Harvey York’s Rise to Power By A Potato-Loving Wolf Chapter 32

Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 32 – “Yes, he’s just one of my acquaintances. I don’t know why he called me all of a sudden.” Wendy covered the phone with her hand and said cautiously.

Harvey smiled slightly. “Ask him to get lost.”

“Alright!” Wendy held the phone and walked out of the office. She then shouted coldly, “Our CEO asked you to get lost!”

After that, she hung up the phone directly. ‘Zack is really an absolute fool!’


At the other end of the phone, Zack was smug at first. Now, he became stunned all of a sudden. After a short while, he almost jumped up. “D*mn! She’s just a mere manager! How could she act so arrogantly in front of me! Who the h**l does she think she is? How could she ask me to get lost? How could she look down on our Zimmers like this!”

The Zimmers looked at each other in resignation. ‘Didn’t Zack hear that clearly just now?’

‘She claimed that it was her CEO who asked you to get lost.’

“Grandpa, the York Enterprise is way over the line!” Zack gritted his teeth. “How could they be so bold and treat our Zimmers like this. They clearly look down on us. Should we ask somebody to go…”

“Shut up!” Before Zack could finish that, Senior Zimmer interrupted him directly. “Don’t say such nonsense. I heard that the newly appointed CEO of the York Enterprise is in his or her early twenties. The CEO is quite young but capable. So it’s normal if the CEO is quite arrogant.

“I’ve considered it. Since he rejected all of the investments before and added another eight hundred million dollars, he’s clearly interested in outstanding projects with high qualities. What about this? Who among you is willing to represent our Zimmers to go and meet the new CEO and give it a try?”


They looked at each other helplessly. ‘Didn’t Senior Zimmer hear what Miss Sorrell said at the other end of the phone just now? She clearly mentioned that the CEO asked Zack to get lost.’

‘If we go and beg for investment funds like this, wouldn’t it be like going there just for the sake of being humiliated?’

Senior Zimmer’s facial expression worsened. He certainly knew that the task was rather difficult. If they went to ask for investment funds in person, they might be rejected and humiliated again.

But the problem was if they did not grab onto that opportunity, the Zimmers might never be able to rise up again.

Zack saw that Senior Zimmer had fixed his eyes on himself. His facial expression was bad. He then stood up all of a sudden, smiled and said, “Grandpa, why don’t we ask Mandy to go and give it a try?”

“Zack! You!” Mandy appeared shocked. ‘Zack is indeed shameless. He was being scolded, but now he pushed another person out.’

“What’s wrong?” Zack said coldly, “You’re one of the Zimmers right? Besides, isn’t the company you’re in charge of in need of eight hundred thousand dollars? It’s fine even if you fail to handle your company well. Now you’re asked to do something for our family. I’m sure you won’t shirk your responsibility, right?”

“Besides, our family even helped to take care of your useless husband for so many years. I’m sure you couldn’t stay here for free without any contribution, right?”

Talking about that, Zack smiled coldly and said, “Besides, it’s rumored that the CEO is a man. Mandy is such a charming girl. Go and give it a try. Maybe you’ll succeed.”


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