Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 68

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 68 – At the mention of the word “stepdaughter”, Natalie noticed a thoughtful look in Susan’s eyes.

She knew that to outsiders, Jasmine was Susan’s stepdaughter.

What she did not understand was why her father wanted Jasmine to use her identity. What could this reason be?

Susan replied with a flustered look on her face, “I… we are having some disagreements but Jasmine is still a daughter of the Smith family, so it is right for me to be protective of her. Furthermore, it is wrong of you, Shane, to be with this woman and even have kids behind Jasmine’s back. Don’t you think you have wronged Jasmine and the Smith family as well?”

At these words, Shane started to look even more intimidating and exuded a frigid vibe. “What right has your Smith family to blame me for anything? If you want to speak about being wronged, well, the Smith family has wronged the Thompson family terribly. Do you really think I am not aware of the fiancée incident back then?”

Susan’s pupils shrank on the spot. Does he know that Jas is not his real fiancée?

Then he must also know that Natalie’s elopement is fake?

No, that’s not possible. I’ve done it so meticulously and bribed every servant in the Smith family at that time. It’s impossible for him to find out anything.

Seeing how uneasy Susan was, Shane’s lips relaxed a little. “If not for Jasmine saving me five years ago, I would have declared war on the Smith family instead of forgiving the deception done by your family to mine.”

Deceiving the Thompson family?

What does he mean?

Natalie listened in confusion.

Meanwhile, Susan felt relieved. Her heart which was in her throat was now back in its rightful place.

She had guessed correctly that he did not know the truth.

If he had known the whole truth, he would not have forgiven the Smith family for their deception, despite Jasmine having saved him five years ago.

While she was thinking about this, Shane spoke again in his icy and steely voice, “Go back and tell Harrison if he’s not happy that I’ve had children out of wedlock, he may cancel the marriage. Get lost now!”

“Cancel the marriage? No way…” Susan was about to protest but seeing his countenance, she was afraid to speak.

She was scared that if she argued, he might really cancel the marriage there and then. So, she hurried away to avoid trouble.

Natalie looked at Susan’s retreating figure. She then turned to Shane and expressed her gratitude. “Mr. Shane, thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” Shane let go of her shoulder. “I do like Connor and Sharon a lot, so naturally I don’t want them to be bullied. I’m just wondering why you got into this argument with Susan.”

Natalie’s eyes flashed as she smiled bitterly. “We just bumped into each other. As you know, I am a daughter of the Smith family. So, seeing me, Susan just won’t leave me alone.”

Shane nodded in understanding.

“Mr. Shane, by the way, you mentioned that the Smith family deceived the Thompson family. What happened?” Natalie asked out of curiosity.

Shane lowered his eyes and looked at her silently with mixed emotions.

Given Shane’s reaction, Natalie did not pursue the matter any further.

Suddenly, her cell phone rang.

Natalie brought out her phone, took a look, and answered immediately, “Hello.”

“Ms. Smith, Connor is awake!” The caretaker’s voice came into her ears.

“What?” Natalie was overjoyed. “I’m coming immediately!”

At that, she hung up in jubilation and looked at Shane who was watching her. She told him with a grin, “Connor is awake!”

Shane’s elegant lips curled in a smile. “Then why don’t you get going?”

“Yes, I shall!”

Together they went back to the ward.

Connor, with the help of the caretaker, was slowly taking some soup when he saw the two walking in. Joyfully, he waved to them. “Mommy! Mr. Shane!”

“Connor!” Pursing her lips and unable to control herself any longer, Natalie rushed over and hugged Connor tightly in her arms. “You little meanie! Don’t you know how scared Mommy was?”

“Sorry, Mommy. I won’t do it again.” Like a miniature adult, he patted the back of her hand whilst apologizing and coaxing Natalie.

Shane stood by the side, watching the mother-and-son pair with such tenderness in his eyes that even he was unaware of.

After hugging him for a while, Natalie let go of Connor and observed her son carefully. “Do you feel any discomfort anywhere?”