His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 163

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 163 – “Are the outside cameras installed yet?” Kyson asks while flicking through the notepad.

“Yes, but not hooked up on that side, but we have the far garden ones and front ones working. We should be able to see who went up that way.” Trey answers.

“Have Liam watch them while we are gone,” Trey nods, “Also, Clarice wants to know if you want her to pack you food and drinks.” Trey says…

“No, I will buy anything we need on the way. I don’t trust anyone right now handling anything to do with Azalea,”

“Understood. I will let her know,” Trey says before rushing up the steps. We make our way to the dungeons. We had to go through the kitchens, and I could see Clarice busy going over sign- off sheet pages.

“My Queen, I am sorry. I will figure out who had access, I promise. I will wash everything myself and sit by the dryer.” Clarice says.

“Thank you, Clarice,” I tell her, and she nods, hugging me. Kyson watches her warily. In fact, he watched everyone present in the kitchen warily, and his aura was deadly, making them cringe when we passed them, heading toward the colossal pantry that was nearly as large as the kitchen.

Kyson led me to the back, where an enormous set of stairs led underground. Kyson kept a firm grip on my arm as we descended them because it was dark, and they were pretty steep. Once at the bottom, I look around and see this part is a vast wine cellar.

Kyson leads me around like he could walk this with his eyes closed and brings me to a dark tunnel, and I see Abbie, who goes running toward me before freezing like she hit a brick wall and became stunned. It was dark down here and cold, and I groaned, realizing I commanded her too.

“You can go to her, but when we get home, we are going to have to work on you removing the command over them.” Kyson tells me.

“You will teach me?” I ask him.

“I don’t have a choice,” he grumbles, and I got the impression he didn’t like me being able to command anyone, making me wonder if I could command him, and that is why. Repeatedly I have heard Landeena’s blood is special. They have gifts, but after the way he said it and the feeling through the bond, it made me wonder if my command would be stronger than his.

Reaching for Abbie, she stood frozen, and I rushed to her and hugged her. Abbie explained about Cassandra and everything that she and Gannon found out. I wished she could come with us, but when I looked over at Kyson to ask, he was in the cells with Cassandra, his entire body tense, and I could feel he wanted to k**l the woman but was respecting Abbie’s wishes. Yet he was angered because she didn’t just affect Abbie, but I was punished for it, and I knew she would not get off so easily.

“You will endure the same punishment,” I hear Kyson tell her.

“Kyson!” I called out to him. After hearing about Cassandra and Kyson commanding her to double-check what she said was true and confirming it, l felt the same as Abbie.

It was clear Kade brainwashed her. To her, he was a hero, yet she was entirely aware of her wrongdoings and apologized countless times. She just wanted to go home to her boys, and I agreed with Abbie she was as much a victim as we were in all this.

Kyson looks at me. “Let her go; I am fine. Enough blood has been spilled. Leave it be,” I plead with him. Kyson growls and glares at her, and she back away from him when he bends down, gripping the chain off the ground that wrapped around her ankle. He yanks it, ripping it clean off the wall. Cassandra shrieks, and my heart beats quicker, and I think he is about to whip her with the chain when he growls and drops it, but grabs her face.

“You come anywhere near my mate or Abbie, or I hear even a whisper of their names coming from you, I will have my guard hunt you down and string you up, then I will make your boys watch as I k**l you for it, understood?” she nods and whimpers.

I feel his aura rush out, and she gasps like she is choking. “You will come nowhere near Azalea or Abbie. You will never speak or utter their names again,” he says, his voice so calm it chilled me to the bone. She nods, and he shoves her away before turning to the guards, and his eyes fall on Dustin.

“Dustin, run her back to her pack and get back here and help Liam and Gannon,” Kyson orders, and Dustin steps into the cell and grabs her arm, dragging her out when Abbie runs over to a small card table and snatches some sandwiches off it and bottled water before chasing after them.

Dustin stops, and she hands them to Cassandra before shocking me and hugging her. Cassandra stood frozen and looked pained, probably because of Kyson’s command not to come near either of us.

“Thank you,” I hear Cassandra murmur, and Abbie lets her go and wanders back over to me.

“That didn’t feel right,” Gannon says, glaring after the Cassandra.

“It wouldn’t have been right either to punish her,” Abbie says to him before groaning when she tries to step closer to me.

“I wish you could come with me. I don’t want to go back there by myself,” I tell her, walking to Abbie since she couldn’t come to me.

“And play this tug of war. I can’t move to you. Only you can come to me, that would be an issue, but it’s ok. I don’t think I could go back there, anyway. I never want to see that place again,” Abbie says and smiles sadly.

I felt the same way, but Kyson would not change his mind, and much as l was not too fond of going back there, it may also be a good way to put that place behind me.


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