His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 191

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 191 – Kyson POV

Angry was an understatement. Azalea had just pulled rank over me. Well, not technically. I knew she didn’t command me. Despite that, the threat was the same. And for Ester and her son, it aggravated me as I stormed off toward my office. I was sick and tired of coming second with her over everything. Weeks later looked after her, and she stood up for the person responsible for putting her in that state in the first place.

Damian was waiting in my office for me when opened the door, looking over the paperwork at my desk. He looks up at me as I step inside and shut the door behind me. He gives me a disapproving look as I move toward my bar and pour myself a drink.

“What is that look for?” I asked him.

“Do you have to ask?” he says, leaning back in his chair. I pass him his drink, and he takes it, sipping it.

“Azalea?” he asks, and I growl, my Lycan side pressing beneath my skin, and I only just shifted back on the walk here and didn’t feel like having to tame my anger again.

“Don’t!” I warn him, and he clicks his tongue.

“Your anger and your drinking,” he holds his glass up.

“Is getting the better of you!” he snaps at me as I take my seat. I sighed, and Damian got up from his seat before moving around the room and retrieving some pants from the closet behind the door. He tosses a black pair of shorts to me, and I snatch them from the air before setting my glass of whiskey down on my desk.

“How did you go?” I ask him, pushing my chair out so I can pull them up my legs.

“I want to send someone to Crux. Maybe check out the brothels, and see if they can get any intel,” Damian says just as Liam wanders into the room as am doing up the draw-string, and I slump heavily in my chair.

“Ah, you should be with Azalea,” I tell Liam, and Liam shrugs.

“Well, I am here. And Trey is with her,” Liam answers nonchalantly before moving toward my bar area. Instead of grabbing a glass, he takes the entire bottle before walking over, topping up my glass, then tipping the bottle to his lips.

“Saving that liver of yours, my King,” he says, sending me a wink. I pick up my glass and sip it, turning my attention back to Damian, who I had sent off to look into the council finances, and Alpha Dean’s and Alpha Brock’s pack finances while I was dealing with Ester and Peter.

“So you think they still have something to do with the missing children?” I ask, also agreeing. I have thought that for a while, all of us had suspicions about that pack. Yet we still had to prove our theories.

“Yes. Well, I don’t believe Ester was going around k*****g children. But even after you commanded her the other day …” Damian pauses.

“Half commanded her. I wouldn’t call it a full command after what Gannon told me,” Liam chuckled, and we both looked at him.

“What? Gannon said she didn’t even break out in a sweat. So I would hardly call that a command,” Liam says, making my brows pinch because he was right. She put up no fight at all to my persuasion when love questioned her.

“Hmm. Interesting,” I mutter.

“Interesting? I don’t trust the b***h. Too much doesn’t add up,” Liam says, and he was right. We were barely at the tip of the iceberg.

“What do you think of Trey?” I ask him.

“Ferret Face? I will admit I had him pegged wrong, but Ester…” He shakes his head.

“Too much makes little sense and can’t be verified. And you saw how shocked Trey was to learn he had a nephew. And about Marrissa,”

“Yes, I have to admit the whole Marrissa thing makes little sense to me. Why wouldn’t she come forward? It makes no sense. Because if Peter was Landeena, she would have known we would have protected him. So why not tell us?” Damian says with a shrug.

He had a point. Landeena’s hold immunity, so who was she hiding him from?

“You think Ester is lying?” I ask them, and they both nod.

“Not completely, but I think a lot of it is half-truths.

Marrissa worked here for a few years and tried nothing against Claire. Marrissa started in the gardens here with Tanner before she moved toward the castle, even so, she still had plenty of time to a****k the kingdom. So why did it take her two years to do it, Kyson? That makes no sense to me.”

“Hmm, you’re right. That sounds shady. Ensure someone is posted with Ester at all times. And Peter. I want them off castle grounds and under guard until this is figured out.”

“And what about Crux? Can I send a few men to check out these two places?” he picks up a piece of paper from the pile.

“Deluxe night and the midnight tricks gentleman’s club?” Liam plucks the paper from his fingers.

“I volunteer myself, my King. I will test these girls out, don’t you worry.” Liam states.

“Surveillance. Not a test run,” Damian scolds.

“Scratch and sniff. Taste and whiff. Whatever it is, I volunteer my time and p****r for the task,” Liam says, and Damian shakes his head.

“The sacrifices I am willing to make for you, my King. I have this one handled. I will take Dustin and …” Liam ponders for a few minutes before his eyes fall on Damian.

“Damian! You can come. Boy’s night and you may finally get laid. It might help with that stick you have shoved up your a*s. What do you say?” Liam says, nudging Damian, who growls.

“And exactly what is Dustin going to do at this b*****l?” Damian demanded.

“The surveillance part while I test out the girls. Duh!” I give Damian a look, telling him that if Liam is going, he must go to babysit. Liam might try to bring the girls home with him. Damian g****s and scrubs a hand down his face.

“F**k! Fine,” Damian says with a shake of his head.

“I best go find me some going out clothes,” Liam says excitedly before chugging the bottle of whiskey. He burps loudly. “You’ll have to drive though,” Liam tells him before holding up the bottle. “I have been drinking. Don’t tell the boss man,” he whispers, and raise an eyebrow at him, considering the boss man was watching him down the boss man’s liquor.

“He is going to be the d***h of me,” Damian g****s, and I laugh.

“That is Liam for you,” I tell him, and he nods.

“Yeah. If he wasn’t trustworthy, I would have k****d him myself,” Damian chuckles, getting to his feet.

“I’ll be back in three days then. Will you be alright here?” I wave him off, telling him to go. Damian needed a few days off, not that they would really be taking time off, but it would be good for him to get out of the castle. And Liam would force him to relax, which is why I didn’t protest him wanting to go.

“You need me, call and I will head back,” Damian tells me.

“I’ll be fine. I just need to pull Azalea into line,”

“She isn’t a pet, Kyson. And maybe if you treated her like your equal, she might actually listen to you,”

“I do treat her equally!” I exclaimed.

“When it is convenient for you. I heard about Ester and Peter. Yes, they needed punishment, but dragging Azalea along and forcing her to watch? Who were you punishing, Kyson? Peter or her? Because it sounded like both.”

“She has to learn how things work. She needs to learn to lead,” I tell him.

“Yes, lead alongside you. And every time she tries, you shut her down or use her weakness against her.

Do you want her to learn to rule alongside you? Then show her how and stop forcing her. She did what any woman in her position would do. Any person who knows what that d**n whip feels like. Azalea knows that pain. Yet you took her along to watch?” Damian says incredulously with a shake of his head as he pulls his coat on.

“They needed to be punished, Damian,” I tell him, and he shakes his head.

“You’re never going to learn, Kyson. You want her to respect you? Then respect her too! I am getting sick and tired of… You know what?! If you want to help her while I am gone? Teach her how to un-command Dustin and Gannon so I can have a d**n night off!” Damian snaps before turning on his heel and walking out.

I huff as the door clicks shut. Yet deep down, I knew he was right. I was, in a way, punishing Azalea for not letting me k**l them. I suddenly felt ashamed of my actions. Damian was right. My anger and jealousy were getting the better of me.


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