His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 220

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 220 – “I take it back. Trey is not the fun police. My mate is!” Tandi says, flailing her hand at him. Yet I had to agree with her because the look on his face was furious. Dustin moves quickly to my side as Damian storms in.

“You!” Damian snarls, and I glance between the table Liam and Tandi were dancing on and Damian. However, he was not looking at Tandi but at Liam. Liam looks over his shoulder before looking at Damian. “Me?” He says, pointing at himself when his eyes widen as Damian snarls and shifts. Tandi screams, flying off the table as it is upturned when Damian c*****s on top of Liam.

The air expelling from Liam’s lungs was audible as he hit the ground with the angry Lycan’s weight crushing the air from him. Tandi tries to separate the pair of them as they pummel each other, and Liam is far too drunk even to shift.

“Damian! What has gotten into you? Get off him!” Tandi screeches, ripping on his back. Abbie giggles as she drunkenly stumbles over to me with her bunny slipper in her hand, clutching it as if it was some prized possession.

“Get’ em, Tandi!” she squeals loudly beside me.

“I don’t think Damian is playing, Abbie,” she looks at me before looking at them when Damian punches Liam so hard his nose breaks. “Woah! Not the f*****g face! Body shots only p***k!” Liam spits at him. Just as Tandi hauls Damian off him, Trey strolls over to me, sitting next to me.

“You’re not going to stop them?” I ask Trey, and he shrugs.

“Not unless you ask. Or they get too close to you,” Trey yawns. I look at Dustin, who also just shrugs. “Liam can handle himself,” he says, looking unperturbed by his boyfriend getting his a*s handed to him.

“Stay the f**k away from my mate!” Damian spits at Liam. And good old Liam just doesn’t know when to shut his mouth, and I eye-rolled so hard I swear I could see a glimpse of my brain.

“Not my fault. She likes me more than you,” Liam taunts. That Lycan had a d***h wish, and d***h was coming for him. As Damian spun on his heel so quickly, Liam only jumped out of the way of his foot as he went to stomp him.

Damian’s foot misses him by mere inches when Liam punches Damian’s inner t***h as he reaches down to try to grab him. Which makes Damian grunt, and he drops his head. Liam took that opportunity to uppercut him. I heard the sound of his teeth gnashing before all h**l broke loose. Dustin sighs, stepping in front of us.

My heart skips a beat, and I grab Abbie ripping her away as they come flying toward us. Trey quickly moves to block me as Liam comes flying toward us from a kick to the stomach. Trey grabs him, shoving him away and toward the doors, while Dustin shoves us behind him to the side.

“Out now!” Trey snarls, pointing toward the door while glaring at Dustin, and I feel Kyson wake, and by G*d, they want to run before he gets here. Liam bows and looks at Dustin.

“Come on, Dustin, you can k**s my boo-boo’s better,” Liam purrs. Dustin growls and watches as he saunters out, and Trey blocks Damian as he follows after him.

“Go, Trey is with me,” I tell Dustin, and he sighs, rushing off after him.

Tandi appears to be in shock, and she gasps when Damian turns his head to look at her. He looked menacing. And I don’t blame her at all for not wanting to go with him. His chest rose and fell heavily with each panted breath he took.

“Tandi now!” she shakes her head, eyes wide.

“I’m good here. You go ahead,”

“It wasn’t a question. Now!” yet his demand of her made her eyes narrow. She clearly wasn’t impressed by him making demands of her, and it wasn’t like she was doing anything wrong. They were only dancing, or was that not allowed? I wasn’t sure what appropriate male and female interactions were outside of my guards, so I wasn’t sure.

Then again, Kyson, I knew, easily becomes jealous, especially with Trey. Dustin, not so much, but he has even had his moments with him. Abbie snickers behind me, cupping her mouth with her hands. She had been in fits of giggles since the first glass of wine. She couldn’t even stand upright properly. Abbie was leaning against me, and I was sure she would topple over if I moved. Damian’s head twists at the noise she makes before recognition dawns on him. His eyes soften slightly as he peers at her.

“Abbie, Gannon is on his way to get you. I sent Clarice to watch Tyson,” he tells her.

“What! You speak to her nicely while I get yelled at for doing the exact same thing!”

“You’re older. You should know better! And she wasn’t dancing with the man whose initial is carved into her d**n t***h!” Tandi rolls her eyes and folds her arms across her chest, popping her hip, which was a big mistake from where her pajama pants had ridden up, exposing the white scar marring her skin. Damian snarls at her as if she did it deliberately, and she realizes the mistake, quickly fixing her stance as his eyes lock on her.

He growls, stalking toward her, and my feet move when he grabs her. I shove past Trey as she squeals. Her small body hit the floor as he pinned her.

“Damian!” I snap as Trey races past me just as she screams. Trey tries to pry him away, and I see blood spill on the floor just as Trey rips him back. The inside of her t***h is all b****y, and Trey growls at him just as Kyson rushes into the room and rips Trey off Damian. Yet my eyes were on Tandi’s t***h, torn to pieces by his claws. Tears bubble in her eyes as she looks at where he carved his name, or half of it, in her leg with his claws.

“I think I am going to be sick,” Abbie says behind me, and I turn to see her face white as a sheet. She staggers and is about to hit the ground when Gannon is suddenly beside her. He scoops her legs out from under her, and she pukes all over his shirt the moment he does.

“Sorry,” she murmurs, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand. “But I feel better now,” she nods. Gannon blinks down at her before lifting his head to look past me at Kyson.

“My King?”

“Go, Trey and I have him,”

“Night,” he says, walking off with Abbie, who was officially passed out. I grabbed the napkins from when we had cake, pressing them against her leg, trying to clean it up. Trey taps me on the shoulder, and I move aside, letting him tend to her, and rise to my feet to see Kyson glaring at his Beta while Damian was glaring at Trey’s hands on her leg.

“Enough!” Kyson tells him in a warning. He was livid, and I hoped it wasn’t directed at me. Yet I could tell he wasn’t impressed waking without me beside him,but he didn’t mention it, and I could tell he was trying to keep himself calm despite also feeling his urge to drag me out of the room. What a disaster this night, or more morning as it was now, became.

Tandi hisses, and his claws got her deep, the napkins barely doing anything to stem the bleeding. “Damian needs to heal you,” Trey mumbles, looking over his shoulder at Damian.

“He mutilated me! I don’t want him anywhere near me!” she snaps. “Just help me up; I will walk it off,” she g****s as she holds her hands out to me, and I grab them, hauling her to her feet. Yet the moment she stands, blood cascades down her leg like a waterfall, Trey clutching her t***h in both hands.

“Don’t be f*****g stubborn!” Damian snaps, shaking off Kyson’s arm on his shoulder.

“No! You’re not touching me!” she snaps at him when he pauses, looking around on the floor where mushed- up cake and spilled drinks ruined the floor, and guilt smashed me at the mess we had made. Damian growls, snatches the cake knife from the floor and stalks toward her. She stumbles back, her leg still clutched in Trey’s hand.

“Get off her!” Damian snarls, and he holds the knife out to her. Her hands tremble as she hesitantly takes it.

“Enjoy it. It will be the only time I let you carve me up!” he snaps at her before dropping to his knees in front of her. He growls and looks up at her, and shakes his head.

“What? You don’t get to act disgusted. You did it!” she snapped at him.

“I’m not disgusted! Look at it!” he snaps at her, and we all lean a little closer, and she narrows her eyes at him, pursing her lips.

“You best be b****y fixing it. I am not walking around with DAM on my leg!” she growls furiously. Did she mean she wanted him to carve into her more? Or did I read that wrong? Damian looks over his shoulder at the King. Kyson shrugs, his eyebrows lifting almost into his hairline at her words.

“Well, you asked this time, so don’t b***h when it hurts,” he tells her.

“Yeah, because you mutilated me! Now fix it!” she says, tapping her foot impatiently. He lifts his hand to her leg, his sharp claw slicing through her soft flesh, and she grits her teeth and bares it while I feel woozy just watching. Damian does it fast before running his tongue across it and quickly healing the damage he caused, leaving behind only faint scarring.

Tandi examines it, scrutinizing it before a wicked smile graces her face as she runs her thumb over the knife in her hand, wiping the chocolate off it before s*****g on her thumb.

“My turn! And you better not squirm,” she says, and I look away, noticing that he had shifted back and was now n***d, kneeling before her.

“Your name only. You write something stupid on me, and I will…”

“Do nothing. You cut me first!” she says, waving the knife in his face. He sighs, and Trey gets to his feet, reaching me at the same time Kyson does.

“That is not normal!” Trey says, shaking his head at them as Tandi carved her name above his pec, while Damian watched her, making sure she embellished nothing. “Wait, I forgot to dot the I,” she says, stabbing the point into him and making him hiss. “There,” she says, dropping the knife and walking off. She passes us and moves through the double doors, laughing to herself.

Damian stops beside us, and I glance at his chest, keeping my eyes above the waist. His blood streaked down his chest as he stared after her. “That woman is driving me crazy! I don’t know if I wanna k**l her or k**s her. Maybe both!” he snaps, chasing after her while mumbling. When they leave, Kyson’s hand falls on my lower back, and I cringe, waiting for his wrath.

“Are you okay?” he whispers, kissing my temple. I peer up at him as he drapes his arm across my shoulders.

“You’re not mad?” I ask him.

“Too tired to be mad at you. Besides, you don’t look drunk, and you’re not brandishing a knife like a madwoman,” he says, gripping my face and sniffing me.

“I only had half a glass of wine. I stopped drinking. It wouldn’t be right if I was drinking while constantly scolding you for the same thing,” I tell him. He glances at Trey and sighs.

“I trust you. And I trust him not to let you get in trouble, Azzy,” he says, kissing my forehead.

“Come on, I should clean this mess up,” I tell him, looking at the mess we made.

“Go, I will do it,” Trey says, walking toward the doors, he grabs the plastic bin, and I move to help him, but he shakes his head.

“Bed, my Queen. We are leaving for Landeena this afternoon once we hear back from Larkin. His deadline is today. I can handle this. Go get some sleep.” Trey says, but Kyson was already steering me out the door before I could protest.


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