Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 96

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 96 – “Really?” Natalie gladly took back her thermal food jar.

I was worried that he would dislike my cooking.

Who knows Shane would be so sporting by not only drinking the soup but even finishing it up. Looks like I could continue making soup for him.

Natalie smiled.

For the next few days, she ended up bringing him different types of soup.

It was the weekend. When Shane was changing by the closet, he realized that his shirt had become tighter than before.

He then stood on the weighing scale. After he saw his current weight, he suddenly went quiet.

After a seemingly long time, he rubbed his temples, took off his shirt, and changed into casual clothes, before heading out.

Dawn Kindergarten was the new kindergarten Connor and Sharon were now attending.

Shane arrived before the trio. He leaned against the car door and waited for a couple of minutes before finally spotting the three of them.

“Mr. Shane.” The children stepped out of the car and ran towards him happily.

Walking behind her kids and seeing them behaving so intimately around Shane, a hint of worry flashed across Natalie’s eyes but disappeared soon enough.

Never mind; let them be.

It should be fine as long as I don’t tell them he is their father.

While thinking to herself, Natalie put on a smile and headed over. “Mr. Shane, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. Unfortunately, there was a bit of traffic on the way here.”

“It’s fine. I’ve just arrived, too,” Shane replied while carrying Sharon in one arm and Connor’s hand in the other.

“Mommy, Mr. Shane looks so handsome today!” Sharon exclaimed and clapped with her tiny hands.

Natalie then realized that he was dressed in a different style today. Frankly, she was a little shocked by it.

This is my first time seeing him dressed like this.

Nevertheless, he still looks great!

“You’re right. Mr. Shane is handsome.” Natalie stroked her daughter’s face.

Connor nodded in agreement.

Praised by the three of them, Shane coughed awkwardly and changed the subject. “Alright, it’s almost time. Let’s go in.”

He took the two children into the kindergarten as he spoke, and managed to command everyone’s attention right away.

After all, they were a good-looking family consisting of a handsome father, a beautiful mother, and two adorable children. It would be strange if they were not in the spotlight.

After a few minutes of doing roll call and tallying the headcount, the kindergarten teacher arranged for everyone to head to the amusement park.

Because Sharon and Connor had never been to an amusement park before, they were curious about everything they saw upon arriving at the venue.

The amusement park was crowded. Worried about losing the children, Natalie and Shane each held hands with one twin. Following the teacher’s orders, they then took their children to play games that were not overly dangerous but could enhance the parent-child relationship.

They played for several hours without realizing the passing of time. In the end, Natalie was exhausted and could not play any longer.

Shane, on the other hand, was doing fine. Because of his injury, he did not play as much. He mainly took pictures so he was not as tired.

However, the two children were still full of energy and they shouted excitedly, wanting to go on the Ferris wheel.

“Let them play. We’ll sit over there and wait for them.” Shane pointed at a milk tea shop nearby.

Natalie glanced in the direction Shane pointed to and saw that the milk tea shop was right under the Ferris wheel, meaning they would still be able to watch the children from that spot. She nodded and agreed, “Sure.”

Thus, the two headed towards the milk tea shop.

When they arrived, Natalie ordered milk for the children and a fruit juice for herself. She then asked Shane, “Mr. Shane, what would you like to drink?”

“Water.” Shane was not interested in tea or juice.

“Alight.” Natalie ticked at “water” on the order sheet.

The beverages they ordered arrived shortly afterward.

Natalie placed the bottle of water in front of Shane. “Mr. Shane, I’ve really troubled you today; I don’t know how to thank you for it.”

“You don’t need to thank me. Just don’t send me any more soup.” Shane took a sip of water.

Natalie blinked. “Why not? You haven’t recovered from your injury yet.”

His lips twitched. “Nothing. Just don’t send them anymore.”