His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 148

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 148 – Abbie POV

Gannon had told me Azalea had been hurt because of me, well, he didn’t say because of me, but that is sure what it felt like. She wouldn’t have been put in that situation if it wasn’t for me. She would never have endured what she did if I had listened and never gone with Kade. It ground my gears that even though he was d**d, my past with him was haunting me from beyond the grave, that there were still repercussions from everything.

Gannon’s phone starts ringing, and l glance at where it sat. Damian’s face popped up on the screen, and Gannon pulled the car over to answer it. I wondered what bad news we would get this time because if Damian was calling instead of mind linking meant it was important. When he was mind-linked about the council, he nearly ran us off the road, so maybe that is why Damian was calling this time instead?

Gannon got out of the car and sat on the hood talking on the phone, he glanced nervously back at me through the window before turning away from me, and I could hear his voice rising, but he walked off so I couldn’t hear the conversation.

We were pulled over on a highway. Cars zipped past, making the car shake. Gannon runs a hand through his hair before turning around to look back at the car. Leaning over the back seat, I grab his jacket. The temperature had dropped, and it was windy outside of the car. I pull it on and climb out. I wanted to stretch my legs anyway. We had been in the car for hours, and my a*s was going numb from sitting so long.

I stretched my arms above my head before walking around the front of the car while Gannon moved further away, talking angrily to Damian. I lean against the hood of his car and watch him, catching the end of his conversation.

“You should have just k****d her. You could undo everything I have done, just get rid of her and be done with it,” Gannon snaps, hanging up the phone. He growls, turning to face me. I rummage in his jacket pocket, finding some red sugar clouds. He always had candy on him. Yet I don’t ever see him eat it. I shrug more for me. I giggled, opening the little bag and pulling one out while he lit up a smoke.

“Everything alright?” I ask him, and he nods.

“It will be,” he says, wandering over to me.

“You found my stash?” he laughs, pointing to the red sugary clouds in my hand. I smile, popping another in my mouth.

“You always have them, yet you never eat them?” I chuckle. The tips of my fingers turned red from digging them out of the bag. Sugar coated my lips, and I quickly l****d them, savoring the sweet taste.

“I don’t like sweets,” he laughs.

“Then why buy them?” I ask.

“I buy them for you. I know they’re your favorite,” he says, and I let out a breath.

“What?” he asks.

“Nothing, you had me worried for a second, I thought,” I shake my head, not understanding why my mind went there.

“You thought what?” He asks

“Nothing, it was a stupid thought, just don’t worry about it,” I tell him. His brows furrow, and he draws back on his smoke, watching me before blowing a smoke cloud in the air.

“How much further?” I asked him.

“About three hours. Why, anxious to get away from me?” he chuckles.


“Come on then, let’s go,” he says, holding out his hand. I slide off the hood, and he walks around, opening my door. I shook my head at him, and I wasn’t sure if he just liked opening doors or thought I didn’t know-how. I shake my head and climb into the car. We drove, listening to the radio for a while. He was suddenly very quiet, and his aura was all over the place.

I pull the candy’s from my pocket again, and he glances at me. “What were you thinking before?” he asked, and I looked at him. He points to the bag in my hand. I didn’t want to answer, suddenly feeling ashamed for even thinking it, I know Gannon, and he isn’t that sort of monster.

“What did Damian want earlier?” I asked instead.

‘I’ll answer when you do?” he retorts, and I sigh. I look out the window watching the scenery go by.

“So?” he asks. I shrug, turning back to look at him.

“When Azalea and I were little, the butcher used to offer us candy to help him in the basement. We never did. He always gave us strange vibes. We always thought there was something off with him, so when he would ask, we used to tell him Mrs. Daley gave us chores, which she did anyway, so it wasn’t technically a lie,”

“You thought I was a creep?” he asks appalled, as he should be, no one would like being thought of that way which made me feel quilty yet soon as he said it for some reason that memory came to me.

“No, just when you said you didn’t eat candy it came to mind, it’s just where my mind went for some reason,”

“Well, I am definitely not a p*******e. That I can assure you, and do you mean Doyle, that same butcher?” I cringe hearing his name but nod, looking back out the window. All that seemed like a lifetime ago, yet at the same time I would always remember every detail, remember it like it was yesterday, it only needed the right thing to trigger it and bring to the forefront of my mind.

“He’s d**d now. You don’t have to worry about him,” Gannon says, and l s*****w.

“It’s my fault, though. I went down in the basement with him. I knew I shouldn’t have, but Mrs. Daley said she wouldn’t feed us for a week if I didn’t help him bring the meat down to the freezers. I shouldn’t have gone down there. We always made sure we were never around and made sure we were busy when the butcher came to drop the meat off, we both knew something was off about him,” I tell him.

“Then why did you?” Gannon asks.

“Because if I didn’t, she would have made Ivy, I mean Azalea. We hadn’t eaten in three days. Mrs. Daley used to make us share whatever scraps were left over. We hadn’t eaten in three days. There was nothing left over. Mrs. Daley said if I helped him stack the freezers, we could eat with the rest of the children, so I went down there. If she had said I would have got lashings if I didn’t, I would have taken those instead, but we were hungry, and Azalea’s back was badly torn up already. She couldn’t take more lashings, and some were down to the bone. I just didn’t expect what I got when I went down there,” I murmured.


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