Harvey York’s Rise to Power By A Potato-Loving Wolf Chapter 39

Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 39 – “He can’t take that. Will that really happen since you said so? Who the h**l do you think you are? Are you the CEO of York Enterprise? Do you think that you’re their relative since you share the same surname as them? There are so many people who have the surname of Marshall. So does it make them the same family?” Lilian was so angry about so many things, and she was filled with deep wrath.

Harvey was about to say something more. Mandy had now come out of the bedroom. She then said, “Mom, Harvey wasn’t there today. We really couldn’t blame him. It’s Zack. He was too shameless. Besides, Harvey had helped me borrow the eight hundred thousand dollars, and he had helped resolve the emergency at hand. Could you please…”

“What is that? To treat him better? Look at his shabby appearance! He doesn’t look like a prince even if he dresses himself up nicely!” Lilian scolded him. She had now forgotten to mention the divorce. “Hurry up and go cook now! I’m warning you. If you want to stay in our family, you better behave yourself. If not, I’ll slap you vigorously!”

Harvey did not bother about Lilian. He just took a glance at Mandy in confusion. ‘When did she start to care about me?’

“Mom, what would you like to eat? I’ll go and cook now.” Harvey appeared happy.

“To the h**l with that!” Lilian scolded him vigorously. “Why is there such a useless man? How could he appear happy after being scolded like that?’

The next morning, Zack drove his BMW and went to the York Enterprise smugly. After he revealed his identity to them, the female receptionist led him to the reception room in the company respectfully.

Seeing how the receptionist behaved, Zack almost burst into laughter.

Mandy was clearly the one who got the contract.

But now, the entire contribution was solely his. The Zimmers had signed the contract and prepared it well. As long as he sent it to the York Enterprise, they would be able to get the funds after they worked out some more details with the York Enterprise.

‘There’s an amount of fifty million dollars!’ When Zack thought about that, there was so much space for him to do some kind of cunning tricks with such an amount of money. The least he could do with that contract was to change his vehicle into a new sports car. He burst into laughter inwardly.

Besides that, he was considered the one with the largest contribution in the third generation of the Zimmers. From then on, the Zimmers would belong to him solely.

As Zack was thinking about that, he saw somebody out of the corner of his eyes. He almost jumped up in excitement. He went to the door of the reception room and scolded, “Harvey, you’re such a l***r. Who asked you to come here and humiliate yourself? Don’t you know what kind of place this is? Hurry up and get lost! If you d***y this place, you don’t even have the means to compensate for it!”

Harvey yawned and looked at Zack in resignation. Zack was indeed quite enthusiastic. He came with the contract so early in the morning. Was he afraid that he would lose the money which they had gained?

Harvey did not want to bother about him. He turned around, and he was about to leave. But Zack grabbed his sleeves vigorously. Zack then scolded him, “L***r! I’m talking to you. Didn’t you hear me? You used our Zimmers’ money every day. What are you pretending to be now?”

At that moment, the argument between them had attracted quite a lot of the others’ attention. After a short while, two security guards came running toward them.

“What is the noise about? Do you know what kind of place this is?” One of the security guards shouted at them from afar.

Hearing that, Zack released his grasp swiftly. He then said shyly, “Misters, this is the useless person from the Zimmers family. I’m afraid that he came here just to create a mess. You came just in time. Hurry up and throw him out of this place! Don’t let him get in the way!”

The two security guards had seen Harvey’s face clearly now. They became quite awkward. ‘Isn’t that our new president?’

‘He fired the leader of the security team in person the day before yesterday. Who is this guy? Did he know what he’s doing right now?’

One of the security guards was about to say something, but Harvey shook his head slightly and stopped him. He then said calmly, “Zack, I came to apply for a job. It’s none of your business.”

“Apply for a job? Just look at you. You’re such a l***r. What kind of job are you able to apply for here? I’m sure that no one will want to hire you as their security guard. Aren’t I right?” Zack smiled coldly and said.

“Does it concern you?” Harvey said coldly.

“You’re just a l***r and good-for-nothing. Did you come here to be a cleaner?” Zack was filled with disdain. He heard long ago that Harvey led a pathetic life in the Zimmers. He was just like a servant at home on a daily basis. Zack figured it out now.

Harvey sneered. He then looked at the security guards and said, “Mister, where is the personnel department? Please lead the way for me…”

Although the security guards were shocked, they reacted soon enough. They then said, “Please, this way…”

When they reached the office, Harvey said calmly, “I don’t like to see anybody gossiping about me. Do you understand that?”

“Sure, we understand it now. We didn’t see anything just now.” The two security guards nodded ceaselessly.

Although they did not know what kind of hobby their CEO had, they were aware of the fact that rich people always had different types of hobbies. They even heard that someone who owned a few million dollars liked to collect odds and ends from the refuse heaps. Certainly, they did not dare to say more about that.


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