His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 164

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 164 – Kyson POV

Azalea was in a strange mood. She was scared, not that she would admit it. I was kind of glad to get out of the castle with her. At least she would be safe with me. Or so I hoped. I hope bringing her back to this place doesn’t dredge up unwanted memories for her or haunt her, especially after this morning. She knew I was keeping stuff from her, but I was only doing it to protect her, though some of it was for selfish reasons. Trey blurted that one out.

“Are you worried about returning here?” I ask her, but she shakes her head. Which only confirmed my original thoughts. She feared being at the castle. I was struggling to figure out who I could trust myself.

Every lead we had was a d**d-end, and I knew this one would be too. They always were, yet still, we investigated.

“What are you worried about, then?”

“Everything,” she murmurs. I could feel the weight and pressure on her. She had been thrust into a world she knew nothing about. Laws, kingdoms, and her own family history were a mystery to her. Then, on top of that, she was worried about Abbie. She was always worried about Abbie. Concerned about who was trying to k**l her and why. But most of all, she was curious to know who she was, and as determined as l was to keep it from her, I knew she also needed to know. So I would start teaching her to use her Alpha voice even if it means hers would one-day overthrow mine.

Yet feeling her through the bond, her nervousness and anxiety worsened the closer we got, and the overwhelming urge to comfort her grew stronger. I wanted to touch her, put her mind at ease, and let her know she was safe with me.

“Come here.” I couldn’t stop the edge of a growl escaping me, but she turned her head to look at me, pulling her attention away from the window.

“Seatbelt, Azalea. Sit up, Azalea. And now, you want me to remove my seatbelt to come to you?” she spits at me sarcastically while shaking her head. My little mate was growing more cunning. Her attitude I always found amusing until it was used against me.

I growl and unclip my seatbelt before moving toward her. Sliding onto the seat beside her and slipped my arm across her tiny waist and undid her seatbelt before looping my arm around her waist and dragging her onto my lap. She growls, and I purr back at her.

She would not escape me so easily. My hand snuck under her shirt to rest on her lower belly. The slightest bump fit in the palm of my hand. She sighs and relaxes against me as I caressed it. I couldn’t wait to watch her belly grow with our child, I couldn’t wait to see what sort of mother she would be. I wanted a big family, and I wondered whether she shared the same thoughts.

To me, her scent was like a balm, soothing yet also teasing, making my mouth water. She smelled sweet, cherry, and vanilla, and I couldn’t explain the strange urges her scent enticed. I have never liked sweets, yet her scent was addictive and inviting. She smelled delicious.

So I couldn’t help the purr that slipped out and vibrated against her back. My calling works every time, and I love how she melts under it. At least, that is one thing I will always have that she can’t resist. I bury my face in the crook of her neck, inhaling deeply.

My c**k grows hard beneath her, and loving was glad Abbie didn’t come. I felt like l hardly got time with her alone anymore, so having her so close and all mine, I couldn’t resist the temptation her flesh was offering. My fingertips draw circles on her skin before teasing the waistband of her tights. My purr grew louder, and I could feel the effect I was having on her. Her arousal through the bond was intense and perfumed the small space in the limousine. Her scent became overwhelming. I was supposed to be distracting her and calming her, and all I managed was to work myself up.

“Kyson! Damian and Trey are in the front!” she hisses, gripping my wrist and trying to stop it from slipping lower. Ignoring her, I slip my hand beneath the waistband and cup her warm p***y with my hand.

“Kyson!” she squeaks, while squirming on my lap. I groan as her a*s brushes against my e******n. Stroking the seam of her wet lower lips, she could deny me all she wanted, but she couldn’t hide the feeling I was enticing out of her.

Azalea squirms as my fingers tease her folds, drawing out moisture with each brush across her slit. “Hmm,” I hum before shoving my finger inside her.

Any words of protest she did have, d*e off as my thumb gently rubs against her swollen c**t. Her legs open wider for me, and I chuckle, kissing her shoulder and withdrawing my finger that was s***k with her arousal before sliding it back in and curling it deep within her. Her inner walls clench around my finger, and she m***s softly, and her head rolls back against my shoulder as she gives in to the feeling I was building up with the friction.

However, it was short-lived when l heard the screech of tires, and the limo slowed. I growl, peering out my window, and Azalea scrambles off my lap. My hand slides out of her pants, and an angered growl leaves me as the car comes to an abrupt stop. We were stopped by the side of the road, just outside the pack borders and men surrounded the vehicle.

Snarling, I hear Damian get out of the car and listen to him talking to Alpha Dean’s men, who were trying to refuse us entry. Reaching for the door handle, I toss it open and climb out. Six werewolves were arguing with him about there not being any announcement of our arrival. My aura slips out as I stare at the man with his gun pointed at Damian’s chest. Damian snarls, unflinching, and daring the man to pull the trigger. “Issue?” I ask, shutting the door behind me. The other men were smart enough to back up, but one sniff of the air, and I could tell this man was the Beta. His scent was more substantial than the others.

“I would have thought after your Alpha’s experience with stepping out of line and giving my men orders, that the rest of you would have more sense. Apparently not!” I tell the man while coming up behind Damian. His mud brown eyes flick to me over Damian’s shoulder and he swallows. The other five had scampered off, leaving the Beta to fend for himself when they realized they were dealing with Lycan’s and not random fleabag werewolves with no authority or rights.

The man glances around, his curly brown hair blowing in his face when he realizes his pack members had abandoned him.

“No issue, my King. I didn’t recognize you,” he stammers. Lie, the flags on the front of the limo showed our immunity.

“Did you have trouble recognizing my Beta too?” I ask. He pales, glancing at Damian, who held his signature smirk.

“I um… The Alpha, he…” the man babbles like an i***t.

“Your Alpha what? Told you to ignore hierarchy? To hold a gun to a Lycan’s chest?” I ask the man.

“He said not to let anyone in without notifying him first,” the man stammers. Damian glances at me.

“Even the king’s guard?” I asked. The man nods his head.

“Yes. Said that we must be prepared after last time. Two of your men k****d the butcher and Mrs. Daley and kidnapped two rogue children,” he says.

“You mean the p*******e I sent them here to k**l? And the headmistress that mistreated your Queen?” I ask the man. The man shakes his head.

“They were good people,” he claims, and my eyebrows rise into my hairline.

“Good people don’t rape and sell little girls!” I sneered, and he opened his mouth and closed it quickly. His hand trembled and I snatched the gun from his grip before he accidentally set it off. I tuck it down the back of my pants before punching him, and Damian whistles and leans against the hood. Nothing angered me more than this twit thinking he could deny my men from entering pack lands that were under my rule.

He grunts, clutching his nose as blood sprayed out everywhere. “Do not forget your place, Mutt! And it will always be beneath a Lycan’s feet! You dare tell my men they can’t enter on the ground I own again and I will have you tossed out and made rogue. Then you will see how your Alpha treats rogues,” I tell him. He nods, his eyes darting to Damian before he mutters an apology, and I turn, shaking my head and climbing back in the car.

Now, why are Alpha Dean and Alpha Brock so worried about my men and me coming here? Maybe this trip wouldn’t be so pointless after all.


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