His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 126

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 126 – Kyson POV

There was no word strong enough to describe how furious I was that she took off with Dustin. I felt m*******s. I wanted to strangle the pair of them for their stupidity. Although, at the same time, I had never felt such relief when we got here on time to find her alive.

“You disobeyed me!” I growled, stalking toward her. My eyes scanned over her to see her drenched in blood. Her worst injury was the gaping wound in her hip that was running a blood trail down her leg. “And now you’re injured!” I snapped at her.

“But Abbie,” she tried to say before I cut her off with a growl. Her eyes widened as I reached her, and she cowered away, pressing closer to my gamma. But he knew better than to get in my way. He was also furious with Dustin for allowing her to put herself at risk despite being relieved to have Abbie back.

“I don’t want to hear it,” I snarled, ripping her closer, her tiny body smacking into my hard chest a little harder than I intended. I was frantic the entire run here, and now I knew she was by my side. It was overshadowed by my anger and her heat that had returned. She struggled against me, which only made my instincts want to claim her, heal her, and l regretted not explaining almost instantly when I felt her betrayal hit me. She thought I was making her submit. In a sense, I was. Although, not for the reason, she undoubtedly thought.

She would bleed out long before we got home, and l would mate her if she remained awake. Her scent was potent, as the effects of the d**g Doc gave her were wearing off. So I sank my teeth into her neck and remarked her. Her body fell limp in my arms, and l barely scooped her legs up before she slipped from my grip. I l**k her neck before holding her tighter and attempting to lift her shirt when I am suddenly hit repeatedly by tiny fists in the back.

“You f*****g a*****e, you p***k! You didn’t even let her explain. You just made her submit,” Abbie screamed, punching into my side in a fit of rage. I look over my shoulder to find her hitting me with her tiny fists like they would do something. Gannon grabs her around the waist, tugging her back when she falls forward in his arms while flailing as he restrains her arms. She snarled angrily, leaning forward and biting me like a d**n savage.

I blinked down at her, her teeth embedded in my arm just as Gannon ripped her backward, making him fall on his a*s, her teeth pulling out of my arm painfully. She bit me!

“I will f*****g k**l you, you savage Neanderthal,” she screamed, as she turned red-faced landing on top of Gannon.

Gannon growls before snapping at her. “He didn’t make her submit. Stop, look!” Gannon snarled at her, pointing to where I lifted Azalea’s shirt. Her wound was already healing though my hand was filled with her blood. I huff. If Abbie was anyone else other than Abbie, I would have been pissed, but I know these girls would d*e for each other. I shook my head while Gannon apologized for Abbie. Turning my attention back to my mate, I lean down while lifting her higher and run my tongue over her wound when I spot Abbie standing in front of me, having escaped Gannon.

“See? He isn’t hurting her,” Gannon whispers, coming up behind her, and she worries her lip between her teeth. However, she didn’t look much better off herself. Abbie was rather pale and sickly looking. She lets out a breath.

“You couldn’t have warned her first, instead of just going all caveman and biting into her,”

“Warn her as you did me when you bit me?” I growl. Her face heats up, her cheeks turning a light shade of pink.

“I thought, never mind. F*****g Neanderthal men, anyone would think you were raised by cavemen,” she says before her eyes go behind me. I turn to see what she is looking at, to find it was Kade’s d**d body lying on the grass behind me. Abbie swallows before shaking her head when her eyes turn glassy.

“Can we go home now?” she asks, looking at Gannon.

“My King, we have three cars here. They are on the top road.” Damian says, coming over to me with Dustin tossed limply over his shoulder. I glare at him before trekking through the forest and up the vast mountain.

Stumbling across my car, I click my tongue.

When I reached the top, I was struggling to control myself, I felt rabid as her scent grew more potent, and even Damian glanced at me nervously as I clutched my mate closer, soaking up her scent, and trying to let it calm my urges. However, once we got to the cars and headed back home, we were halfway when I smelled her scent shift with a ferocity of a tidal wave. As my mark healed her, it also completely b****d out the d**g in her system. My canines slipped from my gums, and my pupils dilated.

“The windows,” I growled at Damian and Gannon, knowing if I moved right now; I would lose control completely. They quickly did as I asked while Abbie watched me worriedly. Her eyes were wide as she stared at Azalea in my arms. She moved on her seat to reach out to touch her, and the noise that left me was feral as Gannon jerked her back to sit beside him.

“She is safe, but she is in heat, so stay still,” Gannon whispers to her, and I watched as Abbie sniffed the air slightly before wrinkling her nose. It took a few hours until we finally pulled into the horseshoe driveway.

Gannon pulled Abbie with him, only to find Liam had opened the door.

“The boys?” Gannon asked.

“Clarice has them. They are both tucked away in their beds safe,” Liam answers. I wanted to ask, but right now, I was at war with myself and figured it could wait until I was in more control.

“Kyson, where do you want me to put Dustin?” Damian asks, clearing his throat. Dustin was in one of the other cars, and I knew he was awake; I could feel his pack tether was alert.

Looking down at Azalea, I press my face into her neck and breathe in her scent.

“You know it wouldn’t have been a deliberate act of putting her in harm’s way,” Damian said though I could tell he wanted to beat some sense into him.

“Just think of Azalea’s reaction before you act, my King. You know she won’t be happy if you hurt him.”

“He needs to be punished,” I tell him and Damian nods.

“He does, but maybe sleep on it tonight and clear your head before deciding what that punishment should be,” Damian says.

“Dungeons? Or am I sending him to his room?”

“F**k!” I mutter under my breath.

“His room. I will deal with him tomorrow,” I answered, not happy, but he was right. Azalea and Dustin are close.

“Okay,” Damian says, holding the door open for me, only I don’t get out. I was frozen. If I moved right now. I was going to bend her over and f**k her despite her being asleep. My c**k was painfully hard beneath her and my muscles tensed as I began to sweat.

“My King?” Damian asked, and I glared out the door.

“I can’t move,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Right, I um. I could take her,” Damian asked, but I had suffered through both his and Gannon’s scent switching back and forth the entire way home as they reacted with each wave as it came, and I don’t think I could bear to smell his arousal on her skin. I swallowed, knowing I had to ask for the help of the one man I wanted to k**l right now.

“Please ask Dustin to come to take her,” I tell him.

“You want Dustin to take her back to her room?” I nod once.

Waiting a few moments, Dustin stepped into the limo warily. I clenched my jaw, but his scent didn’t change as he approached. He didn’t say anything and waited for me to nod to him before taking her. Dustin scooped her out of my arms. He stepped out of the limo while I waited, still fighting the urge to bury my d**k in her tight confines. After about half an hour, I calmed down enough to get out of the car without wanting to hunt my mate like she was my prey. Although once the cool night air brushed against me, and the fresh air filled my lungs. I felt dizzy, and my surroundings spun. Taking a step toward the castle doors, my vision blurred, and I felt delirious. It became harder to breathe and with another step, I lost all feeling as an icy cold feeling slivered over my heat-ravaged body and my heart thumped erratically in my chest. The ground rushed toward my face, yet I didn’t feel a thing as I hit it, although I heard the air be expelled from my lungs on impact before my vision went black.


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