Harvey York’s Rise to Power By A Potato-Loving Wolf Chapter 47

Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 47 – “Electric… electric bike?” Kevin spoke inadvertently. The corner of his eyes twitched, and a bad premonition surfaced within his heart.

“Yeah, an electric bike. I initially wanted to send him there, but he rejected my offer.” Yvonne said, “When you meet Mr. York, remember to be polite. I have said a lot of good things for you this time. Then only he reconsidered investing in your automotive city. If you neglect him, I can’t help you.”

Yvonne hung up the phone after saying this. She was still busy sorting out the documents.

The beeping sound then came from the cell phone. However, Kevin felt the buzzing in his head at this moment.

Mr. York, low-key, electric bike…

Oh, sh*t! Could it be that it was him?

Kevin was so scared that he was about to pee when this thought came to his mind. The next moment, he quickly ran to the lobby and pulled the little chief who had entertained Harvey just now. He said sternly, “Go, no matter what method you use, go and bring Mr. York back here!”‘ The little chief was confused. “Mr. Quinn, are you talking about the guy who lives off a woman?”

“What are you talking about? It’s none of your business! Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up, and go get him!” Kevin glared at her and scolded, “Useless thing, hurry up and bring him here. If you can’t do it, then you’re fired!”

“You guys better forget what you have seen just now. No one is allowed to talk nonsense, or I will dismiss you!” Kevin looked anxious after saying this. If Harvey was the CEO of York Enterprise, the way he treated him just now, and also, he wanted to go after his wife…

The cold sweat broke out on his back as soon as he thought of this.

‘What’s wrong with these rich people?! Can’t you just show off your wealth properly? Why are you trying to be modest?!’

At this moment, Kevin was full of regret to the point that he was about to hammer himself to d***h.

Meanwhile, the little chief did not dare to say anything. Although she was sulking, she still ran out of the exhibition hall quickly.


A few minutes later, the little chief found Harvey who was charging the electric bike.

“Sir, Mr. Quinn invites you to go back!” The little chief sighed and said in a complicated tone after watching this scene.

She could not understand why Mr. Quinn would suddenly ask this live-in son-in-law to go back.

Harvey did not even look at her and said indifferently, “Do you think that automotive city is the City Hall? Asking me to stay and leave as you please? I won’t go!”

The little chief almost cried after listening to Harvey ‘s words. She grabbed his hand and quickly said, “Sir, please, I apologize for my rude behavior toward you just now. But if you don’t follow me back, I will lose my job!”

“You…if you don’t go back with me, I shall d*e here!”

The little chief blushed while saying these words.

She had always looked down on poor people. However, she never thought that she would have to beg a poor guy in such a low voice and even threatened him with her d***h.

Harvey looked her up and down a few times. He was helpless when he saw that she was about to commit s*****e if he refused to go back. He then said, “Alright, I’ll go back with you, but my electric bike has not been fully charged yet. Come and help me push it.”

“Okay! Okay!” The little chief did not care how embarrassing it was to push the electric bike at this moment. She could even carry the electric bike as long as Harvey was willing to go back.


A few minutes later in the automotive city.

The little chief invited Harvey to the general manager’s office politely.

“Mr. York!” Kevin suddenly jumped up from the office desk and walked up with a smiling face after he saw Harvey.

Harvey sat on the sofa casually and glanced at this guy. He then said coldly, “It is said that women are two-faced. However, I never expect a shameless guy to change his attitude this fast too. So, what now? You’re inviting me back here to bow down to me?”

Kevin’s face slightly darkened. Nonetheless, he was not sure about Harvey’s identity at this time. Hence, he could only hold back his anger and said cautiously, “That… Mr. York, are you the new CEO of York Enterprise?”

Harvey did not respond immediately, instead, he smiled vaguely and said, “Why? If I’m not the CEO, are you planning to drive me away again?”

“No, I wouldn’t dare! Even if you’re not him, you’re still a guest!” Kevin smiled. “I don’t know if Mr. York…”

Harvey did not bother to care about him. He then dialed a number in front of Kevin…

“CEO!” A respectful female voice sounded from the other end of the phone. It was Yvonne’s voice.

Kevin could feel a ‘crack’ in his heart and he felt dizzy. He then kneeled on the floor straight away.


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