Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 59

Read Feel the Way You Feel, My Love Chapter 59 – “No,” Connor shook his head and explained, “He’s our godfather. Only Sharon likes to call him Daddy.”


Shane’s eyebrows lifted, surprisingly.

Does this mean Stanley is not Natalie’s husband?

Instantaneously, his heart was filled with an indescribable joy.

However, he did not think further on this. With narrowed eyes, he asked again, “So, where is your father?”

Connor shrugged his shoulders and said, “No idea; we’ve never seen him.”

“Never?” Shane asked again in disbelief.

“That’s right!” Connor nodded again.

Shane was lost for words and started to ponder.

Natalie must already have broken up with the man with whom she eloped before Connor and Sharon were born.

No wonder the kids have the same last name as hers.

“Mr. Shane, what are you thinking about?” Connor waved at Shane with his fleshy little hands.

Shane’s eyes twinkled and he recollected himself, “It’s nothing.”

At the same time, Natalie was out of the kitchen. She was carrying two plates with Sharon following behind her. As the girl walked joyfully towards the dining table, she said excitedly, “Connor, Mr. Shane, come! Breakfast is ready!”

“Coming,” Connor jumped off the sofa and grabbed hold of Shane’s hand to lead him to the dining table.

The breakfast was actually very simple———just omelet and milk.

Shane tasted the omelet. It was actually not as tasty as the one prepared by Mrs. Wilson but it gave him indescribable contentment.

He even realized for the first time that eating could be an enjoyable activity instead of being just a way to fulfill one’s basic needs.

He had a great time having breakfast with Natalie and the twins. It was really a relaxing session.

After having breakfast, Shane offered to give them a ride.

He sent the twins to kindergarten first before heading for Thompson Group with Natalie.

About a hundred meters away from the Thompson Group building, Natalie requested Shane to let her out of the car.

If anyone saw her in Shane’s car and spread the rumor, she did not dare to imagine how Jasmine would react. Natalie did not want to get into unnecessary trouble.

Hence, she decided to just walk.

A few minutes later, she reached her office. The moment she put her handbag down, one of her colleagues from the procurement department approached her. “Ms. Natalie, regarding the matter on fabric purchasing, we have encountered some problems.”

He handed her the purchasing invoices.

She looked at the stack of papers quizzically and asked, “What kind of problems?”

“You’ve asked for too many types of fabric and for each type there are also different models. We’re not sure which exact ones you really need, so we did not manage to collect the stock from the supplier,” he smiled wryly and explained.

Natalie patted her forehead in embarrassment and apologized, “I’m really sorry for my carelessness. I’m so forgetful and kept thinking that I’m still overseas.”

When she was overseas, her mentor would usually select the most suitable fabric for her after she completed her designs.

Hence, she had totally forgotten to label the model numbers for the fabric she required.

Her colleague smiled and replied, “Never mind, Ms. Natalie. As for this fabric…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Natalie cut him off, “Let me handle this. Even fabric of the same model number has slight differences. To avoid potential problems later, I will go to the supplier and select myself. May I have the address?”

He immediately gave her a business card.

She looked at it and asked, “Moore Group?”

“Yes, the Moore Group is not solely a fashion company; they also run a fabric business. Because of our relationship with Mr. Moore, all the fabric needed by our company is supplied by them,” he explained.

Natalie nodded in acknowledgment. “I see. Thanks for the information.”

“You’re most welcome,” he waved at her.

After he left, Natalie put the business card into her handbag and went to see Jasmine to seek her permission before heading out.

She thought Jasmine would surely grab the chance to humiliate her. Unbelievably, she was being very understanding and granted her approval without saying anything.

Natalie was not used to Jasmine being so sporting.

She looked at Jasmine doubtfully for a while but did not dwell on her thoughts before heading straight for the textile mill owned by the Moore Group.

As fiber dust was hazardous to health, the textile mill was located in a rural area a great distance away.