His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 136

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 136 – Kyson POV

I wanted to explain more, but when Damian called through the link that a fight had broken out down the corridor between Trey and Dustin, I had no choice but to sort it out. Leaving the room, I saw Dustin punch Trey, knocking him down the stairs only to chase after him. Damian was trying to separate them when Trey tackled Dustin as he rushed down the steps. Damian grabs the back of Trey’s shirt and rips him off Dustin just as Dustin goes to a****k him again. My hand wrapped around his arm, j*****g him back.

“What the f**k is going on here?” I snarled while Trey shrugged off Damian’s hand.

“Answer me?” I commanded.

“I don’t want him near the Queen. He can’t be trusted,” Dustin snarled.

“And you can, a*****e. You ran off with her and put the Queen in danger,” Trey spat back at him.

“Yes, also your fault. Azalea wouldn’t have even known where to go if you didn’t show her on her phone!” Dustin growled, taking a step toward him, but my hand fell on his shoulder.

“Is this true?” I ask Trey, who turns his attention to me. He sighed, scratching the back of his neck.

“Yes, my King. But I did not know she would go off after Abbie,” Trey admits.

“And you would let Dustin take full responsibility for what happened?” Damian demanded.

“I didn’t run off with her. I would have dragged her back to the room had I known,” Trey defends himself. Damian shakes his head, looking at me.

“You have two seconds to explain yourselves, now,”

“Dustin hates me because he blames me for the trials and keeps sabotaging me every chance. Damian pulled me from her guard because of him,” Trey says before glaring at Dustin.

“Damian didn’t pull you from the guard; I did. There are too many rumors about both of you right now.”

“Yet you stationed him?” Trey scoffs.

“Yes, because he is one of my head guards, and Azalea trusts him even if right now I don’t,” I growl, looking at Dustin. I wanted to beat him senseless, yet Abbie would probably be d**d or, worse still, stuck there if they hadn’t gone.

“She was determined to go. Better I went with her than her go by herself, my King. You know I would never put her in harm’s way. You know I wouldn’t risk her like that unless I had no choice!” Dustin says, and I growl.

“You had a choice. You could have brought the Queen back to her room!” Trey yelled.

“Because that worked. Azalea snuck out on you, and you didn’t even know she was gone,” Dustin retorted, and Trey looked away. Damian rubs his temples and shakes his head.

“You are giving me a headache,” Damian growled.

“May I be of some assistance? Liam says, making all of us jump. He was sitting on the windowsill above the stairs. We all look up, not one of us noticing he was even there. My brows pinch, wondering how the heck he even got up there. He jumps down, landing next to Damian on his feet.

“How did you get up there?” Damian asked.

“Ninja skills. I’m as quiet as a mouse and quick and agile as a snake,” he said, and I tried not to laugh, and I saw Dustin trying not to smile at his words. Trey, however, held a sour expression.

“And why were you up there?” Damian asks.

“My ears were burning, my senses telling me there was information to eavesdrop upon,” he says.

“Are you drunk?” Damian asks. Liam shakes his head, straightening up.

“The question you mean, Beta. Should be, are you sober… that would be a never,” Liam giggles. I roll my eyes.

I wave him forward, and he straightens himself like some prim and proper gentleman, though he was a gentleman, either way, sober or drunk. Come to think of it, I think his question was correct. I was yet to see him sober. It made me briefly wonder if he could function without the liquor, although I knew I had a drinking problem, so I couldn’t really judge.

“What are you proposing?” I ask.

“Well, you still have to go away, my King, to investigate the killings, and I would rather stay behind. I am sick of looking at d**d little ones; Uncle Liam is not made for the kiddie horrors, so I volunteer to watch the Queen, with Dustin, of course,” Liam says, motioning toward Dustin and sending him a wink. Dustin shakes his head with a laugh.

“You want Trey to take your place on my guard?” I asked.

“But I was the Queen’s guard,” I hold my hand up, shutting off Trey’s protests when Liam looks at me, his eyes glazing over before his voice is in my head.

“You already know how I feel about the ferret. Dustin is clear about his feelings. What better way to catch a rat than having him by your side, my King? Azalea is safe with me. You know that, but if I remember correctly, Trey is not under the guard pact!” Liam says, making my brows furrow. I glance at Damian, trying to remember when I set the pact, but Liam was right. It was after the fall of King Garret and Queen Tatiana, and just before the d***h of my sister. Trey got here just before her end.

“What is it?” Damian mind-linked.

“Ask Clarice if Trey was there when Azalea’s food was tampered with,” I ask him, and he nods, walking off down the stairs.

Turning my attention to Trey and Dustin, they were glaring at each other.

“Trey, you’re swapping with Liam. Liam will be on guard with you, Dustin.” I tell him, and Dustin nods, heading up the stairs to my room.

“He is a f*****g drunk!” Trey accused, glaring at Liam. I blinked, only to find Trey shoved against the wall, Liam’s hand around his throat and a knife under his chin.

“Watch it, boy, or I will be wearing your skin as a suit. Watch your tongue, talk about me like that again and I will remove it for you, one of the King’s guards or not. I will show you what a drunk can do, and what a pretty suit you would make,” Liam warned, tapping the side of Trey’s face with his knife. Trey swallows and nods quickly.

Liam growls before shoving off him and walking up the steps to his post, while Trey presses his lips in a line, looking away.

“5 am. We leave in the morning. Be ready,” I tell Trey before turning on my heel.

“Yes, my King,” I hear him answer before walking off. When I reach the top level, Dustin nods at me. I press my lips in a line, turning to face him.

“You are not off the hook. Unfortunately, my punishment for you,”

“I think putting up with me would be punishment enough, don’t you think, my King,” Liam chuckles. l cluck my tongue, turning back to Dustin.

“It is yet to be decided. Don’t f**k up again,”

“I won’t, my King,” Dustin says, and I nod to them, pushing the door open and going to find my mate. Azalea was sitting on the floor by the fireplace, playing with her tablet and an open book.

“Did you eat?” I ask her, and she nods, pointing to the empty tray on the dresser without looking up from the tablet she was typing away on. I sigh, walking over and grabbing it. Opening the door, I go to hand it to Liam when I notice the pill sitting on the tray still. My heart raced a little faster seeing it sitting beside her empty plate.

“Azalea?” I ask, looking over my shoulder at her. She looks up from where she is sitting on the floor to stare at me.

“Did you mean to leave that on the tray?” I ask her. She scratched her neck, and I could feel her worry through the bond and she grew nervous. She was scared of answering, but did.

“You said it was my choice. I don’t want to take it,” she says before biting her lip, her eyes on the tray in my hand.

“Liam!” I tell him, and he takes the tray before shutting the door. A giddy feeling rushes through me, knowing she wanted kids.

“You know what that means, right?” I ask, walking over to her.

“That I could get pregnant,” Azalea answers and shrugs.

“But I also might not be pregnant too, so, we’ll see,” I stop beside her, and she looks up at me.

“Are you angry?” she asks, but I shake my head, sitting beside her and pulling her on my lap. I was the complete opposite, but I worried how she would take it. Although now I held relief.

“No, I didn’t want you to take it, but it wasn’t my choice,” I tell her, kissing her cheek and wrapping my arms around her waist. I bury my face in her neck, inhaling her scent, and she squirms away from my ticklish stubble.

“What are you reading tonight?” I ask her, kissing my mark on her neck. Azalea shivers and she holds up the book.

“Treasure Island, you seem to like this one,” I tell her, and she leans back against me while I take the book and open it.

“I have to leave tomorrow, but Dustin will be here with Liam,” I tell her, finding the spot she was up to.

“Can’t I come,” she asks.

“I thought you wanted to see Abbie. Maybe next time,” I tell her. Azalea sighs, but as soon as I mentioned Abbie, I knew I was right in that assumption. Opening the book, I read, stopping now and then to let her try. Her reading has become better, and she could identify a few different words by the time I had stopped.


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