Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 99

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 99 – “What do you mean?” Susan inquired sharply.

“Nothing.” Natalie shrugged. She picked up the photos from the floor and patted them in her hands. “Jasmine gave you these, right?”

There was a flash across Susan’s eyes.

Natalie knew she had guessed correctly and sneered. “She even tailed me and took sneak shots—how pathetic.”

“My Jasmine was way nobler than you,” Susan glanced at her contemptuously. “What’s wrong with taking sneak shots? She is Shane’s fiancée. What’s wrong with her taking evidence of him being with a homewrecker?”

“Homewrecker?” Natalie raised her eyebrows.

Susan circled her. “Why, aren’t you the homewrecker? You clearly know that Shane is engaged to my Jasmine, but you’re still clinging to him. Isn’t this what homewreckers do?”

As if she had just heard the biggest joke ever, Natalie folded her arms and laughed. “All sorts of people exist these days. This is my first time seeing a real homewrecker accusing someone else of being a homewrecker. Susan, have you been the so-called rightful wife for too long that you’ve already forgotten how you acquired this position in the first place?”

“You…” Susan had a twisted facial expression as she gave Natalie her d***h stare.

What I hate most is being described as a homewrecker.

But this little b*tch is deliberately aggravating me.

Susan’s rationale was now clouded by anger. She pounced at Natalie and tried to scratch her face.

Natalie once again avoided her a****k.

However, Susan did not give up and lunged at Natalie again. She was not going to stop until she reached her goal.

Although Natalie had learned some defense moves while she was overseas, Susan’s a****k was as random as that of a crazy woman——there were no tactics whatsoever.

Thus, Natalie could not use her defense moves on Susan at all. There was nothing else she could do apart from making sure that Susan could not scratch her.

At this moment, the clattering sound of high heels passed by.

Immediately after that, someone came into the room and stopped behind Natalie.

While holding Susan off, Natalie turned around to see her latest visitor. Her gaze turned cautious as soon as she realized it was Jasmine.

Jasmine, too, noticed Natalie’s gaze. With a wicked smile, Jasmine suddenly reached out to push her.

Natalie’s pupil constricted. She swiftly crouched down, thereby exposing Susan in front of her.

Her dodge caused Jasmine’s hands to reach Susan instead.

Jasmine’s forceful shove sent Susan back by a good few steps before the latter lost her balance. With a bang, Susan fell onto the floor, head first, and became unconscious on the spot.

This sudden twist of events startled Jasmine for quite some time. When she came back to her senses, she gave Natalie an eerie smile. “Natalie, this is game over for you!”

As Natalie watched, Jasmine immediately opened the door separating Natalie’s office from the main office and ran to Susan’s side. Holding her mother in her arms, she wailed pitifully, “Mom, wake up! Don’t do this to me, Mom!”

“What’s wrong, Ms. Jasmine?” When the crowd in the main office heard her cry, they ran over to see what was going on.

Jasmine tearfully pointed at Natalie and fumed. “She pushed my mom onto the floor and made her pass out.”

“What? That is too much!” The crowd was quick to rebuke Natalie.

Natalie now understood Jasmine’s purpose. With a glint in her eyes, the former took a step backward. Pretended to panic, Natalie shook her head. “I didn’t push her.”

“She’s lying! It was her! or are you saying my mother stumbled on her own?” Jasmine argued loudly.

Natalie tightened her fists. “Why don’t you admit that it was you who pushed her instead?”

Without waiting for Jasmine to respond, the others indignantly protested, “Ms. Natalie, why would Ms. Jasmine do this to her mother?”

“That’s right. Your words need to make sense!”

When Natalie realized that no one believed her, she stomped her feet in frustration. “What do you know? She is not Ms. Jasmine’s mother; she’s her stepmother! Their relationship has always been rough.”

“Nonsense! She is my biological mother. If you don’t believe me, we can do a DNA test.” Jasmine fought back, even though she was secretly wondering why Natalie would claim that Susan was her stepmother when she knew they were biologically related.