyes widen, and I take off down the path toward the stables. The wind whips my hair around my face as I reach the bottom just as thunder rumbled across the sky. Followed with the deafening crack of lightning.

The ducks squawk and quack, flapping their wings as I step through them. I rushed into the stables, almost slipping, catching myself on the stable door as I turned and peered inside. Relief floods me when I see Tyson chasing a baby duck between the stalls. He had it cornered and was trying to coax it out with a piece of straw.

“Tyson!” I breathe in relief, clutching my chest. My heart racing so hard that I thought I would have a heart a****k. At the sound of his name, he looks over his shoulder. “Du, Du,” he cackles with laughter.

“Yes, duck, duck,” I chuckle as Tandi walks in behind me.

“There you are, little man. Gave us a fright,” she says as I scoop him up off the filthy floor. The horses were spooked and carrying on. Hay was blowing around the stables from the open doors, making the wind whistle loudly.

“Come on, we should get back before this storm hits. I don’t think it will be long before the rains pelt down,” Tandi says as the wind chimes and buckets clang noisily and the rafter creak, the tin roof groaning under the wind; the horse’s hooves on the floor are loud as we make our way back out.

“Du, Du,” Tyson says, squirming in my arms, wanting to catch the petrified baby duck.

“No, we can play later. Don’t you want to see mummy?” I ask him when we hear a bang.

“Heeelp!” I stop looking back into the stables at the spooked horses.

“Did you hear that?” I ask Tandi. She looks around but shakes her head, and we head toward the doors.

“Help!” I hear the sound of choking coughs as we draw nearer to the last stall before the doors. I stop looking at the spooked horse inside.

“I heard that!” Tandi says before we hear the loud banging noise thump again. The horse jumps and goes up on its back legs, knocking some bales of hay down that were stacked on top of each other in there with the horse, which I thought was a little odd.

“Help!” comes a croaked voice again before rapid, loud coughing.

“Tanner?” I call out as Tandi opens the gate of the stall. The horse rushes past, and we barely jump back in time as it barges out of the stables taking off into the storm.

“D**n it!” Tandi curses as she tries to stop it.

“One of the guards will grab her,” I tell her.

“Down here!” comes a barking cough, and Tandi turns to look at the floor and the giant floor-to-ceiling stack of hay that covered the entire rear wall.

“Tanner? Is that you?” I yell out.

“Who is Tanner?” Tandi asks, kicking the hay around to see if he had fallen over in the ruined stall.

“The gardener and one of the stable hands,” I tell her when the coughing gets louder, and Tandi looks behind the bales of hay on the far wall of the stall when she steps on something hollow. She stomps her foot down, and I peer into the stall.

She bends down and sweeps her hand across the floor.

“Down here,” comes the barking noise again, and Tandi sweeps her hand furiously. “Larkin?” she yells, and I place Tyson down to help her.

“We can’t find him! Where did you go, Azalea?” Trey calls through the mind link.

“We found him,” I quickly tell him, having forgotten with all the noise and becoming distracted. I gasp when Tandi hits a handle and looks at me. “Is that a trapdoor?” I whisper to her, forgetting about Dustin in my head.

Tandi pulls on it, but it doesn’t budge. “Here, help me,” she g****s, and I grab the other handle, and together we rip it open. I fall on my a*s, tripping over one of the fallen hay bales. Tandi jumps back as it flings open.

“Ah, thank g*d!” comes the croaky voice of Larkin.

“Larkin?” Tandi says, peering down into the trapdoor. I get to my hands and knees and peek into the trapdoor, finding blue and purple lights. Larkin was tied to a chair that had fallen over. All around him were rows and rows of potted plants beneath the lights on tables. I sniff the air.

“Wolfsbane!” I whisper. My eyes widen at what I see, and I open the mind-link to report to Trey, Liam, and Dustin.

“Trey, we found …” when I see darkness. Pain rattled across my head, and it was like everything slowed down.

One second I was peering into the trapdoor. The next, I was on the ground, my eyes zoned out as my head hit the floor, when a shovel clanged loudly next to my head.

My ears ring loudly, and I could feel the trickle of blood slowly sliver into my vision as it drips from where I was hit.

Tyson, I could vaguely hear, was screaming, yet despite being near me, his voice sounded distant. I tried to make sense of what happened before Tandi screamed, and I blinked, fighting to stay conscious when she was shoved into the trapdoor, and the lid was slammed shut.

“Just like that b***h Marissa! Just gotta stick ya nose where it doesn’t belong!” I hear an angry voice. The mind link opens, and the last thing I hear is Kyson’s panicked voice when Tanner grabs the scruff of my shirt, fisting it below my chin as he lifts me before I see his fist fly toward my face, and darkness swallows me.

I swallowed, my tongue feeling thick in my mouth, and my arms hung limply by my head. I turn my head, looking around to find myself upside down over Tanner’s shoulder, and we are deep within the woods. The mind link was going crazy when I hear shouting in the distance and smelled the smoke from a fire somewhere.

The stables are on fire, and I hear people shouting. Tanner curses and mutters, trudging through the woods, and I remain silent when I hear his phone ringing

“Kyson!” I murmur through the mind-link, barely able to hold a conscious thought. My head was pounding like a drum, my skin laced in goosebumps from the dropping temperature.

“Where are you, Azzy?” he rushes out.

“Woods. Tanner.” I murmured. My consciousness waned, and I felt queasy and so heavy as I swayed with each step he took.

“What else did you expect me to do? Just meet me at the tunnels! The plan can still go ahead! The hunters are already on their way. This changes nothing.” I hear Tanner yell at someone on the phone before darkness sweeps over me once again.


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