His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 224

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 224 – Azalea POV

Later That Afternoon.

We sat on the cellar floor, going through documents and photographs. Tandi would hand them off to Abbie when she was done, who would re-stack them back in the boxes. Yet the longer we dug through everything, the more disheartened Tandi became.

“How old would Paige be now?” I ask her.

“Seven in February,” she answers with a sigh.

“Well, that rules out these kids out,” Abbie says, handing me the pile full of toddler photos.

“We might have to do a DNA test. She could be different from how you remember?”

“I will recognize her,” Tandi says with confidence.

“How can you be so sure?” I ask.

“I’m her mother, and she has a scar. She had a scar down one side of her face, required stitches, went from her chin to her hairline. She fell off the stairs when she was three and landed on a glass table,” she tells me.

“Brock beat me good for that one, considering I wasn’t even watching her. A*****e had me entertaining one of his friends, and he was supposed to be watching her for me. He broke three of my ribs that night,” Tandi says. My stomach drops hearing that as she sifted through the photos.

“Well, I will start with this pile,” I tell her. Tandi spoke so easily of such tragic circumstances, as if desensitized to her own trauma, it saddened me how much she had suffered since I last saw her at the orphanage, back when she was Taylor.

“This place gives me the creeps,” Abbie says, rubbing her arms as she set the box back on the shelf. I glance over my shoulder at her as she looks around. We spent hours down in the cellars combing through every child’s information when Tandi tossed the last one in the box. None of them were Paige. She gets up just as Damian walks in to check on us.

“Hun?” he asks as she walks toward the stairs. She pulls her arm away before he can grab her and runs off up the stairs and he turns looking at me and Abbie.

“None of them were Paige,” I tell him, heartbroken for Tandi. She was so excited when we came down here only to leave heartbroken. Damian swallows, staring after her as she takes off.

“Go, Damian, take the afternoon off. I will speak to Kyson and let him know,” I tell him and he nods.

“Thank you, Azalea,” he says, rushing off after her.

Abbie and I pack everything up before climbing the stairs and coming out of the pantry. Yet as I do, I see Tanner, the gardener in the kitchen looking rather lost, clutching his wide brim hat in hands as he looked around the kitchen. He jumps when we come behind him.

“Tanner, what can I help you with?” Clarice says, coming back into the kitchens from where ever she was.

Tanner looks at me but addresses Clarice. “I was going to see if you could ask the King or Queen for a few moments of their time,” Clarice growls and I hadn’t heard her growl at anyone in anger before.

“I told you yesterday this wasn’t your issue. Leave it be,” she snaps at him and my brows furrow in confusion.

“It’s fine, Clarice. What is wrong, Tanner?” I ask.

“My Queen, I will sort it and speak with Kyson. You don’t need to handle this one,” Clarice says, pushing me toward the doors with Abbie.

“It’s your brother, my Queen,” Tanner calls out and we all freeze.

“You dare mention him to her after what he has done?” Clarice snarls, spinning on her heel and pointing an accusing finger at him.

“He’s just boy Clarice. How can you say that when you have helped raise him with me, you know how useless his grandparents are with him and Ester, well,” he shakes his head.

“I’m sorry, my Queen. I just worry for him,” I s*****w but nod my head and he turns to leave. Clarice watches him go and I could see his words upset her deeply.

“Wait, Tanner. What of my brother?” I ask him and he stops.

“My Queen, you don’t have to deal with this, the King can,” Clarice says, but I shake my head. Kyson had enough going on, and he was my brother.

“His grandparents kicked him out, and he…” Tanner tries to explain.

“He what, Tanner?”

“I have been sneaking him into the stables at night,” Tanner says, while dropping his head in defeat.

“You’ve been what?” Clarice screams at him. Tanner flinches at her anger. I hold up my hand.

“Where is he now?” I ask.

“Hiding down by the river until it gets dark so he can cross the river without being seen, my Queen. I know what he did was wrong, but he is just a boy. He has no one else.”

“He has Ester,” I tell him, but he shakes his head.

“Ester, that woman is trash. She doesn’t give a s**t about him. The moment you kicked them out of here, she left when no one was watching, he has been on his own since,” Tanner tells me and I swallowed.

“Wait, when did Ester leave?” Tanner pauses to think for a second, counting on his fingers.

“The night Elder Larkin left. Peter came to find me. Ester was fired from the fruit market she worked at, and he asked for money for food. I asked him why he couldn’t go home. His grandparents tossed him out and his mother once again abandoned the boy,” he tells me and I sigh, looking at Abbie, who nervously chewed nails as she listened.

Looking back at Tanner, he stood nervously waiting for me to say something. “Take me to my brother,” I tell him and he nods.

“Clarice is coming and-” I sigh.

“I need to get the King. I am not making any decisions without him.” I tell the gardener.

“Thank you, my Queen. I can bring him to you, I can bring him here if you like while you get the king?” he says.

“I’ll make him something to eat,” Clarice says, grabbing the bread and I nod to her.

“Okay, I will go find my King,” I tell Tanner before turning on my heel and going in search of Kyson. We had come to far now to start hiding things from each other now. Looping my arm through Abbie’s, I tug her toward the door and we head toward his office.

As soon as we step out of the kitchens and move up the corridor, Trey and Dustin come out of the staff lunch room and trail us. They left us to sift through the paperwork, knowing the guards in the cellar would watch us and it felt good giving them some time off.

They must get rather bored following me all day, not that they ever say anything. Walking into the room, I hear Kyson’s phone ringing, we enter silently.

“Crux!” Kyson states, answering the phone and placing it on loudspeaker so I can hear. Kyson pushes his chair out and pats his knee, wanting me to come sit on his lap. I walk over to him and he pulls me on his lap, wrapping his arm around my waist and pressing his lips to my shoulder.

“My King, I was wondering if you have seen Elder Larkin?” I hear Crux’s voice. I look at Kyson, who motions for me to remain quiet.

“Why?” Kyson asks him. I could see Kyson found his call rather suspicious.

“Well, he has been missing for several days, that is why. He is unreachable, and I checked his car coordinates and it says he is in your kingdom, My King, so one would assume you had seen him considering he has been there for a week.” Crux answers. Now that made no sense at all.

“I want this tracking information you have,” Kyson tells me.

“Of course, I can email it through. Is everything alright in your Kingdom? I have been hearing some startling rumors,” Crux asks.

“Rumors like what?” Kyson asks.

“That your men stormed through one of my businesses for one, that one of my workers was kidnapped by one of your guards and eight of my security k****d. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you? I looked into it but someone wiped my security footage, which I found rather odd. Then Larkin was tracked there before I found he spoke with you?”

“Well, Crux, I would be less worried about my kingdom and more worried about yours. Rumors are circulating and I beginning to notice something.”

“What is that, my King?” Crux asks in a tone that almost sounded mocking.

“Everything leads back to the council,” Kyson says.

“Doesn’t it always. I will send you the tracking data. When you find Larkin, ask him to ring me, please.” Crux tells Kyson.

“Will do,” Kyson answers, hanging up on him and glaring at his phone screen.


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