His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 122

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 122 – “Can I help you, sir?” I hear him ask before hearing Kade’s voice.

“I’m looking for a girl. Abbie, come out. This human won’t save you from me,” Kade’s voice growls.

“Sir, I have not seen a girl,” I hear the man say.

“I can smell her. Now come out, Abbie, before I k**l this man,” I hear Kade growl out. I s*****w, listening intently before hearing Abbie scream and loud banging and grunts. A furious growl tears out of Kade, and my heart sinks to my stomach, and I place the phone to my ear, and the phone goes d**d. “Abbie?” Yet all I got was the dial tone.

Dustin floors it, driving faster toward the town, when suddenly, he screams at the cars swerving off the road. It was like time slowed right down. My eyes widened when Dustin tensed and clutched his head. My gasp sounded so loud as we hit the gravel and the side rail.

The car becomes airborne as it bounces off the guardrail and flies through the air toward the forest. Dustin turns his head to look at me. A horrified look on his face as the car careens over the side rail, turning upside down in the air. Dustin’s eyes were glazed over, and I could see someone had mind-linked him, causing the accident.

The sound of metal on metal as the car flipped and smashed into trees, rolling down the hill. My stomach lurched to my throat, and I was tossed around like a rag doll in the back seat, the windows smashing out and the noise was so loud. The crunching of metal and breaking windows rang out into the night as the car bounced off the tree.

My head smashed against the roof lining and landed upright beside an enormous tree. Dazed, I groan, clutching my head as I look around to see Dustin slumped forward in his seat, knocked out. Blood dripped from his head. I tugged on my seatbelt, trying to unclip it. I tried to open my door, but it was crushed from the roof, the other door pinned against the tree that had stopped rolling further down the hill. Finally getting free of my seatbelt, pain ricocheted through me with each movement.

Reaching forward, I grip the back of the front seat headrest, pulling myself forward, my fingers slipping off the leather fabric made slippery with my blood.

Blood trickled down the side of my face, some getting in my mouth and filling my left eye. I blink, wiping my face with the back of my hand and shuffling forward in my seat.

Climbing over the seat into the front passenger seat, the footwell was no longer there as the dash wash pushed right into the chair. My knee brushed something that sent shooting pain through my abdomen. Falling in the passenger seat, I choke when I see a massive piece of metal embedded in my hip and stomach.

A gasp leaves me when I try to pull it out before choking on a sob and deciding to leave it. I touch my back to find it went through, so it’s probably best I left it in. Grabbing Dustin’s head, I tilt it back, and he g****s, his shoulders drop, his head falling forward when I let him go before it snaps upright. Dustin looks around at me frantically, twisting in his seat. Dustin clutched my arms before looking down at the metal that stabbed through me.

“I’m fine,” I tell him, though I could feel my pants and shirt soaked with blood. Dustin looks around. “The King ordered me to stop,” he says, clutching his head. He tried to open his door, but it was stuck against the tree. I gasped in pain, and Dustin tried to pull his legs out from under the steering wheel, which was pressed to his stomach. The whole front end of the car pushed into the front seats.

“Hang on, I will get you out.” He says before groaning when he tries to unpin himself. My head pounded, and my eyes pulsed in my head to their own beat. My vision blurred as I looked around at the dark forest, only to spot the glimmer of lights amongst the trees at the bottom of the incline.

It was town lights, and I gasped. “Abbie!”

“Azalea, no,” Dustin hisses, trying to pull himself free.

“That’s where she is,” I tell him, and he tries to grab my arm as I turn in my seat.

“Wait, the King and Gannon are on their way,” Dustin tells me. I shook my head, looking at him, but he looked fine despite being a little banged up and trapped. Abbie was right down there; I could just make out the service station’s enormous neon sign blinking like a beacon.

“No, Azalea. They are twenty minutes behind us. Wait,”

“Huh, we left hours ago,” I tell him. There is no way they could have caught up to us by now.

“Lycans can outrun even the fastest cars, Azalea. The King is running through the forest to get here, and Gannon is even closer. Just wait. You can’t even shift from the d***s in your system to stop your heat,” Dustin growls at me, punching the steering wheel in frustration because he couldn’t get out.

“But Abbie, she is right there,” I tell him. He shakes his head. I sigh before nodding. “Fine, at least let me climb out and see if I can open the door for you, so you can slide out.” He sighs, glancing at his trapped legs before nodding.

“Be careful. That rod is all the way through,” he says, peering at my stomach. I touch it and hiss, wondering where it came from before realizing it was a wheel brace on the back floor. I gulp but carefully climb through my broken window and out of the car. Blood drenched me from the movement, and I hit the ground hard, coughing and sputtering. “Azalea!” Dustin shrieks.

“I’m fine,” I choke, getting to my feet and walking around the wrecked car when I hear a blood-curdling scream. “Ivy!” her voice rang out clearly through the forest. My blood went ice cold, and I glanced through the broken windshield at Dustin. He shakes his head. His eyes go wide when I hear her scream again. My heart rate spiked, and I felt adrenaline coursing through me.

“Don’t you do it’ Dustin screams as I take off, running to where I heard her voice screaming out into the night.


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