Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 92

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 92 – “What then? What do you want to do?” Natalie looked at Jasmine.

Leaning closer to her, Jasmine lowered her voice and clenched her teeth. “I want you to leave both Thompson Group and Shane. You will only cause him trouble if you stay!”

“What if I say no?” Crossing her arms together, Natalie said with a half-smile.

I will leave, of course, but not now.

Besides, I also don’t want to promise Jasmine so easily.

Jasmine smiled wryly upon hearing Natalie’s words. “No? If I reveal the truth about how Shane got hurt, do you think that the Thompsons and those in the company who support him will let you off the hook?”

I finally have the chance to chase Natalie away without using any means—I’d better seize this opportunity!

Nevertheless, Natalie was utterly unruffled. She calmly stroked her smooth and wavy hair. “Tell them, then. We’ll see if the Thompsons and the elders in the company will deal with me before Mr. Shane deals with you!”

“You…” Jasmine was so enraged that she choked on her words.

Natalie pulled a chair and sat down. “Ms. Jasmine, do you have anything else to say? If not, please leave. I need to work now!”

Without even glancing at Jasmine, Natalie turned on her laptop.

Jasmine looked sullenly at Natalie’s back and left with a snort.

Shaking her head sarcastically, Natalie clicked on the official website of the Golden Feather Awards to check on the competition’s status.

When she saw that Jasmine emerged from the top 16 elimination round in first place, her eyes grew dimmer and a smirk formed on her face.

Right after that, she minimized the window and logged onto a private social media network. She uploaded a few designs from her files, erased her browsing history, and logged out of the website before resuming her work.

In the afternoon, Natalie got off work and went to a supermarket near the office to buy various types of mushrooms. She then took a cab to Joyce’s place to pick up the children.

Her children were overjoyed to see their mother and rushed to cuddle with her. After a while, the three of them said goodbye to Joyce and returned to the apartment.

“Mommy, what are all these mushrooms for?” Connor asked curiously when he saw Natalie take out the ribs.

Natalie smiled and replied, “I want to make some soup for Mr. Shane. He hurt himself while saving me—I need to express my gratitude towards him.”

Since Shane had already returned to the country, she no longer needed to keep her promise to Silas.

“Ah, I see.” Connor nodded in acknowledgment.

Natalie stroked his head. “Go and play with your sister. Mommy is going to cook now.”

“Okay,” Connor responded and ran to his room to look for Sharon.

After seeing that the kids’ bedroom door had closed, Natalie smiled and went to the kitchen.

The doorbell rang just as she finished cooking.

Natalie dried her hands on her apron and opened the main door. To her surprise, Stanley was standing at the doorway and smiling at her warmly. “Hi, Nat.”

“Stanley, why are you here?” Natalie was wide-eyed.

Stanley took out his phone and waved it. “Have you forgotten? We spoke on the phone a few days ago and I told you that I was coming back.”

“No, I didn’t forget, but you didn’t say you would be back today. Why didn’t you ask me to pick you up?” Natalie closed the door behind them after welcoming Stanley into her apartment.

Stanley took off his shoes. “I wanted to surprise you. Oh, these are presents for Connor and Sharon.”

He handed her the two bags as he spoke.

Natalie was not shy around him, either. She took them and said, “Thanks, Stanley.”

“It’s nothing.” Stanley waved and looked around the living room. “Where are the two kids?”

“In the room.” Natalie put down the bags and asked him to sit. “I will call them; it’s time to eat.”

“Let me do that.” Instead of sitting down, he headed to their bedroom.