His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 211

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 211 – Cedric nods and pats the books. When the moon goddess created Landeena and Azure, they were each other’s weaknesses. Two halves of a whole. Neither could outweigh the other. But both were destined for others. Fire and ice. Opposites, yet magnificently the same. Both will b**n you if you endure it too long,” Cedric says. My brows pinch in the middle as his words sink in. So what did that make me? What was I destined for if not for the King beside me?

“And that made them Exempt from having to hand their blood to the council,”

“Well, I sure as h**l wasn’t going to demand King Garret to hand over his blood,” Larkin snorts.

“Who was an elder from your Kingdom?” I ask, turning to Kyson.

“My father was, and sister for the Valkyrie Kingdom.” Kyson answers when Larkin speaks.

“Crux represents Landeena now since he is the only one left, or so we assumed. Myself and my brother, Denali, for Credence. Your mother’s sister, Emilia, and your mother were Azure representatives, but Emilia died in the a****k on Azure, and your mother quit after that.” Larkin explains while looking at Kyson when he mentions his brother’s name.

“It’s also why I know you’re wrong about the Council. We all lost our Kingdoms and our families to the hunters. No way would we work with them,” Larkin says, and Kyson opens a drawer in his desk. He pulls out a sandwich bag, dropping it on the desk.

“Tandi?” He says, motioning for her to come to him. She glances at him before nervously walking over to the desk. Kyson taps the insignia in the small bag.

“Is this the insignia you saw?” he asks when I feel his own aura slip out over her. She grips the desk, her knuckles turning white, and Damian growls and steps forward before freezing when Kyson looks at him. He nods once and turns his gaze away from his mate.

“Yes. Crux also was wearing one,” Tandi answers, but Larkin shakes his head.

“No, he wouldn’t betray us. You saw the annual meetings. I brought you to a couple of them. No way would you catch me around anyone that wore that!”

Larkin says. Tandi glares at him.

“I know what I saw, Larkin. Crux and those strange men were always in the VIP function room,” Tandi growls.

“You saw them with me?” he demands. Tandi shakes her head, and his brows furrow.

“No, after the meetings. You were at the meetings. Some of the other men you work with, the ones you introduced me to, and others. And that woman, you know, the one I said, called me s**t and spat on me.” Tandi says, her eyes darkening in her anger.

“Ah, what’s her name… one of Crux’s mistresses,” Larkin asks, and Tandi nods.

“Crux’s mistress was part of the ceremony?” Kyson growls, but Larkin shakes his head.

“No, of course not. Never. She just came to watch,” Larkin states, but Tandi contradicts him.

“No, she always attends the after-party thing. I have seen her drink the same thing. She wore the patch on her sleeve,” Tandi states.

“Do you know the name of the mistress?” I ask Larkin.

“I only met her once or twice, and I couldn’t stand the woman. Crux usually left the Council quarters to meet her after Denali scolded her one night when she tried to overstep him. After that, she was banished from the Council, but he brought her to a couple of the functions.”

“So you have never met with the hunters or worked with them?” I asked, feeling Kyson use my aura harder this time. Larkin answers immediately.

“Never. And I would k**l anyone on the Council who would,” he answers, and I look at Kyson.

“Did you know about Alpha Brock k*****g Tandi’s daughter?” I demand, and he shakes his head.

“No, he didn’t k**l her. I know because I have seen her,” Larkin says.

“Liar!” Tandi snarls.

“He’s not lying, Tandi. He can’t,” Damian says, motioning to me, and Tandi blinks back tears.

“Then where is she? I heard him chuck her over. I heard her scream,”

“He chucked a rock. Crux was on the ledge beneath. He grabbed her. Do you think we would let him k**l a child? I was told not to tell you, but I tried, I tried telling you, I kept telling you to run home!” Larkin snaps when Tandi’s hand moves with blinding speed, and she punches him. He goes flying back in his chair, clutching his face, when Damian grabs her around the waist before she can pounce on him and rips her backward.

“F**k Tandi!” Larkin shrieks, his nose bleeding for the second time.

“Where is she? Where’s my baby?” she snarls, thrashing in Damian’s arms.

“The orphanage! You crazy…” he stops when Damian growls at whatever he is about to call her. Yet I look at Kyson and gulp.

“The orphanage?” Tandi whispers. “Go home,” she breathes like those words finally made sense, yet for rogues and for those of us girls from the orphanage, home was d***h, and Tandi clearly believed the same. Home wasn’t a place. It was a feeling of setting one’s tortured soul free. Home was d***h, and d***h was freedom if you grew up rogue in that place while under Mrs. Daley’s care.

“Yes, the one he got you from! The one in Alpha Brocks pack,” Larkin hisses, getting up off the floor.

I gasped, wondering which child she was because we adopted them all but a handful to Lycan homes.

“We’ll find her. We’ll find her,” Damian whispers, trying to soothe his mate.

“Alpha Brock has her,” Tandi sobs.

“No, we do. I took all the orphan children,” I tell her, and her head whips to the side to look at me, and I s*****w hard.

“Where?” she says, her hands trembling as she tries to get Damian to loosen his hold.

“Most were adopted by the other Lycans in town. We will find her. They will give her back if she is here,” Damian assures her.

“She was adopted? But she is alive?” Tandi asks, turning her gaze to Larkin, who nods.

“A few are still here. Clarice watches over them with Abbie. Abbie will take you to see if she is amongst the ones still here,” I assure her.

“Either way, my people would have looked after her. We’ll find her, Tandi,” Kyson assures her, and she looks at Damian over her shoulder, and he nods, pressing his head against hers.

“If she is alive, I’ll get her back,” he whispers, and she lets out a breath, squeezing her eyes shut.

“So, can I sit, or are you going to punch me again?” Larkin asks. Fixing the chair. Tandi’s eyes fly open and she glares at him.


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