His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 217

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 217 – Azalea POV

The sound of murmurs was what I woke to, whispers and frantic speech my mind was too foggy to comprehend. Kyson sounded worried. I could tell that much from his tone as I returned to the present.

“What do you mean? How can you not know?” Kyson snarls at someone. Moments later, Cedric’s voice reaches my ears.

“If she were a Landeena, it would be straightforward, but she isn’t Kyson. She is also half Azure. I am familiar with the King’s gifts, the Queen’s she kept hidden for the most part,”

“And what? Do you have no clue either? Tatiana was your mate!” Kyson snaps when Trey’s voice reaches my ears.

“I know of some of her Moon-blessed gifts. Cedric is right, though. We can’t fully understand Azalea’s gifts until they make themselves present. She only just started acquiring them. Azure and Landeena bloodlines were the first. The Moon blessed yet polar opposites. They were never destined to bring a child into the world together. Her gifts will remain unknown until she learns to use them or they reveal themselves.” Trey argues. Kyson sighs loudly, and I open my eyes to find I am on the couch by the fire, a blanket draped over me. Damian sits across from me, looking rather tired, his head resting back on the armchair as he listens to them argue.

“So, what sort of gifts did Tatiana have?” Kyson asks.

“All I know is she had gifts replicated of being seer and elemental by nature,” Trey answers when Cedric speaks.

“Garret was the opposite. His gifts stemmed from the mind, which is why no one could resist his command, and why he was so charismatic and cruel,” Cedric said, sounding a little bitter as he said the last word.

“So this could be a mix of either?” Kyson g****s. Annoyance filters through the bond.

“Or something else entirely,” Cedric offers. I remain quiet, letting them talk or argue about what they seemingly don’t know. Sitting up completely, I peer over the back of the couch to see Cedric hand him some leather-bound books before they both left. Looking back at Damian, he was watching me.

“Abbie?” I ask him.

“With Gannon, she is fine, my Queen. You don’t need to worry,” he tells me before getting to his feet.

Yet worry is all I feel for her, she tried to k**l herself and almost succeeded if Gannon hadn’t intervened. The things I saw inside her head would forever haunt me, forever remain with me.

“Finally, you’re awake,” Kyson says as Damian steps around the coffee table.

“I am going to head back to my mate. But I will be ready to leave by the afternoon for Landeena,” he says before walking out and leaving me with Kyson.

“We are going to Landeena tomorrow?” I ask as Kyson wanders over books in his hands. He sits down beside me. “Yes. You still want to go?” I nod my head. I needed answers, anything to try and figure everything out.

“Any news from Larkin?” Kyson shakes his head.

“No, though we have tried to reach him,”

“You don’t think that Crux…?”

“Honestly, I don’t know what to believe anymore, Azzy. We’ll figure it out together,” he tells me, setting the books down on the small coffee table. “How are you feeling?” he asks, moving my hair over my shoulder.

“I feel fine,” he exhales before cupping my cheek with his hand.

“You had me so worried when you passed out. Abbie was beside herself. It took all Gannon’s strength to get her to leave,”

“I just can’t believe we missed how depressed she was,” I tell him, feeling terrible that my best friend was suffering in silence, believing wholeheartedly that she had no one to confide in.

“A lot has happened. New things have come to light. Finding out about Gannon’s mate, I think shoved her over the edge,”

“Gannon had a mate?” I asked.

“Apparently, yes. But more shocking is it was Abbie’s aunty. Gannon and Liam k****d her,” Kyson tells me.

“He k****d his own mate?” I ask, horrified. Kyson shrugs.

“I don’t know all the details, and we were just as stunned when we found out. He never told me. Although I know Gannon, he would never hurt a woman without good reason. It is also nearly impossible to k**l your own mate.” Kyson says, resting his head back on the couch.

“Come, you should get some rest. We have to be up in a few hours,” he tells me.

“I just woke up,” I laugh.

“But I haven’t slept yet, and it is 3am in the morning. I can’t sleep without you, so you need to come too,” he tells me, standing up.

“I’m not tired,” I tell him, peering up at him.

“Good for you, but I am,” he smirks before scooping me off the couch. I scramble to grab hold of him, not wanting to be dropped as he walks toward the bed. He places me on it before stripping his clothes off, remaining only in his boxers. I l**k my lips at the sight of him.

“Nope! Sleep. I am old, tired, and grumpy. You can have your way with me tomorrow,” he growls as he climbs over me. I was not tired. No, I was wide awake. Kyson crawls in bed beside, tugging the blanket up before flicking the lamp off. Only the light from the fireplace illuminated the room, casting shadows on the walls and roof. I stare at the ceiling, wondering how long before he falls asleep so I can sneak off to shower. However, sleep is instantly forgotten when I hear Abbie’s voice flit through the mind-link.

“Are you awake?” she whispers to me.

“Yes, are you okay? I wanted to come to see you, but Kyson wanted to sleep,” I tell her.

“You can see me. I’m outside your door,” she whispers through the link as if she was trying not to wake Kyson. I glance at him fast asleep, snoring, before getting to my feet and making my way to the door.


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