His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 115

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 115 – Pushing the door open, I pop my head out before wandering over to him. He instantly straightens. “Everything okay, my Queen,” he asks.

“Do you know where Alpha Kade’s pack is?” I want to post a parcel to Abbie.” I tell him.

“You want to post a parcel?” he asks. I nod, biting my lip. He takes the map from me.

“Ah yeah, here, but you need her address, not just the suburb. Do you know the address?” he asks me. I shake my head.

“You can use street view; I can show you if you want.”

“Street view?” I ask, having never heard of it before.

“On G****e, you type an address on the maps on the phone. You can pull up a street view of it. You would be able to see the Pack house,”

“The Phone has maps?” I ask him. He nods, holding his hand out for the phone.

“Yep, like a Navman, will even tell you how to get there, may I? I will show you,” He says. I glance at the phone in my hand before passing it to him. Trey fiddles with it before pulling up some apps, and maps pop up. He then types in the address and goes to some link, and I see a picture of the Pack house, which was a huge white mansion with fountains out the front.

“That’s where Abbie is?” I ask him.

“Technology is pretty cool, huh,” he laughs. I nod.

“Oh, Dustin told me he will be up soon. He got permission from Damian to return to his post.” Trey tells me. “I hope he slept.” I murmured to myself.

“Yes, hopefully, he will be in a better mood,” Trey laughs. And I nod before wandering back into the room. I lock the door before racing around. I grab a jacket before glancing at the door, being careful not to bump the phone and get out of the address. Stopping next to the door, I listen for any movement before going to the window. I push the window up and peer out into the setting sun. Looking at the side of the window, I tug on the vines to see if they would hold me before wondering what my chances of not breaking something were when I notice a drain pipe at the next window over. Closing this one, I move to the next. I chuck the phone in my pocket before throwing a leg out the window.

My heart pumped frantically as I pulled myself to sit on the edge of the windowsill. I gulp, looking at the drop. My hands shook as I gripped the copper pipe. Minutes pass before I finally build the courage to let the pipe take my weight. When the pipe doesn’t pull away, I sigh before slowly descending it until I get a safe enough distance from the ground to jump. I do.

Once down on the ground safely, I did a happy dance looking at the window I escaped from, which was cut short when I heard a guard’s voice and raced around the corner and hid.

I knew the road Trey mentioned, but I thought it was a d**d end. Making my way to the garage behind the stables. I peer in the glass window on the side door to see if anyone is in there. Finding no one, I twist the handle and rush to a sleek-looking black car. Tugging the handle, I am relieved to find it unlocked and quickly climb in before looking for the keys which were tucked under the visor. They fell on my lap, and l look at the steering wheel.

“I could do this, I can do this!” I whisper, trying to figure out where the key went. Finding the ignition, I jam the key in and twist. The sound makes me jump when it makes a weird noise from holding the key on for too long. I duck behind the steering wheel, worried someone might hear. I sit up, putting my seatbelt on when no one comes. The car goes nowhere when I put my foot on the pedal. I push on it harder, still nothing, before I glance down to see what I was doing wrong and find something strange between the seats.

I briefly remember seeing the driver once fiddling with it. I squeezed the button and moved it, forgetting my foot was on the pedal, and the car flew backward and hit another vehicle behind me when I jammed my foot on the other pedal. “Whoops,” the alarm blares, and l panic, moving the stick thing again only for the car to j**k forward. How do people do this? I growl, pulling it back again, only to hit the car again. On the plus side, the alarm turned off.

Moving it again, I take my foot off the accelerator and slowly press it, and the car moves forward toward the open roller door. As I put my foot down, my heart lurched into my throat, and the car lurched forward. I take it off, easing it on and scraping the brick wall as l leave the garage. I clench my teeth at the noise. The phone person tells me I am off route and to move back to a road as I follow the dirt track at the back.

My hands shook as I moved out into the open to see guards running in my direction, and I floor it only to jam on the brake, trying to navigate the dirt path.

Hearing a tap on the window, I jump and see Dustin walking beside the car. He points to the buttons on the door handle. I press them. The roof opens up, and the window rolls down as I frantically jabbed buttons.

“This would have to be the worst getaway I have witnessed, also the slowest; I can walk faster,” He laughs, and I growl, ignoring him, the car moving at a snail’s pace.


“I am going to get Abbie!” I tell him. Dustin looks toward the guards. He waves them off. He clicks his tongue, walking beside the slow-moving car.

“He is going to k**l me, anyway. Stop and move over. He would be home long before leaving the driveway at this speed,” He says, and I look at him.

“Hurry before I change my mind,” he says, and I jam on the brakes.

He reaches into the window, moving the thing in the middle, putting it on the P.

“Move, go on climb over,” he says pointing to the passenger seat.

“Really?” I ask him.

“Well, you will keep trying to leave, and if you are going to, I would rather be with you,” he says, opening the door.

“The guards?”

“I will tell them I am teaching you to drive. Clearly, you need teaching. Kyson will m****r you. This is his favorite car. It never leaves the garage, although I am glad you didn’t pick the one next to it because that one is mine,” he laughs, and my face falls as he peers up the side of the car.

“If he is going to k**l us, might as well before something worth d***g for, right?” He asks. I nod, and I climb into the passenger seat. He gets in and glances at me.

“Put your seatbelt on,” He says, and I do. He shakes his head before continuing along the path but at a quicker speed.

“We have an hour before one of them mind links to find out I am full of s**t, and not teaching you to drive,” Dustin says as we reach the road far from the castle view. He floors it, shoving me back in my seat, and whistles as the engine screams as he tore onto the street.

“Now, let’s find Abbie,” Dustin says.


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