Harvey York’s Rise to Power By A Potato-Loving Wolf Chapter 41

Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 41 – Zack appeared like he had seen through the lie. “That’s right! It must be so. There are no other possibilities. If not, how could we explain the fact that their contract looks like a real one? But they’re so stupid. It didn’t occur to them that their lies would be exposed so soon…”

“Yes! That might be the case here. Senior Zimmer, call them home, and we’ll get to the bottom of it then.”

“That’s true! We’ve known about it for a long time now that the live-in son-in-law is just a useless man. Unexpectedly, he went and became a thief. Besides, how could Mandy bring home a fake contract? It’s a great humiliation for the Zimmers!”

The people from the Zimmers echoed what the others said loudly. ‘Mandy went too far. It’s an investment with an amount of fifty million dollars. A lot of us can gain many benefits and enjoy a luxurious life because of that. How bold of her to take a fake contract and fool us with that! She deserves to be punished severely!’

Senior Zimmer had no facial expression at that moment. He took out the void contract and took a few glances at it. He then said coldly, “Ask Lilian to call them home. If they didn’t give us a logical explanation today, we’d ask them to get the h**l out of the Zimmers.”

A lot of the Zimmers looked at each other and nodded repeatedly.

That was a good thing. Without Mandy in their family, they would be able to get a larger share of properties in the future. They wanted so badly for Mandy and her family to be disowned from the family.


At York Enterprise.

Harvey had almost read through the documents in the company during those two days. York Enterprise was an investment company at first. But his cousin–Belle had made a lot of useless investments in the past, and she had made the company suffer a significant loss. She did not even manage the company well, and the profit they gained during the previous year was less than fifteen million dollars.

A profit like that was considered somewhat less for a company that was worth 1.5 billion dollars. Luckily, the minute Harvey was appointed as the president, he canceled some of the contracts which were not carried out yet. The company was then able to take a break from suffering significant losses. Besides, they needed to be more careful with any investments in the future.

Harvey had roughly read through all of the investment projects before. In fact, except for the Zimmers’s project of the shopping center, the only other project that was quite valuable was the automotive city’s project.

Harvey read the information. He remembered that his electric bike was damaged, and it was quite troublesome if he always asked Yvonne to fetch him. He should have a car now.

He could go and buy a car that day and at the same time be able to go and investigate whether the automotive city had any investment value.

After he asked Yvonne to call the automotive city, he did not ask her to send him there. However, he rode on his electric bike and went there directly.

An automotive city was the new kind of commercial showroom. It was not used solely to sell cars of a certain brand. However, all of the luxury brands of cars were assembled there. The cars’ sales were exclusive, and it was more convenient for the consumers to choose and buy the cars they wanted.

Certainly, the people who could go there were considered quite wealthy and prestigious.

When Harvey reached the automotive city, he was quite speechless. There were many luxury cars parked at the entrance of the automotive city, such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. It was clear that the people who could go there and purchase the cars were only wealthy people. He parked his electric bike there, and it was rather an unpleasant scene.

But it was fine with him. He parked the bike nicely and entered the place.

There were quite a lot of luxury cars which were displayed there. There were all kinds of luxury brands there.

But it was noon, so there were not a lot of customers.

A few salesmen gathered together and chatted among themselves. When they saw Harvey entering the place, they did not want to entertain him.

Harvey dressed up in a shabby manner, and he even came on an electric bike. He might be some kind of worker who worked in the factory nearby. He might have gone to the automotive city to enjoy the air-conditioning system there and might want to take some photographs there to post it on Moments to show himself off.

They had seen those kinds of people so much so that they did not want to serve them.

No one went to serve him, but he was not in a rush. After all, he went there to investigate the place. So he took a look around. He even opened the door of the cars that he favored and went into the car to sit for a short while.

At that moment, a salesperson who looked like a supervisor could not bear to see that anymore.

“These workers just like to come and take photos. It’s fine. But why do they have to go into the cars like that? Will they be able to compensate for it if they’ve ruined the cars?’

“Mister, hello. May I know if you have gone into the wrong shop? The Kia dealership is on another street,” said the woman in a professional suit who walked over and smiled at him.

“Kia?” Harvey was stunned for a short while. He then smiled and said, “I don’t want to buy that. I came to look at the BMW, Audi, and the others. I’m trying to see if any of it is pleasing to my eyes.”

“Anything pleasing to the eye?” The beautiful sales girl broke into a standard fake smile. She was filled with an unconcealable contempt.

‘Isn’t this guy so good at pretending? He’s clearly a devastatingly poor man. He has such messy hair too. How could he think that he has the right to put up a show here? Did he watch too many videos and pranks online?’


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