Harvey York’s Rise to Power By A Potato-Loving Wolf Chapter 44

Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 44 – Mandy appeared awkward, for she did not know how to reply to that. But Angel looked at Kevin in confusion.

Kevin smiled and said, “Angel, don’t you know, this live-in son-in-law came here today to buy a car? He has his eyes on the Porsche Panamera. Why don’t you help him pick the color?”

Angel sighed and said, “Let’s forget about it. There are no green cars for the Porsche brand, so it’s hard to pick for him.”

After she said that, she went over and glared at Harvey. She then said, “L***r! Don’t you see that Mandy is dating my cousin? If you have a tinge of self-awareness, just get lost immediately! Don’t you know that you’re quite an eyesore here?”

Kevin laughed too when he heard that. At the same time, he glanced at Harvey. ‘This guy does lead a pathetic life. I heard that he even helped my cousin to wash her shoes. It’s a great shame for men!’

Harvey’s facial expression was slightly unpleasant. He knew for a fact that Angel had a sharp tongue. But it never occurred to him that she was so wicked and vicious.

Harvey was about to get angry, but Mandy had pulled Angel aside and said something to her softly. “Angel, could you please don’t be a matchmaker and create a mess here? There’s really nothing between your cousin and me. Don’t you know why I came here today? Besides, I’m not ready to divorce him for the time being yet.”

When she said that last sentence, she felt quite guilty, and her voice was incredibly soft.

Angel appeared shocked. She then stretched her hand out and touched Mandy’s forehead. She then said in confusion, “You do not have a fever. Why did you say such nonsense?”

Thinking about that, Angel averted her gaze. She soon stared at Harvey and said contemptuously, “Harvey, do you think that the others will listen to you now that you managed to borrow some money? How could you threaten Mandy not to divorce you?”

“Let me tell you. That little amount of money doesn’t mean anything, Besides, you mooched off the Zimmers for three whole years. It’s what you should do, giving them some money. If you have some dignity as a man, you’d better get the divorce over with. Don’t stop her from gaining her happiness!”

Harvey stared at Angel coldly. “You’re just a kid. How could you have the right to meddle in the affair between me and my wife? Who the h**l do you think you are?”

“You!” It was beyond Angel’s expectation to see Harvey retorted to her, given that he usually acted like a coward. “You’re a man, but you stalked your own wife. How shameless of you!”

Harvey said coldly. “Who said that I stalked her? I came to buy a car.”

Standing behind them, Kevin smiled happily when he heard that. “That’s right. You came to buy a car. But don’t even think about the Porsche. Even if you can afford to buy the Audi beside it, I’ll kneel down today in front of you and address you as my father!”

Having said that, Kevin was filled with disdain. He had seen so many people like that who wanted to act smugly and arrogantly up until the last moment. The people like Harvey did not even know what a Porsche meant.

On the other hand, the salespersons, receptionists, and other customers could not help but burst into laughter.

“Did I hear that wrongly? A live-in son-in-law acting so boldly, and he came here to buy a luxury car.”

“It seems like he’s the Zimmers’s live-in son-in-law. He stays there for three years now, and his pocket money is given to him by his wife!”

“How could he become so daring and come here to buy a car!”

Many people there burst into a roar of laughter. In Niumhi, those who were slightly wealthy were well aware of that incident. The people from the upper class were well aware of the wedding ceremony, which was held three years ago. Not many people knew the useless live-in son-in-law from the Zimmers, but most of them had heard about him.

“Who said that I can’t afford that?” At that moment, Harvey remained cold and said.

Angel broke into laughter. She then said, “Yes, you can certainly afford that. Not only can you afford to buy a car, but you can also afford to buy the Porsche!”

After that, Angel walked toward Mandy and said softly, “Mandy, tell me the truth. Did this l***r stalk you and see you meeting my cousin? Did he threaten you and ask for the alimony from you? If that’s the case, don’t you ever pay him a penny!”

Standing beside them, Harvey was almost tongue-tied. Angel really had a wild imagination. She could even think of such a thing like that. What kind of thing did she want to do in the future? Did she want to go and shoot for TV dramas?

Mandy almost could not bear to see that now. She said swiftly, “Angel, can you please don’t talk nonsense anymore… It’s true that we bumped into him here… He didn’t ask for money from me.”

“Why can’t I condemn him? Don’t tell me that you want to protect this l***r! Mandy, don’t feel touched by what he did before as he took your place and be the hostage for you. Let me tell you. It’s not worth it!”

“Not only did this man waste your three years of youth, but he also humiliated the Zimmers tremendously for three whole years. Why would you want to be bothered by a person like him? You don’t have to care about him at all. You should’ve divorced him long ago!”

“Besides, Mr. York, if you’re a man, don’t cling onto Mandy and bug her anymore. I don’t see you as a true man at all.” She then sneered.


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