His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 194

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 194 – Damian POV

2 days later.

The gentleman’s club turned out to be a bust and was just a strip club. Most of the workers were on the books, and none of them were rogue. The same night I had sent Liam to the b*****l with Dustin, and now as I got dressed, I had to endure the constant torment of reliving his goddamn night. The man did not understand personal space. He was determined to get right up in that, sniff around, and dig through your s**t.

“Liam, can you get out? I am sure you can save this for the car,” I growl at him, trying to shower in peace. Liam doesn’t answer. He just keeps yapping like a d**n chihuahua. He told me he found a few rogue girls at the b*****l, and now Kyson was insistent that I check it out with them, yet all Liam could talk about was trying out the d**n girls that worked there.

Stepping out of the shower, I reach for a towel when Liam snatches it off the hook beside the sink. I press my lips in a line while the behemoth looks me over with no shame, licking his d**n chops like I was a bone he wanted to chomp on.

“Liam!” I snarl at him, snatching my towel from him.

“Can I watch you f**k her with that?” he says as I wrap the towel around my waist.

“I’m not f*****g anyone, now get out. Go annoy Dustin,” I tell him.

“Nope, annoy Damian. He loves it. It really gets him going,” Dustin calls from the living room of the hotel we were in. I growl, shoving past him and into my room. Seriously, the man had his own bathroom and space, yet he wanted to loiter in mine! I grab my jeans and black shirt, pulling them on along with my boots.

“Oh, you will love her. Don’t worry, I tried her out for you last night; amazing! She has a nice rack too, f****d the brains right out her,” Liam tells me rather enthusiastically.

“Liam, stop! ” I snap at him. “We are here to work, not s********h the victims,” I snarl at him, and he shrugs.

“You’re all work and no play, but don’t worry, Liam took care of you. I booked you a few hours with her. And man, can she s**k c**k? I thought she was gonna s**k the nuts right out of me; she was like a d**n vacuum,”

“You better not have booked me in with your sloppy seconds!” I snapped at him. Liam shrugs and bats his lashes at me. I don’t know how Dustin put up with antics. I wanted to wring his b****y neck.

“She was hot, right Dustin?” Liam calls out to him, and Dustin looks over the back of the couch at him and raises an eyebrow at him.

“You know I am g*y, right? Like 100% G*y, as in I like men only?” Dustin tells him, and Liam clicks his tongue at him.

“That doesn’t mean you didn’t think she was hot! Who knows, maybe I might go for a second round when you’re done with her. I don’t mind sloppy seconds. Besides, I stretched her out for you real good. It should fit that weapon in easily. I wonder if she could take both of us at the same time,” Liam says with a thoughtful expression on his face. I gave him a disgusted look at him. The man had the most vulgar way of words and no d**n filter.

The entire drive to the place, I listened to him talk about the woman he spent the night with. It made me wonder if he realized that she was a hooker and she didn’t really like him. I highly doubt any of the girls actually liked their clients.

“I wonder if she would be down for a threesome? Or a**l, she had the perfect peach a*s. I wanted to take a bite out of it.” I roll my eyes at him, watching the road and trying to block him out. Liam squeals like a girl when we get there and is first out of the car.

“Ooh, you can see the mark I gave her,” Liam giggles excitedly, almost jumping up and down on the spot.

“Mark, you marked her and want me to f**k her?” I asked.

“No, I paid extra, so I could carve a little L on the inside of her t***h. Who would have thought a beauty like her would be into knife play, b****y pricey, but now anyone who f***s her will see the scar and know I was there first?” Liam states.

“She works in a b*****l; I highly doubt you were there first, Liam,” I tell him with a shake of my head.

“Don’t ruin the mood; I can’t wait for you to meet her,” Liam says, rushing ahead and opening the door.

We enter the establishment, and Dustin nods, silently slipping out the back of the staff area while Liam walks over and sets his arm across the counter. Did this fool not realize that he only has to pay them, not pick them up? It wasn’t a d**n date, but the feral growl that left me had the girl behind the counter jump when I learned that he had, in fact, booked me with this girl he used and abused the night before.

“Don’t mind him, Love. He is a little uptight. On another note, is she down for a threesome or an observer? He is a little shy and needs me to hold his hand. You know how virgins are?” Liam asked, and l pressed my lips in a line. F*****g virgin? I have had more p***y than the man has had feeds. I just didn’t need to pay for it! I was going to strangle him with his own d**k when we left here.

The bottom floor was similar to the gentleman’s club I was at the night before. Yet up the stairs behind a black curtain, I assumed, was where all the rooms were as I glanced around.

The woman in her pink lingerie escorted us upstairs, and I followed behind while Liam distracted the woman, who was giggling at his antics. I peeked into the offices and moved around the place silently while he distracted her. I nod to him, and he turns the girl away, chatting her up and pinning her against the wall while I snuck into a nearby room. It had filing cabinets and a computer. I quickly take some photos before mind linking Dustin.

“Third floor, fourth door on your right,” I tell him, and he hums through the bond before answering.

“On it, just get Liam to keep her distracted, so I can slip upstairs,”

“Yep, I slipped back out to find Liam making out with the girl and all but dry humping her against the wall. I clear my throat, and she blushes, pulling away. “Right, sorry. Your friend distracted me,” she says.

“Clearly, can we get this over with?” I asked her, motioning for her to lead us to the room and to this mystery woman Liam kept talking about that was apparently a rogue. She shows us down a few more corridors.

“Dustin is checking out the office,” I mind link, Liam.

“Yeah, he mind linked me; I will handle this one,” Liam says when the woman knocks on a door. A feminine voice behind the door answers.

“Come in.” Liam bounds into the room excitedly, and the woman who escorted us moves down the hall when she is called by another woman. I shake my head and step into the room when her scent hits me.

Liam skips to her side, and she greets him how l expect a worker of this establishment to do. With a big fake smile and bright eyes. Yet as I step into the room, I find Liam spinning her around with his hands holding her full b*****s. My eyes ran the length of her hourglass figure to her chocolate brown eyes that widened as she gasped.

“Tandi, this is my friend Damian, the one I was telling you about,” Liam introduced her as he spun her toward me. Yet her lips parted, and she took a step back, bumping into Liam, her entire petite frame shaking, and I growled, realizing that Liam had f****d my mate!

“Damian?” Liam asks, alarmed by my reaction when l feel my claws slip out and his eyes dart to them. I take a step toward him. “Mate!” I growled and Liam shrieked as I charged at him.

“It was Dustin, it was Dustin. He f****d her brains out, not me,” Liam screamed as I crashed against him before punching him. The woman screamed.


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