Harvey York’s Rise to Power By A Potato-Loving Wolf Chapter 40

Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 40 – Yvonne had reached the office for a long time now. She wore a rather transparent white suit that day. When she saw Harvey entering the office, she soon served him a cup of tea. She then said, “CEO, the Zimmers had sent a person called Zack over today to deliver the contract to us. Do you want to take a look at it?”

“No need.” Harvey did not even look up. “Ask him to get lost. If he dares to step into my company in the future, beat him up and break his legs!”

“Alright!” Yvonne did not dare to ask any more about that. It was because Mr. York was always firm in his decision. It was also not the first day she worked for him.


In the reception room. Zack appeared quite gloomy. He felt quite unlucky when he bumped into Harvey just now. Now York Enterprise did not even bother about him, and he was left there for almost half an hour now. He was slightly annoyed and was about to get angry.

“Is anybody there?” He shouted.

After a short while, a receptionist came to him and said softly, “Mister, could you please don’t make so much noise in the company.”

“Who the h**l are you? How dare you ask me not to make noise here?” Zack stood up. He then looked at the young woman in front of him with interest. He then said lustfully, “Young girl, I think that it’s better if you don’t work as a receptionist here. If you are with me, I can guarantee that it’ll be much more interesting for you rather than being a receptionist…”

“Mister, please behave yourself…”

“You’ve got the character. I like that!” Zack narrowed his eyes. He was always good at dealing with female receptionists like her. As long as he spent some money, he would easily get them. Besides, he did not have to spend much.

Just when he was about to take action, the reception room’s door was opened with a creak all of a sudden. Yvonne entered the office in her high heels. “Mr. Zimmer, sorry for making you wait here for such a long time.”

Zack sized Yvonne up. ‘No wonder she’s appointed as the CEO’s secretary. Just look at her appearance and body figure. That CEO has such great fortune.’

But Zack did not dare to offend the CEO’s secretary. He soon smiled and stretched his hand out. He then said, “Miss Xavier, I’m wondering when the CEO is going to meet me. We’ve signed the contract, and I’ve brought it with me today.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Zimmer,” Yvonne revealed a standard but fake smile. She maintained her composure and avoided his outstretched hand. “The CEO had told me about it. Please get lost. Besides, the previous contract is void. Please leave!”

“What?” Zack wanted to jump up and slap Yvonne so badly, but he did not dare to do so.

What place was that? It was York Enterprise. If he dared to do anything out of the line, the people from York Enterprise could undoubtedly ruin him.

It was hard for him to force a smile. He then said, “Miss Xavier, why is that? Haven’t we negotiated well and signed the contract?”

“The CEO didn’t tell me the reason. Maybe he learned about the thing you did just now.You teased and harassed the receptionist just now.” Yvonne made up a reason casually.

As soon as she said that, she waved her hands slightly. The two security guards from earlier, came running toward them and led Zack out of the company.

Miss Xavier said clearly just now. The CEO wanted that man to get lost.

The two security guards did not dare to neglect that. They could finally do something good in front of the CEO. They certainly went all the way for that.

Soon, there was a rather shocking scene in front of the entrance of York Enterprise.

Zack was wearing a suit and a pair of leather shoes at that moment. Indeed, he dressed up smartly. But he was pressed onto the floor by a few security guards. After that, he was kicked out of the door of the company directly.


At the Zimmer Villa. Senior Zimmer appeared calm while holding a cup of first-rate green tea. But before he could s*****w the tea, he spat it all out on Zack’s face.

“What did you say just now…” Senior Zimmer coughed vigorously for a few times. He was filled with disbelief.

Zack appeared quite upset and gloomy. He was so sad. He then said, “Grandpa, York Enterprise was over the line. It’s fine if they don’t want to cooperate with us. How could they ask me to get lost?”

Senior Zimmer frowned and said in a deep voice, ” Didn’t we get the contract yesterday? Why did they change drastically at the last minute today?”

Zack averted his gaze and said, “Grandpa, is it possible that the contract is fake? York Enterprise doesn’t even have the intention to cooperate with us! It’s Mandy who pulled such tricks and put on such a show!”

“Yes, that’s possible! If not, why would they break their promise today after they signed the contract just yesterday?”

“Grandpa, why don’t we call Mandy over. Let’s see how she’s going to explain it! Maybe it’s just a fake contract!”

“‘Yes! If that’s really a fake contract, we’ll disown her from the Zimmers! Her husband is such a l***r, and she’s even more so than her husband!”

“By the way, grandpa. I bumped into Harvey today at York Enterprise!” Suddenly, Zack remembered about something else.

“What do you mean?Why did he go there?” Senior Zimmer frowned as he was slightly puzzled. ‘Harvey is such a l***r. How could he be related to a famous company like York Enterprise?’

“He went to apply for a job as a cleaner there. Grandpa, I figured it out now. Harvey certainly used the excuse of going there to clean up the place. But in fact, he went to steal a fake contract. That couple conspired with each other to lie to you!”


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