His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 109

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 109 – As sparks rush up my arm, I hiss as my c**k twitched against her. She growls at the feeling like she thought I would pin her down and force her, not understanding for Lycan men. It is involuntary. Our urge to mate is just as painful as her heat.

“Stay still then,” I tell her, gripping her hips and holding them in place. My control slowly waned, and I hoped this f*****g Doctor got here soon. She was turning savage as she kept attacking and biting me, yet she remained where she was and could not fight my command, her heat driving her insane as she resisted it. G*d help me when she learned to defy my orders, too.

She could resist my commands. She may not be able to resist my calling, but my orders she could and until she trusted me. I couldn’t risk using the call to make her submit. She needed to understand I would only use it to calm her or for her safety. Unfortunately, I ruined her trust and now was stuck earning it back. My father used it on my mother constantly for the same reasons, but it just became easier to get his way and a breach of trust after a while, not that mum noticed or he did anything wrong to her. Still, it wasn’t always necessary, and I didn’t want that with Azalea. I would rather she sought out my calling than me use it against her.

It was foolish of me to underestimate her relationship with Abbie. I should have recognized how close they were from that very day. I did in a sense, but after what Azalea had told me, it now made more sense.

Both witnessing the same horrors, both urging the other to keep going. Both living for one another.

I should have noticed from the moment she threw herself at my feet and begged for Abbie’s life, begged to let her d*e alongside her if I didn’t spare her. She reacted not out of fear for Abbie. Sure, that was there too, but no, she responded out of love and dependency. They were each other’s lifeline, knowing l could have ended hers for merely speaking out of turn.

Now, that was a different sort of bond I hadn’t realized belonged outside of a pact bond or brothers bond forged over centuries like Damian and I shared.

Brothers united not by blood but by respect and fighting beside each other for a long time. Azalea and Abbie shared the same thing, only it was based on survival and a strange dependency on each other. And for now, I knew I would never win if I made her choose between us.

Hearing a knock, I sat up, and Azalea groaned as she slid lower on my lap. I rip the blanket over her n***d body to cover her.

“You can enter,” I call to him. The moment his scent wafted to me, Azalea growled at the intruder in her nest, which was currently me, as she burrowed under the blanket, her claws scratching my sides.

Doc approached cautiously. She was dangerous in this state. You never intrude willingly on a nested she-wolf, let alone a Lycan. I grab her arms, wrapping them around my waist before laying back down, trapping her arms underneath me, and wrapping my arms around her shoulders, pinning her as she went to a****k him.

“Be quick,” I tell him, feeling the mattress shred beneath my back. The growl that leaves her is more predator than prey. I smash her with the calling when I feel her start to shift, and she melts against me. Doc’s eyes are wide as he stares at her and watches me. He was not just intruding on her nest, but looking at my heated mate. Not a scenario anyone wants to be in.

“My King, what you’re asking-” Doc tried to say.

“Will stop her heat, now do it!” I tell him.

“Yes, but my King, it isn’t,”

“I said do it, stop her heat. I will not force her,” I snarl at him, and he seems perplexed.

“She is resisting?” he asks, and I growl. He shook himself, startled by that information just as much as l was that she could resist it.

“You want to argue with me, do it through the mind link. I know what’s at risk, do not make me order you, Doc,” I warn him, and he sighs, looking at her as she purred, licking my chest, having forgotten we had people in our presence, unable to fight my calling as it lulled her to a sedated state. Doc pulls herbs and vials out before making the concoction up in a bowl and extracting it with a syringe.

“My King?” Dustin asks through the mind link, and my eyes move to him over Doc’s shoulder.

“I know, but I won’t force her,” I reply through the link. Dustin nods once, but looks away. We all knew what I was risking, and I wasn’t willing to guilt-trip her into giving in because I knew she would, but then she would resent me afterward or may accuse me of lying.

Doc clears his throat awkwardly, and Dustin averts his eyes while mine go to Doc’s. “My King, I have to… the injection site, I have to…” He stutters, and I growl, knowing he had to inject it into her ovaries. I had seen it happen to a Lycan woman who was in heat just as her pack was attacked. It stopped her heat and saved her until the bond was severed when her mate was k****d. She ended up k*****g herself not long after her mate died, anyway. She went insane after about a month.

“Which one?” I ask him.

“Either,” he states, averting his gaze while I rearranged her by pressing my leg between hers to cover her. My hands and the blanket tangled around her to cover her nakedness. Yet the moment he turned, the savage growI he received from me had him jump back. I couldn’t help it, covet and protect, my instincts went haywire. Knowing he could see what was mine and was about to touch her while she was in this state sent me insane.


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