His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 207

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 207 – Kyson POV

I was questioning everything, absolutely everything, except one thing. She was not broken. No, my Queen was resilient, maybe more so than me. She wore her trauma like jeweled armor and camouflage, yet I saw her. Saw her determination and strength and at first I thought that would be our downfall.

Yet watching her as she slept I realized how wrong I was. I was so used to being the Alpha King, yet with her I could be Kyson and nothing more, and she would have me. Even after what I put her through. No matter how many times I tore her down wanting her to submit to the bond, and to me, she came back more determined to do the right thing. She had more scars than men of war and she wore them as if they were jewels of her mercy, which was something I saw as weak.

It angered me that she could forgive Ester and her son, that she could set them free despite what they took from us.Despite how they nearly k****d her and us.

Azalea was able to forgive the unforgivable and remaining pure of heart despite hers being broken repeatedly. My Queen saw past her anger and chose forgiveness and understanding while I only craved blood and revenge.

Yet looking at her now, I realize it didn’t make her weak, it made her strong because it showed her capacity to forgive and keep going, keep moving while I had been stuck in a past I no longer wanted part of. Seeking vengeance, yet seeking that, I became as lost as the d**d stumbling blindly in an abyss and living in limbo. I was the weak one, not her.

It was never about setting them free alone, she was setting a piece of herself that was broken free, allowing herself to move on and get through the torture, showing them she wasn’t a monster like them. She wasn’t a jealous, vengeful cold hearted k****r. No she was far more than that she is a Queen. A Queen is someone who puts her own desires and wants behind her to protect her people, despite them almost ruining her, she saved them because they were her people. Ester was a mother and having her own child ripped from her wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone, not even her enemy.

Azalea broke, then picked herself back up and kept going. I guess that is one thing I can thank Mrs. Daley for, she made my Queen indestructible and I was beginning to realize I didn’t need to covet her away to keep her safe. What I needed was to unleash her, stand beside her, and watch her bring them to their knees. And she would, for she was a Landeena, she is the Empress of Alphas. She is my biggest contender, she is also my redemption, and she is mine cherish. I brush her hair back as she sleeps, a whimper escapes her and a tear slips down her cheek.

“Hush my love,” I whisper, brushing her cheek as I wondered what she was dreaming about. What did she fear. Does she not know I would lay my life down for her without hesitation, I would keep her safe. Azalea writhes and her heart rate increases her fingers digging into my ribs where she slept.

Leaning down, I brush my lips against hers and smooth her hair down, about to wake her up when she gasps, clutching her chest and looking around frantically. I stare around the room as she sits upright, wondering what it she is seeing that I can’t.

Her claws slip out and she growls when I clutch her, hauling her onto my chest, she was still stuck in her dream, not quite awake.

I let my calling slip out, willing her to calm and it does as she melts against me. “What is it? What scared you?” I purred, trying to calm her as she sobbed in my arms.

“She didn’t do it,” she whispers and relief floods the bond along with immense sadness. I sigh, when she speaks again.

“She didn’t Kyson. I saw it, she didn’t do it. You have to believe me.” she says, pushing against my chest and sitting up.

“I believe you,” I tell her clutching her face in my hands when she tries to climb off me. She presses her forehead against mine.

“You believe me?” she exhales, closing her eyes and I nod.

“I believe you believe what you’re saying. Therefore, I believe you. We’ll figure it out,” I tell her and she nods and I hug her closer.

“I can prove it. Cedric was there, I heard him,”

“Heard what?” I ask confused, she was dreaming, having a nightmare about Cedric?

“I heard Cedric, she was trying to tell him. I remembered. I remembered that night,” she says before she breaks.

“It’s okay. It’s okay.” I tell her when the door bursts open. She jolts sitting up and so do I as Dustin rushes into the room.

Azalea wipes her tears and he stops in his tracks. “What is going on?” I growl at his intrusion. It was unlike him to enter without permission.

“My King, Elder Larkin has arrived. He is demanding his son,” Dustin tells me and Azalea growls tossing the blanket back and stands. Her anger was palpable and her dream only added to it. She was so angry she didn’t seem to realize she had no clothes on as she headed for the door. Poor Dustin stared at the roof rocking back on his heels.

“Azzy love,” I call to her, she stops looking at me over her shoulder.

“You need to put clothes on, then I will let you at him. Just not n***d, please,” I chuckle and she looks down before her eyes widen and she glances at Dustin, she squeaks rushing for the closet. I laugh, reaching for my pants when she calls out.


“Yes, Azalea,” he answers.

“Send for Cedric while we deal with Larkin,” she says and he looks at me for confirmation.

“You heard your Queen,” I tell him and he nods before rushing off.


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