His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 110

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 110 – Doc shook, and before I could stop myself, I shifted. Dustin only just ripped him back in time before l slashed his eyes from his head, the needle dropping from his hand. I tuck her under me. Azalea’s eyes roll in her head, the calling wearing off, and I only just managed to flood her with it as she came to. No doubt she would lash out at someone so near her nest.

“My King?” Doc stutters. Yet I had never struggled with control like this. Most of my guards had caught her in some state of undress before, but never while she was in heat. My instincts told me he was trying to take her, even though I consciously knew I asked him here. Reason tried to calm me, but it wouldn’t abate my urges.

Dustin bends down, scooping the needle off the ground. My eyes tracked his every movement as he approached the bed. Though his scent near her didn’t seem to faze me, probably because she reeked of him constantly or maybe because I knew he was no threat, his scent a clear indicator that she was not his type, his scent not wavering near her at all. No reaction, whereas I could sense Doc’s testosterone levels rise around Azalea because she was in heat.

“Ovaries, right, Doc? I’m not good with female anatomy,” Dustin admits, and Doc moves toward the end of the bed, watching from afar, careful not to come too close. His nostrils flare, earning him a growl.

Dustin’s hand shook as he stopped beside me at the edge of the bed. He bares his neck to me, and my eyes flicker as he offers his neck to me.

“No threat, Alpha King,” Dustin said steadily as I sniffed his neck, turning my nose away from him to sniff my mate. Dustin reaches over, tugging the surrounding sheet over her legs and mine covering her.

“He needs to move his leg,” Doc says, glancing away when my eyes snap to him. Dustin’s hand taps my leg.

The man needs a bravery award coming near me like this. I don’t think Damian would be game enough to try while she was in heat. I move my leg, and Dustin quickly tucks the blanket between her legs, careful not to touch between her legs. Azalea’s eyes flutter, and l bury my nose in her neck and l**k the hollow of her throat.

“Focus on your mate, my King. I am no threat,” Dustin says as I feel him moving her slightly, and I keep my face in her neck; she shivers, my whiskers tickling her neck.

“If you push hard enough, you will be able to feel it. The Queen is in heat. Her ovaries will be swollen. You won’t miss it once you feel it,” Doc murmurs.

“Feel what? I don’t even know what I am feeling for,” Dustin whispers.

“Hand on the back of her hip. Use your other to push down, no lower but above the pubic bone,” Doc says, and I growl.

Dustin fiddles around then jumps. “Ah, that’s wrong, so wrong, s**t, sorry, my King,” he says when my head snaps to look at his hands on my mate.

“Not gross, just didn’t think ovaries could expand like that,” he rambles, remaining still while my eyes remained on his hand touching her.

“She isn’t human. Lycan anatomy is far different from human anatomy,” Doc explains, my eyes going to the man who averts his once again under my glare.

“Fascinating truly is, a human woman. You could only feel the ovaries internally by lifting the ovary, and with a hand on the stomach. Still not 100% accurate on humans, Lycans are a little different,” He says, turning his head. Dustin moves too quickly to pluck the needle from between his teeth. He freezes when I growl, offering his neck to me to sniff. I turn my attention back to Azalea and hear him breathe.

“Now I inject it into the ovary?” Dustin whispers. Glad he was doing it, I don’t think I could.

“Yes, but move quickly. The King will feel it. I have heard it isn’t a pleasant feeling. He may lash out,”

“Wait, will I hurt her?” Dustin asks.

“Not if the King keeps her sedated, no, but he will feel it,” Doc says, my ear pricking on top of my head at his words.

I felt it alright and clenched the sheets. Dustin moved quickly, but I was more focused on Azalea, watching her. I heard the door click as they rushed out and would have to remember to thank Dustin later.

It took around 30 minutes until the side effects died down in her. Her breathing evened out, her cheekwere s no longer a rosy red, and her skin was no longer blistering hot. However, it had no such effect on me.

Her scent near driving me insane. The pain was pure torture for me, and now she lay asleep as exhaustion took her after hours of heat. She was now vulnerable to me, and I knew I had to get out of the room before I mated her.

Another hour passed as I paced and drank an entire bottle of whiskey, trying to force myself out of the room. Tipsy, I snatched another bottle off the bar and staggered out of the room. Dustin gripped my arm as l stumbled toward the steps.

“Stay guard,” I tell him.

“My King,” Dustin murmurs.

“Don’t, I know what I am risking? I am fine,” I tell him.

“Do you?” I growl at his question.

“Yes, my life and I will be fine. I won’t force her, and none of you are to tell her. She will come around.” I stopped, losing my train of thought.

“You have three days, My King,” Dustin argued.

“I need to go,” I tell him.

“Not a word,” I tell him, clutching the handrail as I headed for my office.


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