His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 139

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 139 – “I don’t look at you with pity, Abbie. I know who you are, and that is all I see. I see you, and this is not you. You are better than them. I see the girl I am willing to d*e beside, the girl I jumped with, the girl that kept me going when she wanted to give up herself, and you are not giving up, more than my life Abbie. I am here, and you staying right here with me, you go I go, so which is it, are you jumping because if you are, I am jumping with you,”

“You have a mate and are Queen, so don’t say that. I am nothing compared to you,” she says and I hear in her voice how much she truly believed that.

“You are everything to me. You always have been. My title doesn’t change that, and you have Gannon and will be my Beta, so don’t tell me you are nothing because the only reason I am still here for any of this is because of you,”

Abbie chuckles and shakes her head but lifts it placing it against the wall. “I am a werewolf. You are Lycan, I can’t be your Beta, and I wouldn’t know the first thing about being a beta.”

“You think I know how to be Queen?” I laugh, sitting up to look at her.

“I can’t even read, but we have people here that will help us. I have Kyson. You have Gannon, and me.”

“Yeah, until he tosses me aside, when I can’t give him what he wants,”

“He wants to change you and mark you. He isn’t going anywhere, and even if he does, I am still right here,” I tell her.

“You would change me?” she asks.

“Wouldn’t think twice about it, but we may have to ask how though, because I am not sure how to,” I chuckle, and so does she before her smile falls.

“Who would have thought freedom would be worse than the chains that restricted us,” she whispers.

“Freedom isn’t something given, Abbie. It’s a mindset. Only we can free ourselves,”

“Do you feel free?” she asks, and I sigh.

“I don’t know, but I know we aren’t the orphan rogues anymore. I don’t know who I am either, but I am determined to find out, and I prefer we find out together,” I tell her and she swallows.

“More than my life,” she whispers.

“More than my life,” I reply.

“More than my life,” Gannon’s deep voice says, making us both jump, neither of us heard him come in, and l swipe my hand down the glass to find him leaning against the sink basin.

“Gannon?” Abbie sighs, shaking her head beside me.

“How long have you been there?”

“Long enough, now hop out. We are leaving,” he tells her but she doesn’t move.

“I told you I am not going,” Abbie says, staring vacantly ahead.

“You are. You can’t stay in here, love. So please,” Gannon begs, crouching down in front of us when he opens the door. I look to Abbie, who makes herself smaller like she was trying to hide her body away from him.

Gannon’s eyes flit to me for a second before he scrubs a hand down his face, and I see the blacked-out mirror behind him, glancing back at Abbie and looking at her scarred skin. We nearly looked the same.

Hers were jagged, but my back looked like it had gone through a mincer, and so did my arms and the backs of my legs, yet the front of me wasn’t so bad. Abbie, however, was marred, but hers were jagged yet less, though I had no doubt hers caused her more pain because the scars would heal, but the marks on her heart, I wasn’t so sure.

Nonetheless, I could tell she was ashamed of her body, what had become of it, and if that was what was preventing her from leaving the room, she needed to know she had nothing to be ashamed of. Her scars couldn’t be hidden by clothes like mine could, but that didn’t mean she should feel ashamed of them.

“Can you get out, please?” she whispers, her knees close to her chest.

“I have already seen you n***d, Abbie,” Gannon tells her. Her face flamed red, and her lips quivered, and l knew I was right, and by the way she scrubbed her skin raw, I knew she felt d***y, felt on display by the marks that marred her.

“I can’t go out there,” she whispers, and I look at the scars that ran down her neck and mutilated her shoulders and the cuts on her face that left white lines once healed. To me, though, she was still beautiful. lyrics remember the shame I felt when the King asked me to get changed in front of him, the way Abbie begged at his feet for me. Gannon sighs but gets to his feet and walks out, he looked angry but never once voiced that anger at her.

“It’s just skin, Abbie,” I whisper. Yet to her, they were memories, and I understood that, that I did understand, and I hated mine too. Hated the way it looked against my skin. Hated the reminder.

“He mutilated me. It is one thing, everyone here knowing another having the world see,” she croaks.

Trying to feel for the mindlink, I push on it, hoping I could open it myself, yet when I struggle, Kyson opens it for me. It was so weird trying to feel for him in my head. The bond was one thing, but the mind was something else, and Kyson made it look easy but it wasn’t.

“Why do you feel embarrassed?” Kyson asks.

“Abbie hates her body,” I tell him.

“And that makes you embarrassed?” he asks, and my face heated as hot as my shame.

“Hmm, I don’t like this feeling. Where are you?” The King asks.

“In the shower with Abbie,”

“I see,”

“Not like that. I have clothes on, but,”

“But what?”

“I want to take them off,”

“Your both girls, I don’t see a problem with that,” my face heated even more. I was not afraid to be n***d in front of Abbie. G*d knows how many times I had been n***d in front of her and her me.

“Spit it out, Azalea. Your worry is making me queasy. What is it?”

“Say I walk outside in the castle n***d?”

“Definitely not,” Kyson growls. Which angers me and fuels my next answer.

“I wasn’t asking permission,” I tell him though I was kind of hoping he would give it because I didn’t exactly want this to cause an argument.

“Then why are you telling me?”

“So you don’t have to find out from the staff,” I tell him.

“Azalea!” he snaps.

“Will be n***d walking the corridors,” I answer.

“Like h**l, you are,” I cut him off, only for the mindlink to open up again and he forced his way back in my head.

“Somebody shut off the d**n cameras,” Kyson snarled through the mind-link opening it for all castle staff. Their voices, flitted through my head making me dizzy.

“We have cameras?” I asked.

“Yes, they were installed two days ago. You are not doing this,” Kyson tells me.

“I am,”

“Why are we cutting off the cameras,” Gannon’s voice says suddenly through the mindlink. So many voices were making my head hurt and I struggled trying to shut them off only for Kyson to force back in my head.

“Do not let Azalea leave the bathroom,” Kyson growls at him.

“Pardon, my King,” Gannon answers. Abbie touches my arm as she stands, making me jump and pulling me back to focus on the room.


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